How To Screenshot Pixel 6 Pro

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Google’s latest and greatest Pixel line is finally here. If y’all’ve snagged a Pixel half dozen or Pixel vi Pro, you’ll want to take the upgraded displays, larger batteries, and Tensor chipset in the Pro for a spin. However, you should familiarise yourself with the basics, especially if you haven’t still used a Pixel or Android 12 earlier. This brief guide runs through the best methods to accept a Google Pixel six screenshot.

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QUICK Answer

The easiest way to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel 6 series is to printing and hold the ability and volume buttons simultaneously. Read more below for details and culling methods.


  • Use the Pixel 6 series’ buttons
  • Recent apps screen shortcut
  • Scrolling screenshot
  • Google Assistant
  • Where are my screenshots stored?

Employ the Pixel six serial’ buttons

how to screenshot pixel 6 buttons 2

Andy Walker / Android Authority

The simplest way to accept a screenshot on the Pixel 6 serial, equally with all Android phones, is using the physical buttons.

  • Navigate to the content you wish to capture.
  • Printing and hold the
    Volume down
    keys. Let become of the buttons one time you come across the screen flash. The screenshot is now saved to your Pixel.
  • A notification will also announced at the bottom of the screen where you can edit, share, or delete the shot.

Take a Pixel six screenshot without buttons

how to screenshot pixel 6 scrolling recents screen

Andy Walker / Android Potency

Alternatively, yous can use a shortcut on the Recent apps screen. It’due south a method that’south arguably more fourth dimension-consuming, merely it’s an alternative worth knowing.

  • Navigate to the
    Recent apps
    folio by using the
    swipe up and hold

    gesture from the bottom of the screen.
  • Whorl through your opened apps until yous find the one you wish to screenshot.
  • Tap
    at the lesser left of the screen.
  • The screenshot is now saved to your screenshots directory.
  • Like the method above, using the Recents trick allows you lot to edit or share the screenshot after grabbing it.

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Take a scrolling screenshot

If you lot want to capture an entire webpage or a list of carte items, you can apply the scrollable screenshots characteristic. Information technology’s pretty easy to do, as well.

  • Capture your screenshot using one of the two methods above.
  • Tap the
    Capture more
    button to extend the size of the screenshot.
  • Before saving, yous can also crop the screenshot every bit you see fit.
  • Striking
    once complete.

Notably, if you don’t run across the
Capture more than
push button, the app doesn’t support scrolling screenshots, and you lot won’t be able to grab content beyond that visible on the display.

Use Google Assistant

Using Assistant to take a screenshot on the Pixel 6 series is perfect if you’re otherwise occupied or tin can’t physically accomplish the device.

  • Activate Google Assistant by saying,
    Hey Google.
  • Once Assistant is awake, say,
    Take a screenshot.

If this doesn’t piece of work immediately or if Assistant doesn’t understand your command, cheque if Assistant is immune to take screenshots.

  • Open
    Apps & notifications
    Default apps
    Assist & vocalisation input.
  • Toggle on
    Employ screenshot.

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Where are my screenshots stored on the Pixel 6 series?

how to screenshot pixel 6 location

Andy Walker / Android Authority

You can find all screenshots inside Google Photos once y’all’ve captured or edited them.

  • Open the app and tap
    in the bottom right corner.
  • Discover the
    folder below the
    Photos on device
  • Yous can also share and edit your screenshots from this page.

That’s how to take screenshots on the Pixel 6 series. It’s that simple. Let us know which method is your favorite in the comments below.