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(Pocket-lint) – There are now heaps of messaging services effectually, but WhatsApp has stacks of features and is extremely widely used – the Facebook-endemic app claims to have over two billion users worldwide, which is pretty staggering.

So here are some secret tips you might not know almost, mixed in with a few standard tips for those new to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp general tips and tricks

Send your location to a contact

WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos to contacts, too every bit share a contact or document, merely y’all can as well send your location. This is very handy if you’re meeting a friend somewhere, peculiarly if you opt for Share Live Location, which allows your contact to see your Alive Location for the elapsing you choose so they can track y’all. Duration times are set at 15 minutes, 1 60 minutes or 8 hours.

Chat > Specific chat > Tap on “+” to the left of the message box > Location > Share Live Location > Select time frame.

Android: Chat > Specific chat > Tap on the paperclip to the correct of the message box > Location > Share Live Location > Select time frame.

Y’all can encounter everyone you lot are sharing your live location with by opening Settings > Account > Privacy > Live Location.

Search all your chats

Someone might take sent you their address or you might think talking nearly a specific programme or film but you don’t want to scroll through all your messages to endeavor and observe what you lot’re looking for. At the top of all your chats on iOS at that place is a search bar if you pull downward. On Android, there’s a search icon.

You tin type annihilation into the search bar, from the start of a town name if you’re looking for an address to a specific discussion and all the chats with that give-and-take volition appear below as specific messages. When yous tap on the Search bar, you lot volition also meet a list of options, from Photos to Sound, allowing yous to minimise your search.

Clicking on a respective result volition have you to that part of the chat conversation you had.

Search a specific conversation

If you want to search a specific chat rather than all of your chats, this is possible as well. Maybe you had a conversation well-nigh a specific meeting identify, or they sent yous their other contact number or their accost for example.

Chats > Specific chat > Tap on contact info at the top > Tap on the Search button > Type in the search bar that appears at the top of that specific chat.

Android: Chats > Specific conversation > Open the bill of fare summit right > Search > Type in the search bar that appears at the meridian of that specific chat.

Brand a video or voice telephone call using WhatsApp

WhatsApp isn’t just for instant messages, you tin can use it to make video and voice calls too. WhatsApp calling uses your internet connection rather than your plan’s minutes.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific chat > Printing the call icon or video icon in the top correct corner.

Notice who you talk to nearly

Who is actually your favourite person? It might non be who y’all think. There is a way to find the people yous send the most messages to and how much storage each person takes up, among other things.

iOS & Android:
Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage > You’ll run across a list of contacts at the bottom in in order of which is using the near storage.

Quickly delete all photos, GIFs, videos, messages or stickers from a certain chat

It’s possible to delete all the messages, photos, or videos, GIFs, contacts, locations, vox messages, documents and stickers in one conversation. For example, you can delete all the messages in a specific conversation or group chat, but get out all the photos.

iOS & Android:
Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage > Select Contact > Manage > Select > Tick the boxes next to what you want to delete (videos or images) > Tap on the bin to delete.

It’s possible to sort by which files are taking upward the most room, the newest and the oldest if you tap the circle in the lesser left corner later on you tap on the contact.

Quickly review and delete items to help articulate storage

WhatsApp makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to manage what is taking up storage on your device. Not only can you see which chats are most storage as to a higher place, only y’all can also see which files are larger than 5MB and which files take been forwarded multiple times.

iOS & Android: Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage. Nether the Review and Delete Items section you lot can click on either the larger than 5MB tab or the forwarded multiple times tab and then select the ones you lot desire to delete. As with the private chats, y’all can sort past tapping on the circle in the lesser left corner.

Save your information allowance

If you’ve got a limited data allowance, you lot don’t want WhatsApp munching it all away. Thankfully, yous can customise when media is immune to download, as well as ensure calls use as footling data as possible.

iOS & Android:
Settings > Storage and Data > Media Auto-Download > Switch to Wi-Fi only for each option to save your data.

Detect out how much data you’re using

If you’re worried near your data usage, you can find out exactly how much you lot are using. You’ll get a breakdown of total number of sent and received messages, as well equally data sent and received.

iOS & Android:
Settings > Storage and Data > Network Usage.

Use WhatsApp on the web and desktop

WhatsApp isn’t limited to your mobile phone. At that place’south a web app that syncs everything from your telephone and in that location’southward a desktop app too. Go to https://spider or download the desktop app from

You’ll then demand to open WhatsApp on your phone > Settings > WhatsApp Spider web/Desktop > Scan the QR code on the browser or Desktop app > Follow the instructions.

Both the web and desktop app will serve up chats and alerts on your computer, allowing y’all to reply speedily and easily. Read more about how it works in our split up characteristic.

Change the wallpaper on your WhatsApp chat screen

WhatsApp has a standard wallpaper, which volition appear as a background on all of your chats. You can modify this wallpaper though, with options including solid colours, your own photos every bit well as a collection of images from WhatsApp itself.

Settings > Chats > Conversation Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper Library, Solid Colours or Photos.

Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Cull Wallpaper Library, Solid Colours, Gallery, Default or No Wallpaper.

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Customise wallpaper for specific chats

The tip above allows you lot to employ the same wallpaper to all your chats but if y’all want specific chats to have specific wallpaper, you can exercise this too.

Specific chat > Wallpaper & Sound > Choose a New Wallpaper > Select from the options.

Specific chat > Wallpaper > Alter


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WhatsApp privacy tips and tricks

Turn on Disappearing Messages

Turning on Disappearing Letters will make any new messages in a chat disappear after 24 hours, seven days or 90 days. Remember the messages can still exist saved elsewhere though. Y’all tin can read more about Disappearing Messages in our separate feature. It’s possible to turn it on for specific chats, or all chats.

For specific chats:

iOS & Android:
Specific chat > Click on the person’s name at the top of chat > Disppearing Messages > Choose message timer.

For all chats:

iOS & Android:
Settings > Account > Privacy > Default Message Timer > Choose time.

Ship a disappearing image or video

It’s possible to send an image or video that disappears once the recipient has viewed information technology once. This is slap-up for photos of a password or bank details for case that contain sensitive information. When the recipient closes your motion picture, it volition disappear, though remember, they tin can screenshot. You can read a full breakdown of the feature in our separate feature.

iOS: Specific chat > Tap on the “+” side by side to the message input field > Choose ‘Photographic camera’ to take a photo or ‘Photograph & Video Library’ to select a photo > Choose the photograph > Tap on the “1” next to the blue send pointer > Press the blueish arrow to send.

Specific chat > Tap on the paperclip next to the message input field > Choose ‘Camera’ to take a photo or ‘Gallery’ to select a photo > Choose the photo > Tap on the “1” next to the bluish transport arrow > Press the blueish pointer to send.

Require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp

If you want double security on your WhatsApp chats, it’s possible for iOS users to set their WhatsApp account to require Face ID or Bear upon ID authentication when opening WhatsApp, even when your device is already unlocked.

You lot’ll still be able to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked. Information technology’s also possible to set the duration of time you desire the Screen Lock characteristic to kick in.

iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock > Toggle on Crave Face ID / Require Touch ID > Select the fourth dimension duration (Immediately, after a infinitesimal, afterward fifteen minutes or after an hour).

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How to come across and plow off final seen

WhatsApp’due south terminal seen feature allows yous to come across when someone last checked WhatsApp, too as allow users to run across when you last checked. If a contact hasn’t disabled terminal seen, it will appear under their name at the top of an open chat. To disable last seen:

iOS & Android:
Settings > Business relationship > Privacy > Last Seen > Switch to Nobody.

Hide the blue ticks

Those blueish ticks can become you in a whole world of trouble, especially when you lot don’t answer instantly and someone sees you have read their messages. Y’all can plow them off, but information technology’south worth noting that if you do, you won’t get read receipts for your messages either.

Apple users: If yous get Siri to read the message, the blue ticks won’t announced so this could exist a good mode to read a bulletin without the sender knowing yous take. Android users: If you read your messages in notifications, the sender won’t go the blue ticks.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle off Read Receipts.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Untick Read Receipts.

Stop people seeing your messages

Ever passed your telephone to a friend and instantly panicked about the messages they might see come up through? Yeah, nosotros haven’t either. For those who have, y’all tin can plough off message previews on iOS so simply the contact’s name will appear, rather than their life story, or you can turn off notifications birthday.

Settings > Notifications > Toggle off Show Preview / Settings > Notifications > Toggle off Bear witness Notifications.

Android offers a range of notification controls. Inside the WhatsApp app itself, you can turn off high priority notifications – those that volition pop-upwards at the peak of the screen. Or you tin can control the notifications at a system level to continue details private or remove them completely.

Settings > Notifications > Toggle off Utilize high priority notifications.

Hide your profile picture

Y’all might non want everyone to encounter your profile motion picture, especially if you’re office of several groups where yous don’t know anybody in the group. Or perhaps yous but fancy being a little mysterious for the solar day. Either mode, you can cull if everyone, no-one, or only your contacts see your picture.

iOS & Android:
Settings > Business relationship > Privacy > Profile Photo.

How to block a WhatsApp contact

There are enough of reasons why you might desire to cake a contact so we won’t ask why. We will just let yous know that if you block a contact, you won’t be able to transport or receive messages, or make or receive calls from them and even if you unblock them, yous won’t come across whatever messages sent to yous whilst they were blocked.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific chat > Tap on contact subject at the height > Scroll down to the bottom > Block Contact.

Stop images and video actualization in your gallery

Sharing photos and video on WhatsApp is keen, but you might not desire it added to your phone’s gallery. On Android, a folder is created in the gallery by default, while on iOS, information technology saves to your photographic camera coil. If you don’t want that, yous can plough information technology off.

Settings > Chats > Toggle off Save to Camera Curl.

Settings > Chats > Toggle off Show Media in Gallery.

Change automated image/video saving preferences for specific chats

It’due south also possible to alter the automatic image and video preferences for specific chats. You might want to brand sure images are always saved from your family for example, while you’d adopt not to accept all images from a group chat in your gallery or photographic camera gyre.

All chats are set up to default (off) unless y’all change them individually simply there is the option to ever save images and videos from a contact or never save them.

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Conversation > Specific chat > Tap on contact or subject area at top of display > Save to Camera Coil > Set to Always or Never.

Download and view your WhatsApp data report

If you desire to download and view the information Facebook-owned WhatsApp collects on you, you lot can download and view a data report.

iOS and Android:
Settings > Account > Request Account Info > Request Report.


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WhatsApp Chats tips and tricks

Reference and reply to a specific bulletin

Ever been talking about multiple things in a WhatsApp chat and need to reply to a specific bulletin? WhatsApp allows you to reply to a particular bulletin, presenting information technology above your respond to brand it easy for the person or people y’all are messaging to see what y’all are replying to.

Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Swipe left to right on bulletin > Type in your answer and hit send.

Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Long Printing > Hit answer.

Reply to a grouping bulletin privately

It’s possible to respond to a group message privately in your ane-to-one conversation, without having to discover the one-to-ane chat you have with that particular person.

Press and hold a message in a group chat > Select More > Reply Privately. The message will appear in your one-to-one conversation with the text box below, every bit it does if you reply to a specific bulletin like above.

Android: Printing and concur a bulletin in a grouping chat > Select the iii buttons in the top right corner > Reply Privately. The message volition appear in your 1-to-1 chat with the text box below, equally it does if you reply to a specific message like above.

Plow words bold, italic or strikethrough

Sometimes sure words demand more emphasis and shouty caps simply don’t cutting it. Don’t worry, WhatsApp allows yous to brand whichever words or phrases y’all want bold, italic, or strikethrough them altogether.

iOS & Android: Add an asterisk either side of the word or phrase for *bold*. Add together an underscore either side of the give-and-take or phrase for _italic_. Add a tildes to either side of the word or phase for ~strikethrough~.

Send a vocalisation message

Don’t have time to write out a lengthy reply or just can’t be bothered to? No problem. WhatsApp allows y’all to send voice messages to your contacts which is smashing if you’re walking somewhere for example, making constant typing a bit of a pain.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific chat > Tap the microphone on the right of the message box > Press and hold the microphone while yous tape your message. Warning, it ship automatically after you lift your finger off.

Transport a vocalization note without hands

If you desire to send a vocalization note on WhatsApp, rather than writing out a bulletin, you tin can printing and hold the microphone on the right of the bulletin input box. It’s also possible to lock the microphone push down so you lot can record your bulletin without having to hold your phone.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific chat > Tap the microphone on the correct of the message box > Printing and hold the microphone > Swipe up to the lock. The microphone will then be locked on record until yous ship the message. You can preview the phonation note earlier you send information technology this way, besides as interruption and comport on.

Speed upwardly playback of a vocalisation message

You tin can speed upwards playback of a voice bulletin by one.5x or 2x, allowing you to listen to longer messages quicker. It’s unproblematic to do and it doesn’t change the pitch of the person’s voice.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific chat > Tap the play icon adjacent to the vox message you want to speed up > Tap on the 1x icon that appears to make it 1.5x > Tap one.5x to make it 2x faster > Tap the 2x icon to change dorsum to 1x.

Mark chats every bit unread

Always been out and most, read a chat and then completely forgot to reply? We exercise it all the time. There is a way to mark important chats with dot to remind you to go back to it though.

Chats > Swipe left to correct > Mark equally Unread.

Long press chat > Open up Menu > Marker as Unread.

Pin a conversation to the top

If y’all’re decumbent to forgetting to respond to messages, yous can also pin a chat so information technology appears at the elevation of all your chats, including above new and unread chats, rather than just mark information technology as unread. It’s only possible to pin three chats though so don’t become too conceited with your replying.

Chats > Swipe left to right > Pivot Chat.

Android:Long printing chat > Press the pivot at the top of the screen.

Mute a chat or group chat

Group chats can exist the worst. You might not be able to leave the conversation, merely you can mute notifications so you lot aren’t awakened every time someone throws in their two cents.

Chats > Open the grouping chat / conversation > Tap the field of study to get the Group Info / Contact Info screen > Mute > Select how long y’all desire to mute it for. Yous tin can cull between 8 hours, 1 week or E’er.

Chats > Open chat > Bill of fare button > Mute.

Annal your chats

Archive Chat allows y’all to hide a conversation from your Chats screen. It does not delete the chat – it just allows yous to remove it from your main chat screen without losing information technology, helping you organise your conversations.

You tin archive groups or individual chats, and they volition disappear until yous pull downwardly from the top of the Chats brandish and tap the Archived Chats tab. You lot can besides annal all chats.

Chats > Specific chat > Swipe right to left > Archive / Settings > Chats > Archive All Chats.

Chats > Long press on chat > Press the annal folder at pinnacle right of the screen

Back up your chats

To make sure you don’t lose any of your chats if you lose your device or you switch devices, make sure you back up your chats to iCloud or Google Drive. Be aware that archived chats are no longer encrypted.

iOS & Android:
Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Dorsum Up Now.

Move WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android

It used to be very hard to motion from your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android, though it has been made easier now thankfully.

Settings > Chats > Motion Chats to Android > Follow the steps.

Articulate all chats

If y’all want to continue all the contacts yous are chatting with on your WhatsApp but you desire to clear all your letters, WhatsApp gives you lot an like shooting fish in a barrel option to practise this.

Settings > Chats > Clear All Chats.

Delete all chats

Want a clean WhatsApp slate? Start from scratch by deleting all of your chats. It ways you’ll go rid of everything though, non just the content of the chats but yous’ll have to kickoff a new chat for every contact too.

Settings > Chats > Delete All Chats.

Delete or articulate a specific chat

If you lot desire to clear or delete a specific chat without losing all of your chats, then it’s possible to practise this too.

Chats > Specific chat > Swipe right to left > Tap the three dots > Articulate Conversation / Delete Conversation.

Android: Chats > Specific chat > Tap the menu top right > More > Clear Chat

Bookmark important messages

Some messages are more important than others. Whether information technology’south a date you need to remember, or a good restaurant yous’ve been recommended. It’s possible to bookmark these messages and find them all easily in the Starred Messages section.

Chats > Specific chat > Specific bulletin > Double tap or hold downward and press star.

Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Hold downwards and press star.

Delete a specific message within a chat

Just as you can star a specific message within a chat, yous tin can also delete a specific message within a chat. You can also “delete for everyone” but y’all have to exercise this within 1 hour, 8 minutes and xvi seconds.

Choosing delete for everyone will as well issue in a bulletin appearing in the chat saying the bulletin has been deleted which although looks suspicious, could be improve than whatever message you lot sent in the first place.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific conversation > Press and concord on specific message you want to delete > Press Delete.

Send a public message privately

Ever had a free evening and wanted to inquire several of your friends if they are around without having to open up each chat to ask them separately?

Yous can send a broadcast bulletin to a list of contacts with information technology appearing as though you’ve asked them individually. Great for saving time, terrible if they all reply aye.

Chats > Broadcast Lists > New Listing > Add together contacts.

Android: Chats > Carte > New Circulate.

Find out how long you’ve been ignored for

There is nothing more annoying than seeing those blue ticks appear without a reply post-obit before long later on. If you want to torture yourself a little more and find out when your message was actually read and how long you’ve been ignored for, you lot can. We don’t propose it though.

Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Swipe correct to left.

Android: Chats > Specific chat > Specific bulletin > Press and hold > Tap the info “i” icon at the summit.


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WhatsApp convenience and notification tips and tricks

Get Siri to read your last message, respond or send a new bulletin

Apple users tin can get Siri to read any unread WhatsApp letters, once you accept followed the steps to give the personal assistant access. You can also get Siri to reply to the message with your voice or start a new bulletin to a contact.

“Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message” > “Hey Siri, send a WhatsApp bulletin to [contact]”

See recent chats without opening WhatsApp

Apple users can come across which contacts they have unread messages from without opening the WhatsApp app by calculation the WhatsApp Recent Chats widget to their device. Upwardly to 4 of your latest chats will appear within the recent chats widget when you swipe left to right from your main home screen or lock screen.

The widget shows the round profile picture icon with a number of how many unread chats y’all have from that particular contact. You tin so click on the chat you want to read and WhatsApp volition open up on that specific chat.

Swipe left to right from your lock screen or your main home screen > Scroll down to the Edit icon at the bottom > Add the WhatsApp Recent Chats icon > Rearrange the lodge of your widgets.

Customise notifications

There might be sure contacts you lot want to know instantly if they are calling or messaging y’all. To make sure they don’t blend into the crowd, you can change their specific alert tones so you recognise when that particular person has sent you a message or is WhatsApp calling you lot.

iOS & Android:
Chats > Specific chat > Tap on contact name at top > Custom Tone.

Go shortcuts to specific conversations

Do you have a few actress special people y’all talk to all the time via WhatsApp? We do as well. Y’all tin create a shortcut for specific conversations on Android, making it easier to access those chats you demand all the time.

Chats > Specific chat > Menu > More > Add together Shortcut or Chats > Press and hold individual conversation > Menu > Add Conversation Shortcut.

Add together dates to your calendar automatically

If you’re decumbent to forgetting dates mentioned in diverse chats, it’s possible to automatically create an event direct from WhatsApp on iOS.

iOS: Press and concur date inside conversation > Create Event.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle. Editing by Cam Bunton.