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Equally of June 2021, Instagram no longer allows y’all to see a chronological list of a user’southward followers. There used to be a workaround that involved checking your friend’southward Followers listing in a spider web browser, but that no longer works. So what tin can you lot do if you’re trying to continue tabs on someone’south contempo followers? This wikiHow teaches you lot about some tools that tin can help you decide who has recently followed your friend on Instagram, besides as some ways to investigate on your ain.

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    Snoopreport is a popular pick for tracking upward to 100 Instagram accounts’ activity, and it’due south not only express to followers. You can besides see the posts your friend liked, who they’ve followed recently, and who their “favorite user” is (the person they’ve liked content by almost). Since the service is online, there’s no need to install an app or provide your Instagram credentials. Snoopreport combines your friend’s latest followers with the people your friend has followed most recently into a single “New follows” category.

    • To come across a sample report, visit and click
      See reports
      nether one of the case users.
    • Plans range from $iv.99/month (to track upwardly to two friends) to $44.99/month (to rail upwards to 100 friends). To sign up, visit to cheque out the available plans.
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    KidsGuard Pro.
    This is an app you can install on someone’s (presumably your child’due south) telephone or tablet to keep tabs of how they use Instagram and other apps. KidsGuard Pro has tons of tracking features, 1 of which is tracking who the user has followed, who has followed them, and what they’ve liked on Instagram.[i]

    You can check out a demo of the app in action at To purchase the app, merely click the
    tab at the meridian of the demo page.

    • You’ll need access to the person’s telephone or tablet to install this app. Keep in heed that it’s made to go on tabs on children, not adults—any adult is probable to run into the app on their telephone and know they are being monitored. Calculation surveillance apps to someone’due south phone may likewise be illegal in some jurisdictions.


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    Other Instagram-tracking apps.
    While there may be a variety of apps in the App Store or Play Store that merits to track your friends’ follows and followers on Instagram, be cautious about installing them—if an unauthorized app requires your Instagram credentials to log in, it will have access to your entire Instagram account. Information technology’south possible that Instagram can fifty-fifty ban you lot for using some of these apps. Do you lot research before installing whatever apps that claim to stem others on Instagram.

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    Familiarize yourself with your friend’south Followers list.
    If you know who is following your friend now, you can cheque back often to see if any new names appear on the listing. This is going to exist difficult if your friend has a lot of followers, but information technology should be adequately easy if their Followers list is small.

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    Bank check out the likes on your friend’south most recent posts.
    This is not fool-proof, just information technology tin can help you effigy out who your friend is communicating with who they may not accept been friends with earlier. Tap the number of likes beneath your friend’south top 3 most recent posts, and compare the listing to people who’ve liked their posts in the past. Are there any new names on the list? It’s possible they’ve followed your friend only recently, and vice-versa.

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1. Try a tracking website like Snoopreport.
2. Install an app on the person’south telephone like KidsGuard Pro.

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