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How To See Memories In Instagram

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See the memories on Instagram

As I told you at the opening of the mail, for
see the memories on Instagram
just take advantage of the “Memories” function offered by the famous photographic social network, which allows you lot to view photos and videos published on the same date but in past years. At the time of writing this guide, information technology is a characteristic available only from mobile, through the Instagram apps for Android and iPhone.

If yous are wondering, unless y’all explicitly choose to share them, photos and videos proposed in the memories are visible only and exclusively by the owner account, that is the person who posted them, and cannot be viewed by other users. .

That said, to be able to view photos and videos posted on Instagram in the class of memories, all y’all accept to exercise is take your device, unlock information technology, admission the screen where all the applications are grouped, tap on theinstagram icon
(Quella with
the multicolored retro photographic camera) and, if necessary, log into your account by filling in the fields on the screen with the required data.

Then, tap on thelittle homo
or on
your avatar
located in the lower right part of the screen, in such a way as to go to your profile, and printing on the symbol ofclock with arrow, which is at the top right (on Android) or pinnacle left (on iOS).

In the new screen displayed, if on today’s engagement but in the past years you had published photos or videos, you will find the content in question in the section
Recall, located at the bottom, with the exact number of years elapsed since the date of publication next to information technology. Corking, right?

Share memories on Instagram

The posts in the department
Instagram can too be shared again, in the form of a story or a direct message to exist sent to sure users. If the matter interests you, I’ll tell you immediately how to practice information technology.

To carry out the operation in question, all you have to do is go to the section of your profile relating to memories, identify the retentivity of your interest among those that you discover in the section
Call back
e premere sul pulsating

Through the new screen that will be shown to yous at this point, you can choose whether to share the retention in the form of a story, by borer on the particular
The tua storia
that you find at the bottom left, or whether to share the memory as a story visible only to close friends, by tapping on the button
Closer friends
located in the lower middle of the screen.

For more than details about the stories and their sharing on Instagram, I refer you to reading my specific tutorial on how to share a story on Instagram.

Alternatively, you tin send the retention privately, as a direct bulletin to specific users, by borer the button
Send to
and selecting the accounts of your interest from the next screen. For more details on the use of direct messages on Instagram, I propose you consult my guide dedicated exclusively to how to send messages on Instagram.

Before proceeding with sharing the retentivity, you lot tin can likewise add together any writings, drawings, stickers and furnishings to the content, using the appropriate commands that you find at the tiptop of the display. To exist precise, by pressing the icon
you can add texts by tapping on the icon with the
felt tip pen
you can add freehand drawings by pressing on thesquare emoji
you tin add stickers, while tapping on the symbol of
face with stars
yous can add together effects.

If you are interested in this, I would like to bespeak out that, I wanted, you lot tin can also save the paradigm relating to the memory that has been generated in the camera curl of your device. To do this, just tap on the symbol of
down arrow
that you lot observe in the upper left function of the display.

See old stories on Instagram

In addition to the photos and videos published in previous years, Instagram also allows yous to view, in the grade of memories, the stories (which, unless they are shared again, are visible only and exclusively by the user who posted them. ). To exercise this, however, the specific role must exist enabled.

To do and then, click on thelittle human
or on
your avatar
located in the lower right office of the main Instagram screen, tap the push button with the
lines horizontally
located at the top right and press on the detail
located at the bottom of the menu that appears.

In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, tap on the item
Privacy, and then on that
east carries his
50’interruttore che trovi accanto alla voce
Salvage to archive. Then, go to the Instagram screen related to your profile, past tapping on the symbol oflittle human being
or the
your avatar
found in the lower correct part of the display, press the icon depicting theclock and arrow
at the peak right of the screen (on Android) or elevation left (on iOS) and yous can finally view the archive of previously published stories, under the heading
Annal of stories
(on Android) or
(its iOS).

The stories visible in the aforementioned section of the app have been archived automatically at the finish of the deadline and accept no time limit, then they are always visible. Furthermore, for each archived story, the date on which it was shared is shown and, by scrolling the screen, the relative calendar month and year are likewise visible (on the right).

Stories in the Archive can be shared once again as such or every bit images and videos to be uploaded to the profile. To perform these operations, go to the Instagram archive section past tapping on theclock with arrow
located on your profile screen and then tap on the paradigm of the
you want to share.

At this point, you can cull between two different options: past pressing the button
Highlight, you can have the story added to
Featured contentwhile pressing on the button
Share, yous can re-publish an prototype (or video) in the archive as a story.

You tin besides choose to share a previously published story in the class of a post: to do so, after selecting a story from the archive, press the button
located at the bottom correct and select the item
Share as a mail
requite the card to compare.

For more details nearly the practices described in this affiliate of the tutorial, I invite you lot to refer to my tutorial focused specifically on how to see old stories on Instagram.

In case of dubbi or problem

Have you followed my instructions on how to see the memories on Instagram in detail but you still accept some doubts about what to do or, in any case, do you need further support? So I can not help but advise yous to log in
service heart
official of the famous photographic social network: inside, you can find many questions with ready-made answers that can be of great help to dispel your doubts about the performance of Instagram.

If you want to visit the Instagram help center via the official app of the social network for Android or iOS, beginning the latter on your device, select the symbol of thetrivial human being
or the
your profile photo located at the bottom right, press the push with the
three lines horizontally
placed at the superlative and tap on the particular
located at the bottom of the menu that opens. In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, then press on the diction
and on that
Service middle.

In addition to, every bit I accept but indicated, the Instagram help middle is also accessible from a calculator, using the service application available for Windows ten. In this case, what you have to practice is start the plan, click on the symbol ofpetty man
located in the lower correct office of the window, press the button with thegear
which is located at the peak (ever on the correct) and, in the menu that is shown to you on the left, select the item
Service centre
placed in correspondence with the department

To admission the Instagram help center from the Web, instead, offset the browser y’all generally apply on your PC to scan the Internet (eg.
Chrome) and visit the dedicated folio.

For more data and to find out what other systems you have from yours to obtain any support from Instagram, I refer yous to reading my guide focused specifically on, in fact, how to contact Instagram.

How to run across memories on Instagram