How To See Old Instagram Posts

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Regret having deleted a photo or video from your Instagram? Don’t worry, we volition tell you how to meet and recover deleted posts, Stories, Reels and IGTV. We’re besides gonna explain how you can fins and view someone other’due south erstwhile content.

Await for deleted photo and video in Instagram drafts. There you tin discover one-time versions you didn’t like every bit much as those y’all posted.

Drafts can be saved for:

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IGTV

Stories remain in drafts for 30 days. Each of them has a displayed number of days before deleting. For all the other content there is no limit.

Drafts are in the adjacent tab in the content uploading carte du jour:

Reels and IGTV drafts can also be found on a profile page:

Brand a screenshot or tape the screen or save drafts on the phone. Thus, you volition recover the deleted Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, IGTV. Or at to the lowest degree, you’ll get similar photos and videos.

If drafts are not your case, check your telephone gallery. Yous may detect your sometime Instagram photos and videos there. Posts are saved to your telephone automatically when they appear in your pforile. Stories, Reels, IGTV — merely manually. The app saves both original and edited content depending on the settings in your account.

Original photos and videos you make through Instagram app camera are saved in the Camera binder. This is the same folder where photos and videos that you make from your default phone photographic camera appear. You lot may see your deleted Instagram posts and other content there.

To detect old content you posted, open up the gallery and look for an Instagram folder. Y’all may have ii. It’south because IG photos and videos are saved in different folders. But they both get the aforementioned name.

If you run several Instagram accounts, pics and videos from all of them appear in one and the same folders.

When you brand a photo or video from Instagram camera and and then edit them, they are downloaded twice. The original ones are saved in the Camera binder and the edited content — in i of the Instagram folders.

In that location are two possible reasons if you can’t notice old Instagram posts or Stories sin these folders, or they are empty. Yous might take cleared your phone galley recently or the auto download is turned off in the settings.

For starters, let’s look how you can see your deleted Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, IGTV in your telephone, and then how to check the IG settings.

Both on Android, and iOS, photos and videos get into a separate folder right after you deleted them from gallery.

On Android, you should tin can see deleted Instagram posts in the Trash binder. But note, you can recover them merely if y’all didn’t remove the tick in the “Permanently delete” box when deleting.

Cheque the bin:

  1. Open the three dot menu in gallery.
  2. Choose Trash.

On iOS, deleted files become to Recently Deleted. They remain for 30 days there before existence irrevocably deleted. You lot can look for the files there:

  1. Open the Albums tab.
  2. Get to the Recently Deleted department.

If in that location are no files, alas, y’all won’t run across your Instagram posts, they are permanently deleted.

Now allow’s check your Instagram app settings. One-time photos and videos you are looking for might just hadn’t been downloaded to your device.

Photos and videos are saved in your gallery by default. Check for if the feature has been turned off.

  1. Open Instagram settings.
  2. Cull Account.
  3. Become to the Original Posts.

The first button is responsible for downloading pics and videos y’all make through Instagram camera. Those that are saved in the Camera binder.

The final two buttons must be active to have edited content saved. It volition be uploaded to the Instagram folder in the phone gallery.

Call back, the auto salvage works merely for posts.

Instagram Recently Deleted department retains posts, Reels and Stories. You lot can recover deleted photos or videos during 30 days. You tin see the time left under each of them. Then they will be permanently deleted.

For most of the Instagram content, yous won’t see likes, comments or views in Recently Deleted. But after you recover these deleted Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels, most of their statistics will be besides restored.

The metrics for professional accounts will as well become back. Merely don’t forget, Instagram keeps data only for the last 90 days. It includes the time when your content is in Recently Deleted.

As for the feed content, yous can see only the number of likes. Only y’all will come across the captions, tags and reactions on your profile once more subsequently yous recover these deleted Instagram posts.

If you delete a Story earlier the 24 hours since it’due south been posted, so you’ll see views and reactions in the Recently Deleted section.

Stories are recovered in the user’south feed. It can be viewed by tapping your contour motion picture. 24 hours to deleting are counted from the beginning. Views and reaction statistic are being collected again.

If you added Stories to Highlights, they appear there once again besides.

Relaunch the app, if the Story hasn’t appeared in Hihtlights.

In deleted Reels, you lot tin can see only the number of likes. After you become the video back in your Instagram profile, you see them, comments and views.

In deleted IGTV, the author sees the number of likes and comments. Simply they can read them only after they recover deleted Instagram content.

Deleted content gets dorsum on your Instagram folio to where information technology had been. It doesn’t matter when you delete and recover information technology.

Assume, yous mail service i photograph a day in your feed. On Friday, you decided that your Tuesday’southward postal service was a scrap much, and deleted information technology. On Saturday, you change your mind again — the post belongs to your contour later on all, and you get information technology dorsum. The deleted Instagram photo volition appointment to the 24-hour interval of its initial publishing, which ways it’ll be shown between the Monday’south and Wednesday’southward posts.

To view or recover deleted Instagram posts, Reels, IGTV or Stories:

  1. Open IG settings.
  2. Get to the Account department.
  3. Choose Recently Deleted.
  4. Tap a content.
  5. Open the three dots menu.
  6. Tap Restore, or, for Stories, tap Share.

If the content was deleted from Archive, information technology goes back to the Archive. More near the section below.

Stories are saved in the Archive automatically afterward 24 hours from when they were published. Or you tin achieve them earlier. Here you lot can likewise hide published posts or save Lives. The principal difference from Recently Deleted is that Instagram photos and videos from Archive are non deleted after thirty days.

Views and reactions are saved and displayed in the Annal section. Stories are an exception. The views are saved only for 48 hours from the moment of their publishing in a profile. So for automatically archived Stories, the metric is visible one twenty-four hours.

  1. Open IG settings.
  2. Choose Archive.
  3. Tap the type of content at the meridian.
  4. Choose what you lot need.
  5. Open a deleted Instagram photo or video.
  6. Open the three dot menu.
  7. Choose Prove on Profile.

Recovered photos and videos always get back to their original place in the profile.

Auto relieve in Archive is only for Stories and Lives.

  1. Disclose the iii dot menu in the Archive section.
  2. Cull Settings.

The buttons should exist active to have Stories and Lives saved automatically. If they are not, tap them to turn on.

Y’all can see deleted Instagram posts on Facebook. If your profiles are connected, the auto repost is probably already turned on. Fifty-fifty if it isn’t, open the profile. Y’all might accept tapped the push button Share to Facebook when posted.

Stories can be reposted only manually, and they disappear afterwards the same 24 hours. Still, if y’all desire to view a Story you’ve just deleted, FB will be a help.

IGTV and Reels could get to your FB profile if you reposted the preview. More well-nigh it in the commodity about Instagram reposts. Likewise, you might have reposted IGTV when you were publishing it.

Look for your old posts or other content on the main page in your FB profile. Or go to the gallery. In the Timeline anthology you’ll come across photos from Instagram, in the Video anthology — video from posts.

Check in the IG settings for whether FB auto repost is turned on.

  1. Choose the Account department.
  2. Navigate to the Sharing to Other Apps section.

If there is a tick virtually Facebook, the content duplicates to Facebook.

Google Photo service is bachelor both on Android and iOS. If default settings oasis’t been changed, the photo and video are uploaded to the virtual drive automatically.

It ways, if your former Instagram posts or Stories ever been downloaded to your device, y’all migt see them in the Google Photo. There yous can detect both the original and edited files. Just open the app and you become to the Photo tab.

Yous can check or change the settings in the profile.

  1. Open the carte on the left.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. Choose Back up & sync.
  4. Brand the push button active.
  5. You can also choose folders which you desire to be uploaded to Google Photo automatically.

Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, one can’t see someone’due south quondam posts and other content using IG tools.

Developers from the Internet provide answers to whatsoever question. Including solutions for people who tin can’t live without others’ deleted Instagram photos. Merely we don’t recommend using third-party apps and services.

We checked the apps from summit search result for you. All of them are non safe, and many of them are paid.

But it doesn’t hateful in that location is not a risk to see someone’s sometime Instagram photos and videos. Before you get upset, nosotros suggest you checking a user’due south FB and other social media platforms. They may post in that location even more on Instagram.

Read hither how to find a user on social media.

If you desire to come across deleted Instagram posts, look for them in the telephone gallery. Y’all might take also saved Stories, Reels, IGTV there.

Content deleted for the past month can be found in IG Recently Deleted. Look for the earlier content in Archive.

Photos and videos are often automatically uploaded to a virtual bulldoze. Endeavor to observe them in Google Photo.

If y’all tin can’t discover onetime Instagram pictures and videos in Instagram app or your phone, check other social media platforms. First of all Facebook.

You lot tin view someone’s old Instagram photos and videos merely if they are in other social media profiles.