How To See Whatsapp Login History

Google is similar the Mr Know-All merely we don’t say this just because information technology has an respond to all your queries. It’south Mr Know-All because information technology also knows a lot most you.

Past Priya Pathak: Google is like the Mr Know-All but nosotros don’t say this simply because it has an answer to all your queries. It’southward Mr Know-All because it also knows a lot about you. Like at what time you used WhatsApp, and how many times you used it in a day. If you use WhatsApp on an Android phone chances are that Google gets to know whenever you lot use WhatsApp. And not only the visitor gets to know this, it also records that information and saves it in your Google Activity listing. Plainly this logging of WhatsApp employ happens every bit part of Google’s Spider web and App Activity tracking for users.

To explain this Google notes, “If Web & App Activity is turned on, your searches and activity from other Google services are saved to your Google Business relationship, so you may get meliorate search results and suggestions… You control what’s saved. And you lot tin can delete your past searches and activity or turn off Web & App Activeness at whatever time.”

However, what Google doesn’t make clear is that Web & App Activity also tracks usage of apps that are on an Android phone just aren’t owned by Google. For example, WhatsApp is a third-party app and even so Google logs the details whenever a users decides to open up and use WhatsApp.

Annotation that this happens merely on Android devices and not on the iPhone or devices like iPad that are powered past the iOS. Also, the tracking of WhatsApp use happens on an Android phone even if you are not using Google Bulldoze to fill-in WhatsApp chats.

WhatsApp calls itself an terminate-to-cease encrypted app which ways that the chat messages exchanged between you and your friend on the app can only exist seen by y’all 2 and nobody in betwixt, non even WhatsApp tin can read it. So Google, presumably, doesn’t get to what y’all are sending through WhatsApp. While the messages can’t exist set by Google, it does know how many times and exactly at what time you open the app on your phone. And yes, information technology also knows the phone model on which you lot opened the app.

You tin come across this information that Google records in on Google’s My Activity page. This tool besides offers a searchable history of almost everything you exercise online, which is in one fashion or other tied to your Google account.

To view your Google Activeness, become to your Google Business relationship. Click on Data & personalization on the left navigation panel. Y’all will now see all the activeness controls that y’all’ve agreed to give to Google. App and web access falls under the Google “Web & App action” choice. Click on information technology and information technology will show you lot the entire history of your apps and Google queries that you’ve washed on your Android phone.

To disable the tracking, click on Web & App activeness and switch off the toggle push button. Doing so will stop Google from tracking your app and spider web activities. You can also delete by searches, browsing history and other activity using the delete push button.

Google’s My Activeness likewise records your location history, voice & audio activity, device information, YouTube search history, and YouTube watch history. You lot can follow the same process to enable or disable these accesses.