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Flash SMS

What are Flash SMS and how do I apply them?

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  • What are Flash SMS?
  • What to use Flash SMS for?
  • Sending Flash SMS in the webapp
  • Sending Flash SMS via HTTP API or Email2SMS
  • No sender names for Flash SMS in newer devices
  • Flash SMS on iPhones
  • Flash SMS on Android devices
  • Flash SMS do non arrive at recipient’due south phone

What are Flash SMS?

Wink SMS (sometimes also calledWink Messages) are a special kind of SMS. They are displayed directly on the recipient’s screen without the recipient having to open them. Usually, mobile phones can neither relieve these letters (with exceptions) nor send them themselves. Nonetheless, there are apps that permit you to send them.

What to use Wink SMS for?

Flash SMS are ideal for emergency notifications, for example. Using this blazon of SMS to transport advertising is not recommended. On the one mitt, these kind of messaged are particularly intrusive, and on the other mitt, your customers will non be able to revisit the SMS if they did not have the time to wait at your offer at the fourth dimension of receipt. Here, regular SMS are normally the better selection.

Sending Flash SMS in the webapp

If you want to ship Flash SMS, you can select the type Flash SMS in the function menu to the right of the input field at the peak of the webapp.

Sending Flash SMS via HTTP API or Email2SMS

Of form you tin also transport Flash-SMS via HTTP API and Email2SMS. You can find the respective parameters hither:

Flash SMS via HTTP API

Flash SMS via Email2SMS

No sender names for Wink SMS in newer devices

Please note that sender IDs for Flash SMS are no longer displayed on many new devices. Whatever sender ID set are replaced by these cell phones with neutral names such as “SMS”, “Class 0 SMS” or simply “SMS Message”.

This is a reaction of the manufacturers to phishing via SMS. Since Wink SMS letters expect like a system message on many devices, this is supposed to prevent consumers from falling for scammers who misuse the sender ID to disguise their message as an official message.

Flash SMS on iPhones

Under certain circumstances Wink SMS can exist displayed incorrectly on iPhones: here Flash SMS are received as normal SMS when the screen of the device is locked. Apple is aware of this bug, but has not fixed information technology yet (every bit of July 2021). Nosotros will make a note here when the normal reception of Flash SMS on locked iPhones is possible over again.

Flash SMS on Android devices

Not all Android devices brandish Flash SMS in the same way. Still, it is likely that Android devices do not display Flash SMS in the lock screen. Instead, the message might show as a Flash SMS after unlocking the device or equally a regular SMS. We have no influence on the fashion Flash SMS are displayed.

Flash SMS practice non get in at recipient’due south phone

If your recipients do not receive your Flash SMS, delight cheque the commodity “SMS has not been received”.

Please likewise make certain y’all’ve read the sections Wink SMS on iPhones and Flash SMS on Android devices.

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