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This wikiHow teaches yous how to send Snapchats to users yous’re not already friends with. They will be able to view your snaps immediately if their privacy settings are prepare to receive Snapchats from “Anybody”. Otherwise, your snap will appear in your message list equally “Awaiting” until they add you lot back.


  1. 1

    Open up Snapchat.
    If you do not already have information technology, you tin can go it from the App Shop or Play Shop.

    • Unless you’re already signed in to your account, you lot will take to log in with your username and countersign. You can learn how to install and setup Snapchat here.
  2. two

    Have a snap.
    Tap the “Capture” button to snap a photo, or hold it downwardly for video. This push looks like a large white circle at the lesser of your screen.


  3. 3

    Tap the “Send” button.
    This is the white arrow icon in a blue circle in the lower-right corner of your screen. Tapping on it will accept you to the “Send To” page.

  4. iv

    Tap on the search bar.
    This will be at the superlative of your “Transport To” menu. Tapping on it will bring up your keyboard and y’all volition brainstorm typing.

  5. 5

    Blazon in the username of the person you wish to add.
    Snapchat volition listing matching usernames below the search bar as you type.

  6. 6

    Tap the “+” button next to the matching username.
    If a matching consequence is found, information technology will appear on your screen with a “+” button next to information technology. Borer on this push button will add together this user to your friends list on Snapchat.

  7. 7

    Tap the “Send” push button.
    A bluish bar with a white arrow and your new friend’s proper noun will appear at the bottom of your screen. Tapping on it will ship your snap to your new friend.

    • If you don’t know their username, y’all can also add friends from your
      telephone contacts, by their
      Snapcode, or
      your immediate expanse for other Snapchatters. To do this, yous will have to tap the blue person icon in the upper-right corner of your “Send To” page, and open the “Add Friends” menu.
    • Your contact will exist able to view your snap if their privacy settings are set to receive snaps from “Anybody.” Otherwise, the snap will be listed as “Pending” in your message list until they add you back.
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  • Question

    If someone hasn’t added me back, can I still send them a snap?

    Community Answer

    Y’all can, but it too depends on their privacy settings. If it’south set public, they will see that you accept sent them a snap. If their settings are set to friends only, your bulletin volition show upwards as pending, but they won’t see that you have sent them a snap.

  • Question

    If I text someone who hasn’t accustomed my Snapchat asking, will they still get notified?

    Community Answer

    No, they won’t if the privacy settings are ready to not receive from non-friends. Still, they will get your friend request, then your message if you’re accustomed.

  • Question

    Can I talk on Snapchat without friends?

    Community Answer

    Yeah yous tin can add people or set your privacy settings so that anyone tin can text y’all even when they’re non on your friends list.

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  • Your can come across and change your own privacy settings in “Settings > Contact Me”. Similar privacy settings for your story can be found at “Settings > View My Story”.[1]

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  • Sometimes yous send a snap, merely your contact never sees it. Make sure to know how to check if your snap has been viewed.

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