How To Send Photos As Streaks

Snapchat Streaks is one of the crucial aspects of Snapchat, and information technology keeps users hooked to this imperceptible messaging and social media platform. Past gamifying the process of sending and receiving Snaps through Snapchat Streaks, the company has managed to create a loyal fanbase. In instance y’all’re a new Snapchat user wondering what this feature is all nigh, read on to know everything you need to know about Snapchat Streaks.

Snapchat Streaks Explained (2022)

What is a Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat Streaks, Snapstreaks, or simply Streaks, are a measure of your action with a Snapchat user. When you lot
send or receive Snaps from a person at least once for three consecutive days, a Snapstreak begins. You can identify an active Snapstreak by looking for the fire emoji (🔥) or flame emoji side by side to the contact’s name on the Chat screen.

The number side by side to the fire emoji keeps increasing to denote the number of days of an active Snapstreak. To go on a Snapstreak going, the app requires you to send and receive photos and video Snaps to your friends at to the lowest degree once within a 24-hr window. If you neglect to practise and then, the Snapstreak volition be lost. Therefore, in lodge to go along a long streak, you volition have to ensure that yous and your friend are exchanging snaps every day.

What Counts Towards Snapstreaks?

At this betoken, you might exist wondering what contributes to a Snapstreak and what doesn’t. Well,
Snapchat has made it articulate that merely ii activities count towards Snapstreaks
. They are as follows:

  • sending and receiving photo Snaps
  • sending and receiving video Snaps

Information technology’south as simple as that. You won’t gain a Snapstreak if you text the person, post Stories (even if information technology is a individual story), or for the Snaps sent to group conversations. It’s also worth noting that
y’all should send the Snap right from Snapchat’due south photographic camera interface. Sending the Snap from your camera ringlet or Memories tab volition not count towards your Snapstreak. If you lot use Snapchat Glasses, snaps you share through them volition also not count towards your streak.

What Practise Snapchat Streak Emojis Mean?

Snapchat makes it obvious for users to know if they have an active Snapstreak. However, the significant of emojis next to a Snapstreak can get confusing for a new user. For Snapstreaks, at that place are primarily iii emojis – fire/flame (🔥) emoji, 100 (💯) emoji, and Hourglass (⌛) emoji.

What Does the Flame 🔥 Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

As soon as the fire emoji appears next to a Snapchat user’due south proper name, you tin residue assured that the Snapstreak has started. As mentioned in a higher place, you will take to send and receive Snaps for three consecutive days for the Snapstreak to start.

What Does the 100 💯 Emoji Hateful on Snapchat?

If you have been consistently maintaining your Snapstreak for 100 days, yous will come across the 100 emoji next to your friend’s name instead of the fire emoji. The app will switch back to the flame emoji on day 101.

What Does the Hourglass ⌛ Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

The hourglass emoji helps you identify a Snapstreak that is about to expire. It disappears presently after you send a new Snap to keep the Snapstreak active. If you come across an hourglass emoji next to someone’s name on Snapchat, that ways you have effectually 4 hours left to transport or receive a Snap (picture or video) to salve the Snapstreak.

Snapchat used to take a defended filter featuring the Snapstreak day count. While that is no longer available, you lot still have a way to flaunt your Snapstreak with your friend via Charms. Here’due south how to do it:

1. Open Snapchat and
become to the profile page
of the person you lot have a Snapstreak with. You can access the profile page by tapping on the display proper name of a user from the chat window.

open profile screen

ii. Whorl down until you reach the “Charms” section and look for the Snapstreak charm. Now, tap to
expand the Snapstreak charm
and take its screenshot. Do note that Snapchat will notify your friend when you take a screenshot of the friendship profile.

screenshot Snapchat Streaks charm

iii. All you lot have to do now is
post the screenshot to your Snapchat Story. Open the Snapchat story creation interface and choose the screenshot from the camera curlicue. Yous can choose to mention the person in the Story. Once done, pick “My Story” and printing the blue “Send” button to testify off your Snapstreak in your Snapchat story.

share Snapchat Streaks to story

5 Elementary Tips to Increment Snapstreak

  • Send Photo Snaps

The easiest way to increase Snapstreak is to transport photo Snaps to the other person. If y’all are running out of ideas to ship pictures of, you could simply send a blank Snap to keep the streak going. Nigh long-term Snapstreaks are usually bare unless both participants are socially agile and outgoing.

  • Send Video Snaps

If yous observe sending static images redundant or tiresome, you lot can choose to send video Snaps too. Record a video every twenty-four hour period and transport information technology to the person. Video Snaps also feel more personal, and information technology helps strengthen the bond with your friend.

  • Exist Consequent

Since the streaks elapse after 24 hours, it’s important to stay consistent and transport Snaps to each other on a regular basis. If y’all ofttimes detect yourself forgetting to send Snaps, you can schedule a reminder as an extreme measure. In that location are multiple reminder apps for iPhone and Android reminder apps to remind you so that you don’t miss another Snapstreak over again.

  • Troubleshoot Snapchat if the app isn’t working

If your Snapchat app is non working properly, you won’t be able to send your daily Snap to retain your Snapstreak. In such cases, you will have to human action quickly to fix your Snapchat app. There are multiple ways to ready the Snapchat app non working event, and you can check our in-depth guide linked here for detailed instructions to assistance you with that.

  • Request to restore lost Snapstreak

In example you lost your Snapstreak due to a technical issue like a server outage, contact Snapchat’s back up team and request them to restore your Snapstreak. We have a dedicated guide that you can check to get Snapstreak dorsum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the number adjacent to 🔥 mean on Snapchat?

The number next to the 🔥 fire emoji refers to the streak counter. It essentially denotes the number of days yous have been on a Snapstreak with the person. The number keeps increasing as long as the Snapstreak is active.

Q: Can ane person keep a Streak alive?

No, Snapchat requires both participants to send Snaps at least one time in 24 hours to continue the Snapstreak alive.

Q: What tin I do to increase Snapstreak?

You should send a photo or video Snaps to increase Snapstreak. Texting them on Snapchat doesn’t count towards your Snapstreak.

Q: Can I send a Streak from my camera roll?

No, y’all should send an image or video from Snapchat’due south camera to maintain Snapchat Streak. Sending screenshots or photos from your gallery will not proceed the Snapstreak active.

Q: How to recover lost Snapstreak?

If you lost Snapstreak due to a technical glitch, you can contact the Snapchat squad to restore Snapstreak.

Q. Can I ship a Streak from Snapchat Spectacles?

Unfortunately, no. Photos and videos taken past the Glasses will not count towards your streaks on Snapchat.

Beginning Snapstreak with Friends on Snapchat

Young Snapchat users frequently consider long-term Snapstreaks to be a bragging right. If that’southward yous, we hope you found this guide helpful. In case you take any Snapstreak-related queries, let u.s. know in the comments. Meanwhile, you might also be interested in learning how to create polls on Snapchat, find your Snapchat score, and save Snapchat videos. Check out the linked guides and let united states of america know if you want to learn anything else related to Snapchat in the comments below.