How To Send Picture As Snap

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To send snaps from your camera curlicue as a normal snap, you need to download the LMK app.

On the LMK app, you’ll exist able to select a photo from your camera roll and send it as a normal snap.

Whenever you send a snap on Snapchat, yous have to accept a photo/video on the spot.

If you were to send a photo from your camera roll, it will exist sent every bit an in-chat photo instead.

Simply what if y’all’re looking to send a photo or a video
from your photographic camera whorl
as a normal snap?

Maybe someone is requesting to meet a snap of you but yous’re busy.

Or maybe you’re looking to go on a streak with someone without actually taking a photograph/video.

Fortunately, there is a
legitimate manner
to do this without any black borders, filters, or watermarks.

Below are 8 quick steps to transport snaps from your camera ringlet every bit a normal snap.

  1. Select a photograph from your camera roll
  2. Tap on edit and save it
  3. Download the LMK app
  4. Tap on “+” icon and select “post”
  5. Select the photographic camera icon and use your saved postal service
  6. Tap on “Post to Snapchat”
  7. Delete the sticker and attachment
  8. Ship the snap!

i. Select a photo from your camera gyre

Firstly, open Snapchat and
tap on the camera icon
in the middle of the bottom navigation bar.

Open Snapchat > camera icon > select a photo/video that you’re looking to send every bit a normal snap.

Then, swipe up to access your Snapchat memories.

Once you lot’re in your memories, tap on “Camera Curl” to open your photograph gallery.

Select the photo/video that you want to ship a snap to equally a normal snap.

This works with
any photo or video, so you don’t have to worry about your choice of media.

Y’all can likewise use a photograph/video from a long time ago.

Let’s say that you selected a photo and y’all sent that to one of your friends.

If y’all do, the photo will exist an in-chat photo instead of a snap, so yous don’t want to do that.

Instead, you need to go back, select the photo and edit it.

2. Tap on edit and save it

Snapchat edit photo from camera roll

Once yous’ve selected the photograph or video from your camera whorl that you lot want to transport as a normal snap, you need to edit the photo.

Tap on agree downwardly the photo for three seconds, select “Edit Photo”, and then save it.

This will go rid of the two blackness confined on the photo.

To edit the photo,
tap and hold
the photo for 3 seconds.

Then, a navigation menu will open with 5 different options—Export Photo, Delete Photo, My Optics But, Edit Photo, and Ship Photo.

The pick that you’ll want to be selecting is “Edit Photograph”.

After yous’ve selected “Edit Photograph”, you lot’ll land on the editing screen.

On the editing screen, you’ll see two blackness bars on the photo—one on the meridian, and one on the bottom.

The reason for editing the photo is to
remove the black bars.

If you don’t edit the photo, sending the photograph as a snap volition contain the two black confined which don’t seem existent.

Next, tap on the “Share” icon at the lesser left of your screen.

tap on “Salvage image”

to save the paradigm to your photographic camera curl.

This will go far seem similar you took the photo from Snapchat and not your phone’s photographic camera.

3. Download the LMK app

Lmk app

Side by side, download the LMK (Permit Me Know): Q&A and Make Friends app.

Search for “LMK” on the App Store/Google Play Store and download the app.

It’due south available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

You can download the app from the links above, or
search for “LMK”.

The app allows y’all to inquire questions or polls via stickers.

Information technology can also exist used to ship snaps from your camera roll as a normal snap.

For this guide, you’ll be using this app to send a photo/video from your camera roll as a normal snap (aka A imitation snap).

After you’ve downloaded the app, open up it and
connect your Snapchat
to it by borer on the “Sign in with Snapchat” button.

Follow the on-screen instructions until you’ve successfully logged in with Snapchat.

four. Tap on “+” icon and select “post”

Lmk app how to use

After you’ve logged in,
tap on the “+” icon.

Tap on the “+” icon > select the “Post” department.

Once you tapped on the “+” icon, you lot want to select the “Post” section”.

At times, yous’ll land on a random section ( thousand. Poll, Compare).

The section that you’ll be using is the
“Postal service” section.

This is where yous can ship a photo or a video from your camera whorl as a normal snap.

Select “Post” to upload a photo/video from your camera ringlet to the app.

5. Select the photographic camera icon and use your saved mail

Lmk app camera roll

The fifth step is to
select the photographic camera icon

on the left corner of the screen.

Tap on the camera icon to open your camera roll.

Select the photo that you just saved from Snapchat.

After you selected the camera icon, your camera roll volition be opened.

Select your
previously saved photograph/video
(the ane that y’all simply saved from Snapchat).

Do note that y’all can’t select more than one photograph or video.

If you lot desire to ship several snaps from your camera coil as a normal snap, y’all take to practise them i at a fourth dimension.

6. Tap on “Post to Snapchat”

Post to Snapchat button

Later you’ve selected your previously saved photograph or video,
tap on “Post to Snapchat”

to mail service it to Snapchat.

Tap on “Mail to Snapchat” to postal service the photograph/video to Snapchat.

After y’all tapped on “Post to Snapchat”, your photograph will be in the background.

Once you lot’ve tapped on “Post to Snapchat”, it’ll open the Snapchat app and your previously saved photo will exist in the groundwork.

As LMK is a Q&A app, there will exist a Q&A sticker on top of your photo.

7. Delete the sticker and zipper

Snapchat sticker

Side by side, you’ll desire to
delete the sticker and the zipper
that came from the LMK app.

Delete the sticker by dragging and dropping it on the trash bin and remove the attachment by tapping on the “Paper prune” icon > “Remove Attachment”.

Deleting the sticker and the attachment makes the photograph/video wait like a legitimate snap.

The sticker and the attachment are auto-generated, so yous’ll want to remove them to make your snap look existent.

The sticker is like to Instagram stickers where yous can
drag to motion and delete it.

But drag the photo at the lesser of the screen to the trash bin and the sticker will be deleted.

There will also be an zipper that lets people know that the snap is from the LMK app.

To remove the attachment, tap on the “Paper clip” icon on the left of your screen.

In one case you tapped on the “Paper clip” icon, it’ll open up the LMK app.

After the LMK app is opened,
tap on “Remove Attachment”

to remove the attachment from your photo/video.

Now, the photo/video looks legitimate as if you’ve just taken it every bit a normal snap on Snapchat.

eight. Send the snap!

Snapchat send snap

Lastly, tap on the arrow icon, and your recents/friends list will exist opened.

After you’ve sent the photo/video from the LMK app, it will exist sent as a normal snap.

The photo/video volition be marked as “Delivered” and “Received” instead of appearing in chat.

Select your friend(due south) that you want to send the snap to and tap on the arrow icon to transport information technology.

After y’all sent the photo/video, information technology will be
marked as “Delivered”.

As you tin see, the photo/video that you sent is non an in-app photo/video.

Instead, the person who received it will have to
open it similar a normal snap.


In Snapchat, snaps can be only sent if y’all took a photo or video on the spot.

Yet, you lot can featherbed this by
installing the LMK app
equally mentioned in this article.

If you utilize the LMK app, y’all can utilize an existing photo or video in your camera gyre and send it as a normal snap.

This trick volition allow you lot to ship multiple snaps from your camera roll as a normal snap.

Merely make sure to
remove the sticker and the attachment
and you lot’re good to go.

Happy catfishing!

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