How To Send Snaps To Celebrities

Who does not desire to have a sneak peek into the life of all these rich and famous celebrities? We do, and your presence here tells that you desire this likewise. So, have yous heard that you can at present make Snapchat streaks with your favorite celebrities?

Well, that may be truthful, but how volition you add celebrities on Snapchat in the outset place? Hither’s the respond:

To add celebrities on Snapchat, start past searching for them on the app. Open your Snapchat app and go to the “Add Friends” option. Type the Snapchat username or celebrity’due south proper name directly into the search bar. Subscribe to their account and brainstorm watching their stories!

All the same, you tin not discover every celebrity following this method. In that case, y’all will need to dig deeper and observe usernames or Snapcodes on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. So, how will you exercise it? Let’s discover out!

  1. 4 Ways To Add Celebrities on Snapchat
    • Method #ane: Begin the Chase with Snapchat
    • Method #two: Find Snapcodes
    • Method #iii: Dig into Instagram or Facebook
    • Method #four: Search on Google
  2. Why Add Verified Accounts on Snapchat?
  3. Listing of Pop Celebrities To Add together to Snapchat
  4. Wrap-Upward!

4 Ways To Add Celebrities on Snapchat

Calculation celebrities on Snapchat is equally simple as striking the subscribe button. However, finding your favorite stars among 332 meg agile users requires extra endeavor. The post-obit methods ease your goal of searching and connecting with celebrities.

Allow’due south start with the simplest 1!

If you desire to add together celebrities on Snapchat for sending snaps or messages, notation that not every celebrity allows this. About celebrities prefer to keep their stories public just. Thus, Snapchat might aid you know more than well-nigh celebrities, but the chances of 1-on-1 interaction are less.

Method #1: Begin the Hunt with Snapchat

You want to add celebrities on Snapchat. What other platform can help you better than Snapchat itself?

To find and add celebrities on Snapchat, follow the given steps:

  1. Install and open the Snapchat
    app on your telephone.
  2. Log in
    to your business relationship.
  3. Tap the Snapchat (ghost) icon on the top left corner.
  4. Become to “Add friends” and type the username
    or name of the celebrity in the search bar.
  5. Subscribe
    to their account.

The next step is to share snaps with celebrities. This is how you can do it (only if they allow it):

  1. Click a snap
    (a proficient one, we must say!).
  2. Go to the “Send to” choice and type the proper noun of the celebrity y’all added.
  3. Send the snap.

Creating shortcuts volition help yous brand a priority listing of users you want to connect with daily. For this, click a snap, select send, and tap on the create shortcut choice. Next, type the glory proper name and assign an emoji to it. That’due south it; you are all prepare to start sending snaps.

Method #2: Detect Snapcodes

The higher up method is not 100% efficient. Thus, yous may not observe original accounts of all celebrities through it. The second all-time way is to use Snapcodes to add together celebrities. Snapcodes are the unique scannable codes assigned to every account.

To subscribe to an account through Snapcode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google and

    Google Images.
  2. Blazon “celebrity’southward proper noun + Snapcode”
    in the search bar (e.thousand., “Gigi Hadid Snapcode”).
  3. Take a screenshot of Snapcode.
  4. Open Snapchat
    get to “Add together friends”.
  5. Select the small Snapchat symbol
    on the left of the search bar.
  6. Cull the Snapcode
    from your photos to scan.
  7. The business relationship will announced;

Once you take found an account, keep an centre on the similar suggestions bar at the bottom. Yous may end up adding multiple celebrities at once.

Method #iii: Dig into Instagram or Facebook

Many celebrities add Snapchat ids to their Instagram or Facebook accounts. Also, several pages are doing you the favor of list Snapchat usernames of celebrities.

To find Snapchat usernames on Instagram or Facebook, here’s what yous need to do:

  1. Open up Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Type “Snapchat Celebrity” in the search bar.
  3. Several pages will appear, go through them, and you will surely find the about-required Snapchat usernames over there.

Method #4: Search on Google

If zero works, take Google every bit your terminal resort. Many websites compile and list Snapchat usernames and Snapcodes in their posts. Past scrolling through such posts, you tin find many celebrities’ usernames.

Also, the listicles suggest several other popular usernames; add them to grow your Snapchat fam.

Follow these steps to find celebrities’ usernames on Google:

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Type “Snapchat celebrities”.
  3. Go through the websites
    appearing on the result page.

Why Add together Verified Accounts on Snapchat?

Adding accounts with a aureate star on your Snapchat has multiple benefits. Some of them are:

  • You get to know
    more insightful details
    almost your favorite celebrities’ life.
  • The Snapscore, i.e., the score determining activity level on Snapchat,
    increases rapidly
    past calculation verified accounts.
  • Some celebrities let their fans send them snaps and messages. So, if your luck supports, you lot might observe an opportunity to
    interact with celebrities
    through this platform.
  • Given the growing popularity of social media,
    celebrities tend to share a lot on Snapchat
    and other platforms. Thus, if you run a celebrity weblog site, calculation celebrities on Snapchat can help you admission better and faster news before everyone.

List of Popular Celebrities To Add together to Snapchat

Yes, we know your time is precious. To save y’all from the hassle of trying and testing all the above methods, we take listed the usernames of prominent celebrities in this department.

Go through them, and you might detect what yous desire without doing anything!

  • Ed Sheeran
    – Username: teddysdaytoday
  • Alesha Dixon
    – Username: thealeshashow
  • Khloe Kardashian
    – Username: khloekardashian
  • Ariana Grande
    – Username: moonlightbae
  • Justin Bieber
    – Username: rickthesizzler
  • Bella Hadid
    – Username: babybels777
  • Kylie Jenner
    – Username: kylizzlemynizzl
  • Chris Pratt
    – Username: chrisprattsnap
  • Kevin Hart
    – Username: lilswag79
  • Demi Lovato
    – Username: theddlovato


This guide covers various methods to add celebrities to Snapchat. The first one is the well-nigh simple and quick way to detect anyone. Endeavour them all, and yous volition surely succeed in finding your desired celebrities on Snapchat.

In addition, make certain to go through the shared list of pop celebrities’ usernames. You may find your favorite celebrity’s Snapchat over there.