How to Set Up and Use Emergency SOS on Apple Watch

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Aside from a plethora of Accessibility and wellness features, watchOS as well comes with a well-thought-out Emergency SOS feature. Given how unpredictable life is, you lot should set the characteristic to set up for unexpected moments in life and go the much-needed help without whatsoever hindrance.

And so, how does Emergency SOS work on Apple Watch? Well, when you invoke Emergency SOS, your smartwatch automatically calls local emergency services and shares your location with them. Additionally, information technology also sends your emergency contacts a text message with your current location then that they can accomplish the site without whatsoever delay.

Annotation that you may exist asked to cull a preferred emergency service in some countries and regions. For instance, you lot may demand to select police, fire, or ambulance in mainland Prc. With that said, let’s prepare Emergency SOS on Apple Watch!

How to Call Emergency Services on Apple Watch

If your Apple Lookout doesn’t have cellular connectivity, brand certain to proceed the paired iPhone nearby. If your iPhone is non nearby, ensure that the Apple Lookout is continued to a known Wi-Fi network.

Step i:

Press and hold theside button until the
Emergency SOS
slider appears.

Pace ii:

 At present, elevate the

Emergency SOS slider

 to initiate the call immediately.

After a countdown, your Apple Watch volition telephone call emergency services automatically. Once the call has concluded, the smartwatch volition send your emergency contacts a text message with your current location.

Notation that if the Location Services are disabled, it will temporarily turn it on (Settings app
Location Services

It’due south as well worth pointing out that for some time afterward you lot have activated the Emergency SOS mode, your Apple Watch will send your emergency contacts updates when your location changes.

Activate Emergency SOS on Apple Watch

Post the emergency call, your Apple Picket will send y’all an alert every 4 hours that your location is being shared with your emergency contacts.
If yous no longer want to share the location, just tap on
Stop Sharing
in the notification.

How to End an Emergency Call That You lot Started Accidentally on Apple Scout

Ending an emergency call y’all initiated accidentally is relatively easy.

Step 1:
First off, release the side push button and tap the
End Call
button (the red icon).

Step 2: Now, tap
to confirm that you wish to stop the call.

Step 3:
Next, your Apple tree Spotter will ask if y’all still desire to send a text bulletin to your emergency contacts. Make certain to tap
to finish.

How to End a Call That You Started Accidentally on Apple Watch 

How to Add Emergency Contacts

You lot can add emergency contacts to your Apple Watch and then it tin inform your parents or friends of your whereabouts during an emergency.

Step ane: Open the
Health app
on your iPhone and tap your contour at the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: At present, tap
Medical ID
then hit
at the top right corner of the screen.

Pace 3: Next, scroll downwards to the
Emergency Contacts
section and tap the
add emergency contact

Stride 4: Adjacent, select a contact from your address book.

If your contact has more than than one telephone number, be sure to cull the number you lot desire to use.

Pace 5: Specify the human relationship and tap
to save your changes.

How to Add Emergency Contacts on Apple Watch 

How to Remove Emergency Contacts

Depending on your needs, yous tin can remove emergency contacts with ease.

Footstep 1: Launch the
Health app
on your iPhone and tap on your profile at the top right corner of the screen.

Step two: At present, tap
Medical ID

at the upper correct corner of the screen.

Step iii:
Adjacent, scroll down to the
Emergency Contacts
section and hit the
delete emergency contact
push button next to a contact. Make sure to tap
to confirm.

Step four: In the terminate, tap on
at the top correct to finish.

Remove emergency contacts on Apple Watch

In one case y’all take set up the Emergency SOS feature, bank check out some top tips and tricks for the Apple tree Watch Series vii that volition assist you get more than out of the smartwatch.

And so, that’s how you can ready and use Emergency SOS on your Apple Lookout. Around 30 pct of people die due to delays in admission to emergency services. Considering how disquisitional it is to get starting time aid at the earliest, it always pays to exist well-prepared for the unexpected. That said, share your thoughts near this notable Apple Lookout man feature and the improvements yous wish to see in it. Besides, if you have whatsoever related questions, feel free to enquire united states in the comments.


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