The Payday 2 VR beta launched in Nov 2017, and the full version continues to have plenty of enthusiasts. To this day, VR enthusiasts continue to enjoy having the opportunity to shoot, loot, and contrivance bullets with their choice of headset. However, you’re going to desire to have a few tips before jumping in with others who may have played since the game’due south launch in 2013.

As a outcome, jumping into this well-established environment today may seem daunting, simply there’s no reason yous can’t savour yourself with some preparation. Starbreeze Studios, with a staff caught in their own heist in 2019), has provided an fantabulous VR experience for free with Payday 2. Fans may even see the mode return since Payday 3 is really happening, and so in that location’s no reason not to join in the fun at present.


You’ll Play With Non-VR Players

3 Payday 2 players shoot at police during a bank heist

Payday 2 enthusiasts oft get used to random players jumping into their heists. It’s natural to expect that VR and regular players use separate servers. However, whatsoever circular you play can have both.

This dynamic tin can either disrupt the team or help everyone walk away with more money. For example, while you don’t jump in VR, you can collaborate with safes or other items while shooting with a free hand. It’s all-time to assume that y’all’ll need to find the appropriate part and placement for yourself no matter how you cull to play.


Machine Reload Vs. Manual

Payday 2 VR promo photo

The motorcar-reload setting on Payday 2 VR can feel a bit jarring at beginning. While you’re bobbing and weaving, it can feel frustrating waiting for some other opportunity to shoot dorsum.

Consider using transmission reload so that you can get more tactical and less reactive. Gaining the option to interrupt reloading gives you lot a chance to use a fractional mag when you lot find yourself trapped by the law.


Avoid Stability Customization On Weapons

AK Customization Payday 2

A capture of customizing an AK-47 in Payday two

Maxing out the stability and accuracy in PayDay 2 can make you lot much more mortiferous and effective during heists. Only in VR fashion, your accuracy depends more on your aim while dodging bullets.

If you plan to play in virtual reality most of the time, stability becomes more than or less non-functional. You don’t have the aforementioned recoil that yous may be familiar with from the flat world.


Adjust Your Belt

Payday 2 shooting At Bank

A player shoots at a bank during a heist in Payday 2 VR

No affair how you lot set your PayDay 2 UI, having the belt the way you like information technology is critical to success. You lot’re going to employ this tool for essentials like storing numberless of loot or switching weapons often.

Before you jump into your get-go heist, take some time to adjust the width and meridian of the chugalug. Information technology may take a few rounds to figure out the best placement, but you lot’ll know the right fit when you notice it.


Comfort Photographic camera Pick

Payday 2 Zipline

A player looks at a zipline in Payday 2

Even experienced VR players tin can find themselves with shaky stomachs later on a gaming session. If you’re new to the game or prone to motion sickness, consider taking advantage of the comfort camera setting.

While you’re pulling off heists with friends or strangers, you may find yourself ziplining or running non-stop like an activity hero (albeit an infamous i). When yous turn on the comfort photographic camera, the game plays a quick cutscene instead of taking you for a potentially gut-churning ride.


Press Trigger To Accuse Melee

Payday 2 Sword

A sword from Payday 2 is displayed

If you lot’re new to VR, or Payday ii, you may observe yourself swinging wildly at pesky SWAT team members or any other special enemy of increasing difficulty. While that’s a natural reaction, you can become more out of the energy yous expend by charging your attack with the left trigger.

In the oestrus of the moment, you may find yourself tempted to swing wildly at the fuzz. Nonetheless, you’ll need to put some patience in your virtual pocket. The more that y’all hack and slash, the less effective your attacks get in Payday 2 VR.


Communication Is Essential

Payday 2 Team Shooting Offscreen

A team of thieves in Payday 2 shoots at enemies offscreen.

Payday 2 VR players do run the gamble of operating at a disadvantage compared to their companions. For starters, most players choose to use the push button-to-talk option instead of an open mic.

If you’re muting other players or forgetting to communicate yourself, you and others may non have the best time. Find the right rhythm and settings for yourself, but embrace the idea of working with teammates besides.


Annihilation Can Be Cover When You Crouch

Payday 2 Firing From Behind Cover

A actor fires from behind cover in Payday 2

Finding reliable cover to avoid a hail of gunfire is the standard operating procedure for PayDay ii players. However, VR enthusiasts have the reward of using almost anything as a fashion to avoid gunfire.

Yous have to physically lower yourself, and at times that can mean dropping to your knees. This action can become physically taxing, merely the tradeoff is that you will have an easier time hiding from Johnny Law.


Make A Silencer For Your Pistol A Priority

Payday 2 Pistol With Silencer

A pistol with a silencer attachment from Payday 2

PayDay 2 offers two widely different approaches: continue everything on the down-low or enter with guns blazing. If your team members are the quiet type, you volition want to have a silencer for your pistol as presently equally possible.

Information technology’s easy to get lost in the weeds while deciding on your inventory, then don’t go distracted and forget to take hold of this attachment. You lot don’t want to be responsible for bringing oestrus from the police before the rest of the grouping is ready — even if you’re itching to try on one of the 10 best masks in the game.


Utilise Laser Sights To Improve Accuracy

Payday 2 Raging Bull Revolver With Laser Sight

A raging bull revolver is displayed from Payday 2 with a laser sight attached.

While laser sight mods are helpful in PayDay ii, they’re nearly indispensable in VR mode. You’re engaging in a fair amount of guesswork otherwise.

Some VR games have struggled with reality-breaking problems with aiming, merely PayDay 2 has a solid foundation. It’south non perfect, all the same, and you’ll never want to be without this mod after playing effectually with it.

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