How To Share Wordle Results Android

Wordle is a wildly popular game that lets players guess a 5-letter word within vi attempts. Every day, in that location’s a different word to figure out, and users can share their results on social media. However, information technology tin be confusing to know how that’due south done with many platforms.

Wordle doesn’t make it challenging to share your results, and the best role is you tin can do and so without spoiling the mean solar day’due south answer for your friends and followers (it’s the same word for everyone). You tin can apply a calculator or mobile device for the task, every bit both permit you to publish your score. Read on for all the details.

Remember that you tin can’t play Wordle on an app, as it’s only accessible through the official website. Thus, information technology would be all-time to accept a web browser or phone browser to play the game. Sharing isn’t hard every bit the page is optimized for all devices.

On iPhone, you might employ social media platforms similar WhatsApp or Instagram. It’s possible to share your Wordle score on these platforms too. Hither’s how to exercise it:

  1. Go to the Wordle website.
  2. Play a game of Wordle.
  3. One time you complete the game, you’ll see a “Statistics” pop-upward.
  4. Tap on “Share.”
  5. On the second pop-up that appears, choose to share it on an app or copy the text.
  6. Open the app you want to share information technology on and paste it.
  7. Transport it as a message or post.

Sharing a Wordle score is very simple. You can also type in whatever text you lot want before pasting it equally a mail service. Your friends and followers will get to encounter you brag (or complain) about your score.

Android devices can instantly head to the Wordle website using Google Chrome or whatever browser you prefer. There are no official Wordle apps, and those yous encounter on the Google Play Shop are clones and spinoffs.

Similar on iPhone, you might want to ship your score as a Messenger text or using whatsoever other platform. These are the steps:

  1. Caput to the Wordle website on your mobile browser.
  2. Play the Wordle game of the day.
  3. Consummate the game and look for the “Statistics” screen to popular upward.
  4. Tap on the “Share” button.
  5. On the second popular-upwards that appears, choose to share it on an app or copy the text.
  6. Launch the app you want to share information technology on if it doesn’t do then automatically and paste information technology.
  7. Send your Wordle score equally a message or post.

The procedure isn’t too different from doing it on an iPhone. After all, browsers are similar despite the mobile device operating organisation.

How to Share Wordle Results on Facebook

Many people today still use Facebook to stay in touch with friends. Therefore, information technology’due south not unusual to see people share their Wordle scores at that place when the game was at its virtually popular. Facebook is bachelor on mobile devices and PC, so we’ll include the instructions for both.

On your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open your preferred web browser.
  2. Go to the official Wordle website.
  3. Guess the give-and-take of the twenty-four hour period.
  4. After doing so, click on the three vertical bar icons in the top-right corner.
  5. Click on “Share.”
  6. After that, visit
  7. Log in if required.
  8. Select “What’s On Your Mind” and paste the Wordle score.
  9. Edit your post if you wish and publish it.

Mobile users can try these instructions instead.

  1. Open the Wordle website on your mobile browser.
  2. Play a game of Wordle.
  3. Afterwards you win or lose, await for the “Statistics” page to appear.
  4. Select “Share.”
  5. Tap on Facebook among the options.
  6. A Facebook pop-up will appear if you accept the app.
  7. If you desire, yous can add more to the post before publishing information technology.

Once you publish your score, your friends volition be able to see how many tries you took for the day’s word.

How to Share Wordle Results on Instagram

Instagram allows users to make quick posts, and Wordle scores can also be shared on the platform. If you take many followers, they’ll all see your results. They might even share theirs with y’all to compare.

Equally with Facebook, Instagram is supported on PC and mobile devices.

  1. Launch any web browser on your computer.
  2. Head to the Wordle website.
  3. Play the game.
  4. Select the Leaderboards icon about the elevation correct corner in the class of the statistics bar.
  5. Option “Share.”
  6. Go to the Instagram website.
  7. Create a post and paste your Wordle results.
  8. Share information technology for the world to see.

Here are the instructions for Android and iPhone users.

  1. Become to the Wordle website on your mobile browser.
  2. Play a game of Wordle.
  3. Await for the “Statistics” page to appear onscreen.
  4. Tap on “Share.”
  5. Select “Instagram” from whatever available apps.
  6. When Instagram appears, paste your results onto a new mail.
  7. Share your score with your audition.

On Instagram, it’due south not difficult to share your score, every bit the app is very user-friendly.

How to Share Wordle Results on Twitter

Twitter is available on PCs and smartphones, and then you can easily share your latest Wordle results anywhere and at whatever time. Those who have notifications from you enabled volition see you lot post them nigh immediately. Here’south how it’due south done.

  1. Launch any web browser on your computer.
  2. Become to the Wordle website.
  3. Guess the day’s word.
  4. Click on the Leaderboards icon near the elevation right corner in the form of statistics bars.
  5. Option “Share.”
  6. Go to the Twitter official website and log in if required.
  7. Paste your Wordle results into the new tweet section.
  8. Publish your tweet to your followers and everyone else.

Here are the instructions for Android and iPhone users.

  1. Open the Wordle website on your favorite mobile browser.
  2. Play a game of Wordle.
  3. Wait for the “Statistics” page to pop up on your screen.
  4. Tap on “Share.”
  5. Select “Twitter” from any bachelor apps.
  6. Wait for Twitter to announced and then paste your results into a new tweet.
  7. Publish your tweet.

Additional FAQs

Is there a Wordle app?

No, there isn’t an official Wordle app. Yous can merely play the game using a browser since information technology’southward on a webpage. It’s the just authentic style to play the game.

Can you play Wordle on Facebook?

No, as there’s only one place to play Wordle as mentioned above. However, you can easily share your results on Facebook and many other websites.

Tin can y’all crook at Wordle?

Yes, you can cheat on Wordle, and it’south surprisingly easy to do that. Incognito way lets you play it an infinite corporeality of times until y’all become it correct. You tin can too use “Inspect Chemical element” to view the source lawmaking, which contains many upcoming words.

How Many Tries?

Whether you get it in ane or six guesses, information technology’s worth sharing your Wordle results with friends. You can practice so on many social media platforms y’all already subscribe to or fifty-fifty ship it as a private text message. Sharing it might even spark some conversation for the twenty-four hour period.

What was the easiest word you lot’ve guessed? Exercise yous think other Wordle clones are fun? Let us know what yous call back in the comments section below.