How To Speed Up Note 8

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 well-nigh seven months ago while the Note 8 is on the market not for so long. As Samsung likes to spice up the things over stock Android by using their ain UI which they currently similar to telephone call Samsung Feel UI. As the Experience UI is a bit heavy and the smartphones come with a agglomeration of bloatware, these devices tend to get a bit slow over time. And so here are few uncomplicated steps that volition make your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Notation eight faster than before.

1.) Turn on Operation mode

Samsung likes to optimize its devices in such a way that the smartphone manages between delivering a decent amount of battery life and a decent performance. About people forget to change the default settings and use the device as information technology was delivered out of the box. The company offers few tweaks on the Settings folio which tin boost up the performance of your device maxing up your smartphone’south CPU but decreasing the battery fill-in. To turn on the performance way, head over toSettings>Device Maintenanceand selectFunctioning Mode.

Galaxy S8 SS 1

2.) Keep it Updated!

Information technology is highly recommended to continue your Android or iOS smartphone always upwardly to date. These updates bring optimisations, improvements and much more. If yous receive any OTA (Over-the-Air) software update or any app updates on the Google Play shop, just brand sure your install every update.

Galaxy S8 SS 2

three.) Proceed it Lite!

Keep your Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 free of junk past deleting unnecessary data and applications. To uninstall unnecessary applications, head over toSettings>Apps. Here you lot will find a list of applications out of which you can go and uninstall the ones you do not demand. Besides, you can consider installing Lite applications similar, Facebook Lite, Skype Lite and more which are optimized to have up less space and use less CPU which will ultimately requite you amend performance.

four.) Tweak the Resolution

With the new Samsung devices, the company lets its users choose 1 of the iii resolutions which let people make up one’s mind battery life or quality. Higher the resolution, more the GPU would exist used which will cause a mild decrease in performance likewise as battery life. Nosotros recommend you to proceed the resolution at FHD+ as that tin can offer the perfect residuum.

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  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Display
  • Then caput over to Screen Resolution

five.) Developer Options

If the above steps did non help you enough to bring up the speed, these tweaks might help.

  • Caput over to Settings
  • Tap on Near Phone and go to Software Information
  • Now tap seven times on Build Number

Galaxy S8 SS 4

These steps will enable Developer Options which will be available on the lesser of the Settings page. Go to Developer Options and scroll over to Window animation scale. Now change all the Animation scales to 0.5x from 1x. This volition not speed up your phone’s performance, however, it will make your smartphone experience a lot faster as the animations volition run quicker.