How To Stop Hosting On Twitch

Twitch is one of the virtually popular social media platforms out there, specially for gaming influencers. With over

17.5 million

daily average visitors, from which about fifteen one thousand thousand are online at any given moment, this platform has a highly engaged audition.

It’s a not bad identify for creators to bear witness off their skills to this engaged audition. This is mayhap the reason why over 4 one thousand thousand creators stream on Twitch every month.

While yous can, of course,

upload dandy content

on your Twitch channel regularly, it may non be possible to hold their attending all the time. In such a state of affairs, Twitch hosting can come in very handy.

Earlier we get into how y’all can host on Twitch, let’s effort to understand what it is first.

How to Host on Twitch: The Ultimate Twitch Hosting Guide:

  • What is Twitch Hosting?
  • Why Should Y’all Practise Twitch Hosting?
  • How to Host on Twitch
  • How to Get Other Twitch Channels to Host Y’all
  • Terminal Thoughts

What is Twitch Hosting?

Twitch hosting feature lets you broadcast other streamers’ channels on your own channel. This would ensure that your audience can run into their broadcast without having to leave your aqueduct.

This serves as a neat way for you to help other streamers achieve a wider audience while ensuring that your audience remains engaged too.

It’s a widely used method for promoting other users on Twitch merely tin can also exist used to boost your engagement when y’all’re not creating any content of your ain.

Now that you know what Twitch hosting is, let’south have a wait at why you should do it.

Why Should You Do Twitch Hosting?

Hither’southward why you should practice Twitch hosting.

1. Cross Promotion

When you host other channels on your account, you also get added reach and

marketplace your account
. The streamer might mention all the hosts or brandish their names. You lot might also get featured in the Alive Hosts category or the target channel’s chat. This increased reach can help you get more followers for your account too.

ii. Engaged Audience

If you lot don’t stream regularly, information technology’due south likely that your audition may lose interest in your aqueduct. This is because they won’t get to encounter new content when they desire. By hosting other channels, y’all’ll exist able to requite them new content all the fourth dimension.

Now that you know why yous should do Twitch hosting, let’south see how you can employ it to your advantage.

How to Host on Twitch

It’s possible to host on Twitch from both your PC or mobile device. This makes it piece of cake to go along some content streaming on your aqueduct when you’re not streaming your own content.

Withal, before you tin can beginning hosting on Twitch, remember that yous tin only host 1 aqueduct at a time. Besides, y’all tin host a maximum of three channels in a thirty-minute period.

At present that you know the basics, let’due south look at how yous tin host on Twitch.

Auto Hosting

Twitch makes it extremely easy for streamers to host other channels. Information technology accomplishes this through the Motorcar Host characteristic. This feature lets you host other channels on autopilot every bit soon equally you go offline.

All you need to do is to select a few channels that you’d like to host on your Twitch business relationship and the Auto Host characteristic volition select ane from the list and host information technology. You could either specify a particular club for hosting or enable random picking from the listing of channels. This ensures that whenever y’all’re offline, your account won’t remain inactive.

The best office about Automobile Hosting is that it is fairly piece of cake to fix it upward. All you have to do is go to your Twitch Channel. Y’all can exercise so by going to your profile by clicking on the contour icon and then navigating to “Channel.”

The profile icon is located at the top-right corner of the website and Aqueduct is in the driblet-down menu. So, head to the Channel settings and click on Car Host and switch it on. In the listing that follows, you need to add your favorite channels. These are the ones that will be automobile hosted when you become offline.

From PC/Mac

  1. Open your web browser and caput to Twitch (

    https://world wide

  2. Log into your Twitch account or sign up if you lot don’t have one.

  1. Once you’ve logged in, head to your profile icon on the summit-right of the screen

  2. In your profile, click on “Channel” in the drop-down carte du jour. Doing this will take you to your personal Twitch channel.

  1. Click on the chat window that appears on the right side of your screen.

  1. In this window, type “/host aqueduct name”. For example, if you want to host a channel called Solomon, yous’d have to type “/host Solomon”.

  1. Your ain viewers volition now be able to run across the channel y’all are hosting. However, do call back that all the views on your channel volition be added to the hosted channel’s views. But the chatroom on your website volition still remain active, which tin hateful more than engagement.

1 thing that yous need to retrieve on Twitch is that the usernames have to be absolutely correct. Dissimilar other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, there’s no autofill pick on Twitch.

If you lot don’t get the username right, you won’t be able to host the channel that you intended to. Once you manage to become the channel streaming on your page, you lot tin showtime viewing their stream on your ain page as well.

When yous desire to finish the hosting, all yous demand to do is head to the conversation window and blazon “/unhost”.

From Mobiles

  1. Download the Twitch app from App Store or from the Google Play Store depending on your mobile OS.

  2. Login to your account using your username and countersign or sign upwards and create a new one if you don’t have one nevertheless.

  3. Next, head to your account past tapping on the account icon. This would announced on the upper-correct corner of the screen in Android. If you lot’re using iOS, then the business relationship icon volition bear witness upwardly on the upper-left corner of the screen.

  4. Once the account screen appears, y’all need to click on the Chat tab. This will exist the quaternary tab beneath your profile pic. On clicking it, the channel’southward chat window volition open up.

  5. In your chat tab, all you lot need to practise is type “/host channel name”. For example, if the channel name is Swiper, y’all need to type “/host Swiper”. This will start the hosting and your audience will at present exist able to see that aqueduct’south stream.

Just like the PC version, all the views will be attributed to the hosted aqueduct, the chatroom will be yours. This can help you generate engagement. Y’all’ll also be able to view the hosted channel’south stream from your page.

The mobile apps besides, don’t provide channel name suggestions or autofill them. So, y’all need to ensure that the channel names you type are accurate. Else, you won’t be able to host them.

In one case you’re done with hosting the channel, y’all tin can type “/unhost” in the chat window to cease the hosting.

Now that y’all know how to host on your Twitch business relationship, let’s have a expect at how you tin go others to host you. Doing then can assist you lot get more views and engagements as well.

How to Get Other Twitch Channels to Host You

To abound your Twitch channel even further, y’all should try to become other channels to host you likewise. Here’s how y’all can achieve it.

i. Ask Your Viewers

If you’ve got a loyal fan post-obit, you should consider reaching out to them to follow, subscribe, and host you lot. While many of your viewers may not take a lot of followers, if y’all go hosted by numerous users, you’ll be able to accomplish a larger audition. This, in turn, can help y’all amass more followers and views.

Every bit a result, you’ll be able to abound your influence on the platform with ease. All you lot need to do to get them to host you lot is to ask them to do so in a squeamish style. Information technology may help if y’all can guide them through how to host on Twitch too.

2. Create a Host List

Yet some other way of getting people to host you is by creating a host listing. This list can exist added to your Twitch layout. When you mention people who host you, others volition also get interested in getting their name on that list.

For them, this would become an opportunity to get featured on your profile and grow their reach. They may also feel that you lot’d host them in render for hosting you lot.

Final Thoughts

Hosting on Twitch is a great mode to continue your business relationship active even when y’all’re not streaming your original content. Information technology helps you leverage the content of other accounts to appoint your audience. While the other channels get the views, y’all get the engagement. This makes it a win-win situation for both.

You should also encourage your audience to host you and create host lists then that more users of the platform will be inclined to host yous. If you lot oasis’t started hosting on Twitch yet, go started now.

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