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When posting a photo or a story on Facebook, you may desire to notify the people in the photo or story that they have been mentioned. The fastest manner to notify them is to tag them, which sets off a Facebook notification to that person that they are the topic of conversation. Merely how do you tag someone on Facebook, and what do y’all do if someone tags you?

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QUICK Answer

To tag someone in a Facebook photo, open the photo full-screen and click the characterization icon in the top correct-manus corner. Click anywhere on the photo and start typing the name of the person yous wish to tag in the box that pops up. To tag someone in a text mail, click the blueish effigy icon in the
Create mail service
box and blazon the person’s proper noun.


  • How to tag someone in a Facebook post
  • How to mention someone in a Facebook post
  • How to tag someone in a Facebook photo
  • How to corroborate or turn down a Facebook tag

How to tag someone in a Facebook post

To tag someone in a Facebook post on both the desktop website and the mobile app, open the
Create post
box, and click the blueish figure icon at the bottom.

facebook new post window

A search box will open up where you tin now type the name of the person whom you wish to tag. Results update in real-fourth dimension as you type, and then yous volition probable find them after typing the first few letters of their name. The
box prioritizes your Facebook friends and followers, and those you tag virtually oft.

facebook tag people list

When you have found the person whom you wish to tag, click their name, and information technology will appear at the superlative of your post window. If you want to add more than one person, repeat the above process, and the names will appear next to i another.

facebook tag person

How to mention someone in a Facebook postal service

Another alternative is to mention someone in the body of the text in a Facebook postal service. This tin can wait and sound more than natural when relating a story or mentioning an event.

To mention someone in a post, type
@, and the userbox will pop up.

facebook mention

Select the person you wish to mention, and their name volition be inserted into the box as a clickable link.

facebook mention 2

How to tag someone in a Facebook photograph

To tag someone in a Facebook photo, open up the photo in full and click the label icon in the height right-manus corner.

facebook photo tag icon

At the lesser of the photograph, you volition now see this message. Click anywhere on the photo.

facebook photo tagging 2

A search box will now announced where yous can type to find the person you’re looking for. Once you lot have found them, select them, and their names volition appear on the picture when you mouse over information technology. Click
Finished tagging
to exit the tagging procedure.

facebook photo tagging 3

How to approve or pass up a Facebook tag

It makes sense to enable your account so you lot approve or pass up each Facebook tag before the post appears on your timeline. Otherwise, if someone tags y’all in an embarrassing photograph in a compromising position, it could cause you considerable embarrassment with your family, friends, and work colleagues.

To enable tag approvals, get here and whorl downwardly to the

facebook tagging settings

You can decide the privacy settings for tagged posts, equally well as specify that you desire to review all posts and tags you are in. Until you approve each one, they won’t appear on your Facebook page. They volition, however, appear on the Facebook page of the person who tagged you, and then you lot would have to tell them to remove your tag if the photo or postal service is as well embarrassing.

You will be notified by Facebook when at that place is a post to review. You can then select
Add to Contour
to approve it, or
to decline it.

review facebook tag


It’southward quite possible that the username of their personal profile or business folio is not what you retrieve it is. Go to their page and look at the username. Blazon the username into the tag, and it should come up. Notwithstanding, only a few results are shown in the drib-down carte du jour, so if the name is a common one, it may not appear.

A Facebook user can enable a characteristic in their account setting to manually approve or decline a tagged photo or post. If they have rejected the tagged photo or post, it will non announced on their folio. Fifty-fifty if they have canonical the tagged postal service or photograph, privacy settings may prevent it from appearing on their page.