How to take a screenshot on Mac

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Understanding and knowing how to screenshot on Mac is a rather useful skill, and ane that will come in handy at some point during your time with Apple tree’southward laptops.

Whether you need to take a quick snap of the screen to show someone a quick picture, or you’d like to capture a specific portion, then we’ve got yous covered.

Thankfully, the art of screenshotting is rather simple, whether you’re running MacOS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, or ones even farther back, every bit the keyboard shortcut for doing and then is nicely user-friendly. You tin choose to either capture the entire screen or cull which specific section you’d like to snap, and this can even be helpful to evidence you the beginnings of screen-recording, also.

Hardware used

  • 2020 xiii-Inch MacBook Pro
  • MacOS Big Sur
  • MacOS’ Congenital-In Screenshot Tool

The Brusk Version

  • Use the screenshot tool manually (Cmd+Shift+v)
  • Capture the entire screen (Cmd+Shift+3)
  • Capture a section of the screen (Cmd+Shift+iv)
  • Capture a specific window (Cmd+Shift+4+Space Bar)
  1. Step


    MacOS is an operating organization known for keeping things simple and luckily, Apple has included a user-friendly screenshot tool that you can bring upwardly past pressing the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Shift+5. If you lot’ve got a MacBook with a Bear on Bar, you can also do it from in that location.

    Doing so will bring up a menu, from which you can conveniently choose to either capture the entire screen, capture a specific window or a window. One time you select which specific option you’d like and you’ve pressed downward on information technology, the cursor will change to a camera icon, signifying y’all’re taking a screenshot. Following this, press the ‘Capture’ push, and the tool will snap your screen, and past default, information technology should exist saved to your desktop. This default salvage location can be inverse in the Options menu within the Screenshot app.

  2. Step


    Capture the entire screen – (Cmd+Shift+three)

    For capturing the entire screen with one speedy shortcut, hold downward the Control, Shift and no. iii key, and your screenshot will be saved directly to the Desktop, and exist tagged with a file name with a timestamp of the date and exact fourth dimension of the screenshot.Mac keyboard with Command, Shift and 3 highlighted

  3. Step


    Capture a section of the screen – (Cmd+Shift+iv)

    If y’all don’t desire to capture the entire screen and just a specific section, so pressing Command, Shift and the no. four key will bring up a crosshair that you lot tin can use to drag and select the portion you’d like to screenshot. If you do need to cancel and alter the selected portion, just press the Esc key, and you can and so drag boundaries to capture again.Mac keyboard with Command, Shift and 4 highlighted

  4. Step


    Capture a specific window – (Cmd+Shift+four+Space Bar)

    For simply capturing ane specific window, it’s a example of using a like shortcut to capturing a specific section. This time around, you can use Command, Shift, the No. iv primal, and the Space Bar. Holding these down will alter the cursor to a camera icon, and and so you tin and then click the window or carte y’all’d similar to capture. This will be indicated past a blue veil appearing atop the selected menu. If, for whatsoever reason, you do need to abolish and try once again, and then pressing the Esc fundamental will allow you to reselect a window.Mac keyboard with Command, Shift, 4 and spacebar highlighted


I tried the keyboard shortcuts to screenshot, just nothing happens. What tin I practice to set information technology?

To brand certain the keyboard shortcuts for screenshotting are enabled, caput into System Preferences, and then into the Keyboard section. Following this, click on the third tabular array labelled Shortcuts, and and then to the quaternary option down on the left entitled Screenshots.

If they’re enabled, you lot should encounter all the bachelor options feature blue ticks next to them. If not, be certain to tick all the boxes so that they became enabled.

I can’t take a screenshot using the Screenshot menu. Is there a workaround?

If y’all can’t take a screenshot on your Mac using the usual shortcuts, you tin can apply the Preview menu which is the default program that opens when you open up an image file. To practise so in Preview, click File, and and then go down to Take Screenshot from the drop-downwardly menu.

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