How To Tame An Alpha Raptor

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5. 2 x High-level Direwolves

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Fighting an Blastoff Raptor is no easy, that’due south why yous should always accelerate through the game earlier because this motion. Taming some Direwolves shouldn’t be that hard for a Mid-Game, especially with an Argentavis. A couple of these splendid hunters should be enough to impale even the toughest Alpha Raptor out there, only you have to develop your skills and stay alert, as a good combat dinosaur isn’t enough to take down this powerful Alpha. Direwolves are surely a tame that’south worth information technology, both for fighting raptors and making your game easier. They are swell companions, travel mounts, and even harvesters, so why not requite it a endeavor?

How information technology works:

  • Tame a couple of Direwolves. You should merely go for 135s and above.
  • Use them to assail an Alpha Raptor and remember to right-click for howl buff!
  • Enjoy a complex combat and kill the Alpha

4. Therizinosaurus

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Maybe this is not the safest fashion to win a battle against an Alpha Raptor, just it’s definitely an alternative worth considering. Despite its innocent appearance, the Theri is actually an ambitious therapod that can kill yous without hesitation. Its main advantage is harvesting insane amounts of resource, but it’s not a cloak-and-dagger that this fearless fauna is a combat specialist. It is capable of some serious impairment due to the speed of its attacks and can confuse the raptor hands. Take a chance and relish its many skills. Mayhap even kill an Alpha Raptor with it. Information technology all depends on you.

How it works:

  • Tame a mid to high-level Theri
  • Start an assault on an Alpha Raptor and be surprised by your Theri’south combat powers
  • Watch the Alpha Raptor being defeated

iii. Bleeders

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To clarify things, bleeders are tames that can bargain damage equal to a specific percentage of the target’s health. This makes them extremely useful against any Alphas, including the raptor. Some examples are the Carno, Thylacoleo (the marsupial lion), Deinonychus or the Allosaurus. All of them are dangerous predators, not like shooting fish in a barrel to tame, but worth the trouble. Depending on their level, their high melee damage and attack speed should surely be enough to kill an Blastoff Raptor fast and make clean.

How it works:

  • Tame a bleeder of your selection. All of them are amazing and possess unique qualities that volition help you lot in gainsay
  • Find an Blastoff Raptor and start the fight with confidence
  • Kill the predator and heal your tames

2. Argentavis

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The Argy is considered to be one of the best creatures of Ark. Use it to create one of the best strategies and defeat an Blastoff Raptor in no time! Take reward of the Argy by using information technology on steep terrain. Y’all will rarely be hit by any rocks and some of them will even allow to tilt its head downwardly in order to avert any damage. In this fight, knockback is your friend and experience makes the best practice! Don’t be agape to try this different approach and protect your other dinosaurs.

How it works:

  • Tame an Argentavis
  • Acquire its attacks and abilities and get an experienced rider
  • Fight against an Alpha Raptor and exist sure to win!

ane. Lure it to a corpse & shoot it from altitude

For more details about the method, bank check out this video:

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This one is a classic. While y’all may consider information technology a piffling boring, and non the most exciting mode to kill an Alpha Raptor, it actually is the most uncomplicated and efficient one. Therefore, if yous are looking for results rather than an incredible fight, this method is perfect. Kill a dinosaur to lure the blastoff to the corpse. An important step is checking there are no distractions and no carnivores around. If you want this strategy to work, you’ll demand agility and precision. Run fast and be sure to have your all-time firearm at y’all. While the raptor is enjoying its repast, shoot from a safe distance. This will make him an piece of cake target.

How it works:

  • Craft a firearm and load information technology
  • Kill a fauna and let the corpse out there if an Blastoff Raptor is around
  • Search for a safe place and shoot the raptor. Aim for the head to get x3 damage

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