How To Tame Sharks In Fortnite

Fortnite Sharks explained: How to ride Loot Sharks and find Loot Shark locations

Everything you demand to know virtually the Season 3 loot source / vehicle / threat.

Fortnite Sharks
are one of many new additions to for Flavour three.

Known officially every bit
Loot Sharks, these are creatures with many purposes. Role loot source, part vehicle and part threat, they are hard to find and pin down.

Unsurprisingly, they are the subject area of challenges, so learning how best to find them and grab them volition come in handy.

Notation this item challenge
is no longer able to exist completed. What’s new? Chapter 3 Season 3 has arrived! New additions include Reality Seeds and Saplings and riding animals, along with the new Battle Pass, characters collection and map changes. Information technology’s a proficient idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

On this page:

  • Where to find Loot Sharks in Fortnite
  • How to defeat a Loot Shark in Fortnite
  • How to ride Sharks in Fortnite
  • Where to find Loot Sharks in a location – such equally Sweaty Sands Sharks – in Fortnite

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Where to find Loot Sharks in Fortnite

Sharks – perhaps unsurprisingly – appear within the water areas of Fortnite, simply are harder to find than you lot remember. With the Season 3 map comprising mostly of water, y’all’d expect them to be everywhere – but sharks announced to be rare spawns.

Thankfully, you’ll know when you run across 1, with a telltale fin sticking out of the water. This isn’t to be confused with the splashing of fishes or the new addition of whirlpools – especially as sharks will move at quite a pace.

If you are struggling, endeavour sticking to some of the more than isle-like locations – The Fortilla for example – where, anecdotally, we found more of. We also found more in ‘standard’ Battle Royale modes every bit opposed to Team Rumble, though that might have been luck on our part.

Alternatively, not-player characters on the map – such every bit Henchmen – will fire at sharks on sight. This is useful as y’all’ll see the shark’s health bar from a altitude, saving you some trouble finding them – and helping yous lower their wellness at the same time.

How to defeat a Boodle Shark in Fortnite

Boodle Sharks tin can be defeated for loot, but take a lot of damage before giving their spoils up. You’ll demand plenty of ammo and a proficient vantage point without any other players getting in the way.

Non only should yous stay out of the water, but even on land you need to go on an eye on their position. Sharks will regularly leap out of the bounding main at you lot, thrash effectually on the shore or pier and damage you, before returning back to the h2o once more.


A head-on attack can reduce your wellness significantly, and then you always desire to watch where they are.

…and Afterward. A 50 point health reduction. Ouch!

They can also destroy some buildings, so you lot won’t even exist safe indoors.

Once defeated, they’ll leave loot backside. This tin include some of the more rarer weapon types in the game.

If you need new weapons or ammo mid-fight, the expert news is they are fairly relentless, so you won’t lose them hands.

This is particularly useful if you lot are looking for a line-fishing rod…

How to ride Sharks in Fortnite

Once yous take found a Shark, information technology’s possible to ride it by using a Fishing Rod.

You’ll detect Angling Rods every bit an uncommon drop in Chests, and also in barrels at the finish of some piers at the edges of locations.

Once you have one, throw out a line at the Shark.

Information technology should take hold of it presently enough, and once done, you’ll ride it as if it was a jetski.

Y’all are in full control of a Shark when riding it – allowing y’all to boost, jump and move in whichever direction y’all like. You lot can fifty-fifty aim and fire your weapon past zooming in.

In that location are much easier vehicles to find in Fortnite, so consider this a nifty Easter Egg rather than a recommended strategy. That said, it can come in useful for some types of challenges…

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Where to find Loot Sharks in a location – such every bit Sweaty Sands Sharks – in Fortnite

If you are really struggling to observe a Shark in a detail location for a claiming – such as Week one’s ‘Damage Loot Sharks at Sweaty Sands’ – then the skilful news is you technically don’t accept to notice the shark
at that location
to begin with.

With the ability to ride a Shark, y’all tin can and so move it to another place on the map.

For example, nosotros found two Sharks within The Fortilla during a match, and had fourth dimension to ride one n to Sweaty Sands, release it and so fire upon it for the claiming.

This won’t exist possible everywhere due to the layout of the map and where the circle will end upward, but if you’re struggling to complete this (or other Shark-related challenges) and so information technology might be worth ignoring the intended location, doing other things, and if yous manage to find a Shark on your travels and have the fourth dimension to ride it, know you can complete it that way.

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