How To Text A Blocked Number

Texting through iMessages is a popular ways of advice as it allows iPhone users to stay in touch without necessarily needing to meet in person. Merely afterwards a misunderstanding, someone might make up one’s mind to cake y’all on your iPhone. They will no longer receive your texts when this happens, and there’ll be no more than communication until they unblock yous.

Later discovering someone has blocked you, at that place are a few like shooting fish in a barrel tricks you tin follow to bypass this issue. This way, you can still communicate with them and try to resolve whatever issue that might have led to this point.

This guide will too cover how to figure out if someone has blocked you on their iPhone.

  1. How Tin You Text Someone Who’s Blocked You on iPhone’s iMessage?
  2. How Exercise You Know if Yous’ve Been Blocked on an iPhone?

    • You Get an Automatic Message
    • Your Message Doesn’t Go Delivered
    • You Get the “iMessage Not Delivered” Error
    • Summary
    • Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Text Someone Who’s Blocked You on iPhone’southward iMessage?

If someone has blocked you on iMessage, information technology’s impossible to bypass because the platform obstructs your email address or contact. Consequently, your text gets discreetly discarded on the recipient’s iPhone.

Because iMessage blocking happens on the user terminate, you can’t featherbed it. However, y’all tin can withal ship a text to someone who’south blocked you lot on an iPhone by changing your caller ID. And to exercise that, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Open up the
    on your iPhone.
  2. Get to
  3. Click on “Ship and Receive.”
  4. Locate the “Y’all tin be reached by iMessage at” option and click on it.
  5. Click on “Add some other email”
    and enter your new email address.
  6. Ostend
    your email as shortly every bit possible.
  7. Click on “Start New Conversations”
    after confirming your
    e-mail accost.

This trick will enable you to
text the blocked number through iMessage
because it’south your previous email accost that was blocked and non this newly confirmed e-mail.

How Exercise You Know if You’ve Been Blocked on an iPhone?

Before you even start trying to text someone who has blocked you on your iPhone, information technology’s best outset to find out whether you’ve been blocked in the first place considering you don’t normally get notified when someone blocks you lot.

Hither are the dissimilar means you tin can find out whether or not you’ve been blocked on an iPhone:

You Get an Automatic Message

If you’ve sent someone a text and subsequently received an
automated response,
don’t worry, you’re non blocked. Automated responses can but be generated for numbers that
oasis’t been blocked
on a person’due south iPhone.

However, y’all should be concerned if you don’t get an automated response which commonly means a person has switched on the
Not Disturb

Your Message Doesn’t Become Delivered

One thing to check for is whether or non your message has been delivered. If, after sending the bulletin, information technology doesn’t evidence “Delivered”
below the text chimera, the recipient may accept blocked you. This means you also tin can’t see the “Read Receipts”
that pop up in your bulletin thread.

However, information technology’s important to bank check that the delivery notice isn’t switched off by default, in which example, you wouldn’t be able to see the small gray “Delivered”

You Get the “iMessage Not Delivered” Error

Another mode to know that someone has blocked you lot is if you get an
“iMessage Not Delivered”
error below the text bubble. When this happens,
enable SMS texts
on your iPhone. That will prompt your device to try and use your cellular data to transport a text bulletin.

You can also
retry sending the text manually
rather than through iMessage. If you however tin can’t send a text, information technology is a articulate indication you’ve been blocked.


In today’s technologically driven world, communicating is easier than ever. However, you can too restrict sure people from contacting you from their iPhones by merely pressing 1 or 2 buttons.

When someone does this to you, it becomes impossible to attain out to them. Simply afterwards reading this guide, you lot accept a helpful trick on how to dodge this and still send them a bulletin through your iPhone. Yous’re also aware of the signs to expect out for to know if someone has indeed blocked y’all on their iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they aren’t, and the person can still reach out to y’all through third-party apps because they aren’t usually affected. Therefore, you’ll likewise need to block them on the third-party app, or they’ll be able to contact y’all using those communication platforms.

Yes, yous can still text someone after they’ve blocked you on their iPhone. However, they won’t receive your text bulletin on their phone. Instead, all your texts volition be sent to their iCloud account.