Since its release in 2015, the Apple Pencil has made the stylus sexy once again. Non merely is information technology a bang-up tool for digital artists and designers, merely it has as well helped ordinary users have notes like never before. Withal, at that place is i universal problem that many Apple tree Pencil users face—they continue losing it.

There Are Several Ways to Find Your Lost Apple Pencil

With its Bluetooth-enabled blueprint, the Apple Pencil gives you unobstructed capabilities to write and depict in whatever fashion you want. However, its wireless nature does go far easier for users to lose information technology.

Many Apple Pencil 1 and 2 owners have wondered if you can track the Apple Pencil with Apple’s Discover My app. Unfortunately, while you lot tin can employ Apple’s Find My app to find most Apple devices, this feature doesn’t work with the Apple Pencil.

And then until Apple tree adds that capability, here are a few alternative methods you can use to find a lost Apple Pencil instead.

i. Use Your iPad’southward Bluetooth Connectivity

To bank check if your Apple Pencil is nearby, get to
Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices
on your iPad. If your Apple Pencil appears equally
Continued, you know that it must be within thirty feet, since that is the range of Bluetooth.

Behave in mind that the Bluetooth range significantly reduces depending on the materials in between your devices. For example, thick walls, floors, or even furniture tin can bear upon how well your Apple Pencil connects.

With this, nosotros know that if your Apple Pencil is connected, information technology is probably a lot closer than 30 feet.

2. Download the Bluetooth Finder App

The Bluetooth Finder app tin help you discover your Apple Pencil past connecting to its wireless signature. Accept note that using the Bluetooth Finder app will but piece of work when the Apple Pencil is charged and awake.

Bluetooth Finder App

To notice your Apple Pencil using this method, open up the Bluetooth Finder app and select Apple Pencil from the list of previously paired devices.

The Bluetooth Finder app will and so show you a radar with the signal forcefulness and estimated altitude from the device. When the app shows a distance of less than 0.five meters (two feet), your Apple Pencil should be pretty nearby.

Bluetooth Finder ($4.99)

3. Retrace Your Steps

Retrace your steps by remembering exactly where you lot last had your Apple Pencil on manus. Review your recent files on your iPad, such as documents signed, drawings, or notes for any clues such as timestamps or location details.

Apple Pencil in Car

For those who take their Apple Pencil to the part, check the areas surrounding your workstation, such as under the table, behind the monitor, or within pedestals. Y’all may too desire to bank check with your office’s lost and found section, in case anyone tried to render it.

4. Nudge Things Around

If your Apple Pencil has been missing for a while, it may have fallen asleep. When an Apple Pencil is asleep, you tin’t connect to information technology over Bluetooth, fifty-fifty if it’s charged upwardly. A quick tip to go far easier to find your Apple Pencil is to attempt to nudge the device to wake it up.

Past shaking your handbag, flipping couch cushions, or rummaging through desk drawers, you may exist able to nudge your buried Apple tree Pencil and wake information technology upwards. If you suspect that you have lost your Apple Pencil in your motorcar, driving around may actuate it too.

How to Prevent Losing Your Apple Pencil

While losing an Apple Pencil tin sometimes exist a affair of bad luck, hither are a few steps that you can take to help avoid information technology happening again.

Always Keep Your Apple Pencil Charged

Have note that while information technology’s possible to locate your Apple Pencil using Bluetooth, the methods discussed above only work if your Apple Pencil is charged. For first-generation Apple Pencil users, you tin can accuse it past removing the cap and connecting it to the Lightning port on your iPad.

If you ain a second-generation Apple Pencil, you can charge it but by placing it on the magnetic charging point on the side of your iPad, provided y’all’ve got a compatible iPad.

apple pencil 2 charging on iPad

Since Apple Pencils are designed to run continuously on standby, their batteries need to be regularly charged to role properly. If lost and left uncharged for several weeks, it may cause the battery to fail and no longer be able to turn on.

If your Apple tree Pencil is even so under the AppleCare warranty, you may be able to get a replacement. Apple doesn’t supervene upon or repair Apple tree Pencil batteries.

Personalize Your Apple tree Pencil

For many blueprint studios or offices, multiple Apple Pencils may exist lying around at whatsoever given fourth dimension. Personalizing your Apple Pencil is a slap-up way to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Apple Engraving

I way of personalizing your Apple Pencil is to engrave it for free upon purchase at the online Apple store. Should you lot lose your engraved Apple Pencil while working in a café or co-working space, prospective thieves are less likely to steal it as it volition accept lower resale value.

If you prefer to keep your Apple Pencil without an engraving, yous may also modify your Apple tree Pencil by using stickers, wraps, or protective cases.

Apple Pencil Wrap

Adhere a GPS Tracker

With GPS trackers becoming increasingly mutual, y’all can attach a GPS tracker to your Apple tree Pencil to avoid loss or theft. Some new forms of GPS trackers come in the form of stickers or keychains that are light to avoid ruining the writing and cartoon experience.

GPS trackers will work fifty-fifty if your Apple Pencil runs out of battery or falls asleep.

Leave Your Apple Pencil 2 Attached to Your iPad

Dissimilar the Apple Pencil one, the Apple tree Pencil two has magnetic backdrop that lets information technology stay attached to a compatible iPad. In addition, the Apple Pencil 2 can likewise charge while attached.

iPad Pro With Apple Pencil

Knowing this, in that location’s no reason why yous should leave your Apple Pencil 2 anywhere else when you’re not using it. By ever keeping it attached to your iPad, yous can hands avoid losing your Apple Pencil 2.

Give Your Apple tree Pencil a Home

A tried-and-tested way to avoid misplacing loose items of any kind is to give them a home. When it comes to organizing our workspaces, having a dedicated spot for storing important items like your Apple tree Pencil keeps them from getting lost.

Apple Pencil Stand

From special pencil cases, to charging blocks, to pencil stands, there are many ways to store your Apple Pencil so that you always know where to observe it when you need it.

Continue Your Apple tree Pencil Safe

Losing your Apple Pencil can be a stressful experience. However, it is completely preventable if you lot accept the right steps.

Personalize your Apple Pencil with Apple’due south complimentary engraving selection, attach sticker wraps, or utilise protective cases to avert mix-ups at dwelling house or in the role. Save yourself the anxiety of misplacing your Apple Pencil by always keeping information technology charged or purchasing a proper GPS tracker that can work even the device is asleep.

Thankfully, your iPad is well equipped to assistance you find your Apple tree Pencil if you practise lose it, whether it’southward using the built-in Bluetooth function or third-party apps to do so.