How to Transfer Media Files from iPhone/iPad to Computer Without iTunes or iCloud with WinX MediaTrans

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Apple has already retired iTunes on Mac. Even so, on Windows, you still need to rely on it to fill-in, update, and access media files on iPhone. Especially, the media transfer process from iPhone and iPad to a reckoner with iTunes leaves a lot to be desired. It’southward boring, unintuitive, and the failure rate is higher than usual. Read along to larn how to transfer media files from iPhone or iPad to a Windows figurer without using iTunes or iCloud.

I can always argue in favor of using iCloud or any other deject storage service to transfer files considering it helps avoid the hassle of dealing with data cables and iTunes, simply cloud-based options come up with their ain set of problems. For instance, you need to be working on a high-speed internet connection when transferring large media files. Besides, you lot need to subscribe to iCloud or Google One plans to shop a big amount of information. Non to mention, cloud solutions are fraught with inherent security risks.

So, in theory, both iTunes and iCloud are not ideal for transferring files from iPhone or iPad to a estimator. Enter WinX MediaTrans, a third-party culling. It hands tops our recommendation chart amid other similar services. Here’s why.

What Is WinX and Why Should You Download It?

WinX MediaTrans can be your go-to iTunes replacement on Windows ten or Windows 11. You lot no longer need to deal with sluggish iTunes on your computer when transferring media files.

The service isn’t express to transferring just media files. Yous can convert unsupported video and music files to an iOS-compatible format. Exercise you want to create a ringtone for your iPhone? WinX has covered y’all on that forepart equally well.

The software is perfectly uniform with iOS fifteen and iPadOS 15. You tin can even manage/create music playlists and edit artists or album information.

Let’southward have a look at all the WinX MediaTrans features.

WinX MediaTrans Functions

  • Flawless media transfer
  • Media backup
  • Password-protect media files with encryption
  • Video converter
  • Utilise iPhone/iPad storage as USB drive
  • Create ringtones and manage voice notes
  • Music manager

Transfer Media Files from iPhone/iPad to Computer

Download WinX MediaTrans from the link below.

➤ Get WinX MediaTrans

winx install

Install the software on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC. For a successful connection, endeavour to use the original Apple-provided USB cable.

connect iPhone

Click on the
Photo Transfer
option on WinX MediaTrans, and you will run across all photos and videos on your iPhone categorized by day, month, or year.

Select photos that you lot want to sync with the PC and click on the
pick at the top.

export iPhone photos

Here are a couple of advantages of using WinX MediaTrans compared to other software on your reckoner.

  • WinX MediaTrans offers blazing-fast transfer speeds. No affair how many photos you are trying to transfer from iPhone/iPad to PC, the software volition get the job done in a couple of minutes. According to WinX, initial tests show the software transferring 100 high-resolution photos in but 8 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it?
  • No affair which image format y’all are trying to transfer, WinX makes sure that the quality of the original photo stays intact. The app can easily transfer Night Style pictures, Ultra-Broad shots, Telephoto images, Smart HDR, and Deep Fusion.

Music Transfer

Every bit nosotros mentioned before, WinX isn’t limited to transferring photos or videos. Yous tin can use the
Add Music
option to browse and select songs on your calculator or direct drag the music file to the software. Information technology can auto-find and convert the music in formats like FLAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, etc., to Apple-friendly MP3/AAC.

At any bespeak, you lot can edit music information like Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Year, etc. Don’t forget to use the Sync button to go along the changes synchronized.

Encrypt Files

WinX MediaTrans also features the ability to encrypt files before transferring them. It allows yous to password protect photos and videos on the hard disc with unbreakable encryption. You lot can utilise the
Consign with Encryption
option to safeguard your private photos exported from iPhone to PC with a password.

Pricing and Availability

WinX MediaTrans is bachelor on both Windows and Mac. The pricing starts at $24.95 for a three-calendar month subscription. For $half dozen more, and you can enjoy WinX for one year. If y’all want lifetime access, be prepared to vanquish out $144.95.

The company is offer a 63% discount to users. Avail it hither for Windows and and Mac, now you tin can go the copy to start transferring files.

If you lot struggle with media transfer from iPhone/iPad to your computer with iTunes, WinX tin can be your ideal companion to get the chore done. Exercise give information technology a endeavor and share your experience in the comments beneath.


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