How to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music on an iPhone

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Spotify recently found itself caught in a controversy effectually misinformation being broadcast during the Spotify-sectional Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Whether you’re Team Neil or are simply looking for a change, here’south how to transfer your Spotify playlists over to Apple Music on an iPhone.

While Spotify and Apple Music are priced quite similarly at £9.99/month for individuals and with only a few pounds between the ii when it comes to family and student plans, Apple Music has the benefit of being part of Apple’s One subscription programme.

Apple tree One allows you to get Apple Music, Apple Television set Plus, Apple Arcade and iCloud Plus all wrapped upwardly in one plan for just £fourteen.95/month, or with Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus for £29.95/calendar month, for a saving of £7.l to £22/month depending on which tier you opt for.

This is simply 1 more reason you may exist tempted to jump ship from Spotify and head over to Apple Music.

Whatever your alibi, here’due south how to transfer your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music without having to enter the tracks again manually, one-by-i.

Like shooting fish in a barrel ways to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music

The easiest manner to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music on your iPhone is through the app, SongShift.

  1. Footstep


    Download SongShift

    Head over to the App Shop on your device and search for the SongShift app. One time you lot’ve found the app, striking the Get button.

  2. Step


    Tap Spotify

    Once the app is downloaded and open, tap Spotify and follow the instructions onscreen to sign in.
    songshift step 2

  3. Step


    Tap Apple Music

    Next, tap Apple Music and one time again follow the instructions onscreen to sign in.songshift step 3

  4. Step


    Confirm your connections

    Once both your Spotify and Apple tree Music accounts are connected, tap Continue to exist taken to the next step.
    songshift step 4

  5. Stride


    Go Started

    Striking the Become Started button to begin the process of transferring across your playlists.songshift step 5

  6. Pace

    half dozen

    Sign In

    Tap the plus sign in the meridian right corner.songshift step 6

  7. Step



    Tap Setup Source in the menu that appears.
    songshift step 7

  8. Step


    Select Playlist and Spotify

    This where you select where yous desire to take the content from, so select Playlist and Spotify.
    songshift step 8

  9. Step


    Go along

    Tap the Continue button to move onto the next step.
    songshift step 8

  10. Stride


    Select a playlist

    At present it’s time to cull the playlist you want to move over, so select the one you wish to move from Spotify to Apple tree Music.
    songshift step 9

  11. Stride


    Tap Done

    Once the playlist is called, hit the Done button to move to the next pace.songshift step 9

  12. Pace


    Create a new Playlist

    Tap Create new playlist and choose your destination playlist, Apple Music
    songshift step 11

  13. Step



    Tap Continue to motion onto the next step.songshift step 11

  14. Pace


    Nearly in that location

    Tap I’m Finished to transfer your Playlist to Apple Music.songshift step 10

You tin can likewise transfer your playlists using Soundiiz if you’d prefer to exercise it on your PC in a browser window.

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How to transfer your playlists using Soundiiz:

This method is for if yous’re using a PC or Mac to move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

  1. Visit
  2. Click Start now
  3. Click Sign in with Spotify and follow the instructions onscreen to sign in
  4. Click on the Apple Music logo on the left side of the screen
  5. Follow the instructions onscreen to sign into Apple Music
  6. Click Transfer
  7. Click Playlists
  8. Select Spotify equally your source platform
  9. Select the playlist your want to transfer
  10. Click Transfer
  11. Name your playlist
  12. Click Relieve configuration
  13. Select the tracks you desire to transfer
  14. Click Confirm
  15. Select Apple Music as the destination
  16. The playlist should automatically transfer over to your Apple Music library


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