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How To Turn Off Floating Keyboard

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How to Enable or Disable the Bear on Keyboard on Windows xi? [Partition Magic]

Impact keyboard helps in various situations. If yous are planning to use it, you should not miss this post from MiniTool Partition Wizard, which introduces how to enable the touch keyboard on Windows 11 as well as disable it easily.

A touch on keyboard is normally used every bit the replacement for a physically external keyboard. It is a squeamish selection when your physical keyboard doesn’t work or if you are using a touchscreen figurer. With a touch keyboard, y’all can type by clicking via a mouse. If your computer supports a touchscreen, you tin can just type with your fingers, which is absurd and convenient.

In the following content, you tin can learn how to enable or disable the impact keyboard on Windows 11, the latest operating organisation provided past Microsoft.

How to Enable the Touch Keyboard on Windows eleven

To enable the touch on keyboard on Windows 11, you lot need to visit the Windows 11 Settings. Here are the detailed steps.

Step ane: Press
to open the Windows 11

Pace two: In the left pane, select the
tab. In the right pane, click
Taskbar corner icons.

Step 3: Then find the
Touch keyboard
option and turn it on.

Turn on Touch keyboard

Later on you enable the touch keyboard on Windows 11 Settings, you can see the keyboard icon in the taskbar. Click the icon and then you tin beginning to use Windows 11 bear upon keyboard.

click the touch keyboard icon

Windows 11 touch keyboard allows you lot to custom its colour, size, theme, key size, and background. You tin can go to Settings and configure them co-ordinate to your needs.

In addition to the touch keyboard, Windows xi besides provides an on-screen keyboard. You can besides use the on-screen keyboard to blazon. It is quite similar to the bear on keyboard, only has a dissimilar watch and layout. Both of them are easy to use and you tin can cull one according to your preferences. Hither is how to enable Windows xi on-screen keyboard.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 Settings.

Footstep 2: In the left pane, select
Accessibility. In the right pane, scroll downward and select

Step 3: On the following folio, toggle on the option “On-screen keyboard”. Then Windows 11 on-screen keyboard will pop up, as the following flick shows.

Tip: Y’all can too press
to turn on the on-screen keyboard quickly.

Windows 11 on-screen keyboard

How to Disable the Bear upon Keyboard on Windows 11

When you don’t need the Windows 11 touch on keyboard, you can click the Ten button to exit. If you want to hide the touch keyboard icon in the taskbar, y’all can disable the bear upon keyboard.

How to disable the touch keyboard on Windows 11? Yous simply need to right-click the taskbar and select
Taskbar settings. Then toggle the
Touch keyboard
choice off.

taskbar settings

To disable the Windows eleven on-screen keyboard, y’all but need to press the keyboard shortcut
once again.

Now, it’s your turn to enable your Windows 11 touch keyboard and experience this absurd keyboard on the screen.