How To Turn Off Oneplus Nord

On older OnePlus devices and nearly other Android phones, one could simply turn off the earphone by holding down the exponent push button. even so, this has changed on newer OnePlus smartphones including OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8T/8 Pro, OnePlus nine/ix Pro, and OnePlus 9R. immediately when you long-press the might release, Google Banana launches by nonpayment rather of the ability menu .
fortunately, OxygenOS on OnePlus phones offers a set to change the default function of the power identify. This manner you remove Google Assistant from the power button in OnePlus Nord and other devices. At the like prison term, you can likewise use a combination of hardware buttons to switch off OnePlus Nord .
To ease this, here ’ s a quick steer to plough off OnePlus Nord running OxygenOS based on Android xi. In addition, we will see how you can power off your OnePlus Nord call without the office push button.

How to turn off OnePlus Nord

Method 1 – Using concrete buttons

Use this method if you don ’ thyroxine want to alter the default behavior of the might button and prefer to entree Google ’ mho Voice Assistant like before .

  1. Press and concur the
    Power button
    Volume Up
    button simultaneously until you run into the ability carte du jour on the screen.
  2. Select the “Power off” option.
    power menu on OnePlus

To turn on the OnePlus Nord, evidently press and hold the might clitoris on the right side of the earphone .
To reboot or restart OnePlus Nord, equitable follow the above steps and tap the “ Restart ” release alternatively of Power off .

Method two – Using power push button

In OxygenOS, you can remap the power fundamental if yous rarely use Google Assistant or don ’ triiodothyronine prefer using the combination of earth power and volume buttons to turn off or restart the device .
To disable Google Assistant later on pressing the might release in OnePlus Nord, follow the steps below .

  1. Go to Settings > Buttons & Gestures.
  2. Tap “Press and agree the power button”.
    change power key function on OnePlus
  3. Select the “Power Carte du jour” option instead of Vox Assistant.
    disable google assistant in power button on OnePlus Nord

That ’ south it. Yous will now meet the ability off and restart options when you hold down the power clitoris.

Method 3 – Without ability button

This method comes in handy in shell your ability push button is cleaved or not working. In such an case, y’all tin use the virtual shortcut to switch off your OnePlus phone call without a exponent push and book clitoris .
To practise and then, principal to Settings > Organisation. Tap the “
Power Off
” option at the bottom of the screen .
how to switch off OnePlus Nord without using power button

: Older OnePlus phones running on Android 10 don ’ t have the Power Off setting on the Organization folio. such users can utilize the under workaround rather .
Alternate way
– Go to Settings > Utilities >
Scheduled power on/off. Turn on the toggle switch push button next to Power off. then fix a prison term to automatically switch off your OnePlus Nord. A popup with a inaugural timekeeper will appear on the sieve at the chosen clock, tap OK to shut down the device immediately.

How to forcefulness restart OnePlus Nord

There are times when your OnePlus Nord might get stuck in a kicking loop, becomes unresponsive, or has a freeze screen door. In such a beat out, a normal boot might non help. To fix this trouble, you can try a storm restart and bring your device back to the normal condition .
To strength boot OnePlus Nord, long-press the Power push button and volume Upwardly clitoris for
10 seconds. The telephone volition shut down. then press the ability button to plough on the device once again .