How to turn on WPA2 on your router

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Insecure wireless networks are a threat to us all, with hackers more likely to get on your home network if it’due south not secured properly. One of the best things that yous can do is make certain that you’re using the all-time encryption standard possible for your router.

Top of the list is WPA3, although that has but just started to be rolled out on the latest routers; for almost of u.s.a., WPA2 is the encryption standard that we want to utilize, rather than the older WPA standard.


WPA2 is more avant-garde because it uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption rather than WPA’south TKIP (Temporal Central Integrity Protocol). TKIP is no longer considered secure, every bit it’due south adequately trivial to hack using mod computers. AES is much harder to scissure and the encryption is used across wireless networks, demonstrating how powerful it really is.

In that location are ii downsides to WPA2. First, it needs more processing power to work, and so older routers, access points won’t have this option. In this case, information technology’s probably fourth dimension to upgrade to a new router.

Secondly, very old devices may not back up WPA2, so may not be able to connect to your wireless network. Don’t worry, there’s a potential workaround, although you lot should also consider upgrading the oldest devices that you have.

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Connect to your router’s spider web interface

Turning on WPA2 is piece of cake and, in fact, with a modern router or mesh system, information technology should exist turned on automatically. Even so, information technology doesn’t hurt to check. To run into if you have WPA2 turned on (or to enable it), you need to connect to your router’s web-based management page.

It’s worth checking your router’due south manual to come across how to do this. Some routers have a special login address. For instance, for Netgear Orbi mesh systems, yous can type into a browser, although it doesn’t always work.

All routers will work if you type in their IP address (, for case). If you don’t know your router’south accost, it’s the Gateway address that you can see if y’all view the properties of your internet connection. In Windows 10 and xi, for example, if you get to Network Connections, right-click your connexion, select Status and and then click Details, yous tin see the Gateway accost listed.

Windows IP address details

Enable WPA2 settings

All routers are slightly different, merely yous can unremarkably observe the encryption settings under the standard wireless settings. For example, with the Orbi RBK852, you only click Wireless, and you tin choose your Security Options. WPA2-PSK [AES] is the choice that y’all want; note that WPA3-Personal [SAE] is also bachelor, although this newer standard isn’t that well supported. It’s similar for the BT Smart Hub ii. Save your settings and your router will now default to the more secure setting.

Enable WPA2

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How to employ devices that don’t like WPA2

If you take a device that won’t connect after you’ve enabled WPA2, you tin get around this if you’ve got a Guest network choice on your router. If y’all enable the guest network, you can, on most routers, choose a different level of encryption. For example, with Orbi systems, the guest network can be gear up to run WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES]. Here, the maximum encryption supported by a client will be used automatically.

Edit guest network settings

Guest networks are separated from the main network, as a security precaution. That tin can cause some problems. For instance, you may not be able to see an old TV on your domicile network if you’ve connected the television to the invitee network. Ultimately, upgrading your former devices is the best option.


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