How To Turn Siri Volume Up

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Are you lot using the HomePod or HomePod Mini and wondering how to change Siri’south volume? Yous may have used the book controls on the HomePod only to realize that it doesn’t affect Siri’s volume at all. Non to worry, we’ll show you lot how you can alter Siri’s speaker volume on HomePod.

Smart speakers are a relatively new breed of devices and a lot of newcomers may have trouble making utilise of them properly. Y’all might think that changing the volume of a device might be a lightheaded topic, just some users get confused when pressing the volume buttons on your HomePod or HomePod Mini adjusts the media volume, but non Siri’due south book. If you’re wondering how to figure this out, we’re here to help.

How to Change Siri Volume on HomePod & HomePod mini

There are 2 ways to adjust the volume of Siri on your HomePod. Yous can either apply vocalization commands or utilise the volume buttons at a specific time. Hither’s what you need to do:

  1. Pressing the volume buttons located at the top of the HomePod would usually adjust the media book, but if y’all press these buttons when Siri is actively speaking, it adjusts Siri’s volume instead. It’s that simple.

  2. Alternatively, yous can ask Siri to raise her vocalisation. You can outset off with the voice command “Hey Siri, increase your volume to 100%.” or say “Hey Siri, speak at 50%.”
  3. If yous’re trying to increase the volume to the maximum limit, Siri would ask for your confirmation by responding “Speak at 100%. Are you sure?”. At this point, you lot simply need to say “Yes”.

There you go. Now, y’all know how to tweak Siri’s volume on your HomePod.

By default, both the HomePod and HomePod Mini are designed to automatically suit the volume level depending on the ambient noise level in the room.

Yous can bank check Siri’s current speaking volume by merely asking “Hey Siri, what’s your speaking book?”. You’ll get a response similar to “I’k currently at 64%”.

It’s worth noting that as per multiple reports from HomePod users, Siri’s volume doesn’t consistently stay at the level yous gear up using the voice command or using the book buttons. This happens anywhere from minutes to hours after using the control. This could be a problems or information technology could be that it’s but adjusting to ambience sounds, just regardless at that place’s no gear up just still, but presumably this is something Apple tree volition accost in a hereafter software update. So if you’re wondering why Siri on HomePod volume is irresolute on it’s own. well, that could exist why.

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We promise you were able to adjust Siri’due south volume according to your liking and brand sure your HomePod is loud enough. Have some other arroyo for achieving the same thing? Have any advice or relevant info for adjusting your HomePod smart assistant volume? Share your experiences in the comments!