How to uninstall Avast Antivirus

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On Windows ten and xi, antivirus software can exist uninstalled much like any other program, only at that place are a few extra steps and precautions to assist keep your PC safety.

In the modern Windows era, dedicated uninstallation tools are largely a thing of the by. Then to uninstall Avast Gratuitous Antivirus or Avast Premium Security on Windows 10 or Windows eleven, you’ll commonly just demand to use the Add/Remove Programs interface.

However, like about real-fourth dimension antivirus software, Avast, also as Windows, will double-cheque to make certain that information technology’s really y’all who issued the uninstall command. This is because some malware tried to disable or remove whatever antivirus software it finds, so as to meliorate become a foothold on your arrangement.

In case you’re switching to a different antivirus suite, Avast also offers a Passive Mode, which tin can also exist enabled via its settings. This hands dorsum system-wide real-time malware defence to Microsoft Defender (or a 3rd-party suite, should you install one), just keeps Avast around as an exclusive on-demand malware scanner so yous have an extra detection engine to check suspicious files with.

And just in example anything goes wrong, Avast provides avastclear, an emergency tool that can fully remove the remnant of failed or unresponsive uninstallations of Avast.

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What we used

  • Any Windows ten or 11 computer with Avast installed

The Curt version

  1. Open the Windows Settings menu
  2. Go to Apps & features
  3. Search for Avast
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. Confirm uninstallation
  6. Ostend with User Account Command
  7. Uninstall (or enable passive fashion)
  8. Ostend with Avast
  9. Skip (or fill) the survey
  10. Reboot
  11. Make sure Microsoft Defender has taken over
  1. Step


    Open the outset menu and click Windows' settings

  2. Step


    Go to Apps & features

    Scroll down and select Apps.Select App from the Settings screen

  3. Step


    Search for Avast

    In the Apps & features search bar, type Avast. Multiple Avast products may announced if you take more than than 1 installed.Search for Avast in Apps

  4. Pace


    Click Uninstall

    Find the product y’all wish to remove – Avast Free Antivirus in my case, and click the Uninstall button below uninstall

  5. Step


    Ostend uninstallation

    A small popular-up will inform you that “This app and its related info will be uninstalled.” Click Uninstall in the pop-upconfirm that you wish to uninstall in settings

  6. Step

    half dozen

    Ostend with User Account Control

    User Account Control (UAC), which helps to protect yous from software that tries to make unwanted changes to your system, will inquire you to confirm that you lot wish to permit the Avast Antivirus Uninstaller to make changes to your advice. Click Aye.Confirm uninstallation with User Account Control

  7. Stride


    Uninstall (or enable passive manner)

    Avast’s uninstaller will at present open. Click the Uninstall push button to remove Avast. Y’all can alternatively switch Avast to Passive Mode, which will put Microsoft Defender dorsum in charge of real-time malware defense, but continue Avast installed for on-demand scanning.Choose to uninstall Avast or put it in passive mode

  8. Stride


    Confirm with Avast

    Avast’s malware defences are sensitive to uninstallation attempts, equally some viruses endeavor to remove any antivirus software you have installed. We’re doing this for existent, though, so click Aye here. If you don’t do then within 60 seconds, you’ll be taken back to the Avast uninstaller.confirm to Avast that you wish to uninstall it

  9. Step


    Skip (or fill up in) the survey

    Avast will now remove itself and prompt yous to make full in an uninstallation survey. Experience free to click Skip the survey in small print at the lesser. You can’t cancel uninstallation at this point.The Avast uninstallation survey is optional

  10. Step



    The uninstaller volition notify you lot when it’southward finished. Click Restart computer to reboot and complete file removal.Restart your computer

  11. Step


    Make sure Microsoft Defender has taken over

    The final step in antivirus installation on Windows is to ensure that y’all’re now protected by the Os’s built-in defences. Blazon Windows Security into the search box on the taskbar, click on the Windows Security app, then the Virus & threat protection tab. Your Virus & threat protection settings should say “No action needed”.Check that Microsoft Defender is active

If Microsoft Defender hasn’t activated when you reboot, or if parts of Avast – that aren’t stand-alone tools such as Avast SecureLine VPN – are even so present, then you lot may need to turn to Avast’s emergency uninstallation clean-up tool and follow our guide to repairing a broken Avast uninstallation.

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What is Avast Passive Way?

This will put Microsoft Defender back in accuse of real-time malware defence, but keep Avast installed for on-demand scanning.

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