How to remove the lock from games PS4

Y’all are a happy possessor of
PlayStation 4
The iconic Sony console that has surpassed 100 million units sold worldwide, and that she is used to having fun with the many titles that have been downloaded digitally through the PS4 store. However, lately you lot have had some problems accessing some of the contents of your library, every bit information technology has an icon of a
and yous are not allowed to start them.

This is how it is, right? And so don’t worry. In the grade of this guide, in fact, I volition explicate …
how to remove the lock from PS4 games
showing you lot all the possible solutions at your disposal. In case yous were wondering, before I explicate the procedure to resolve the situation, I will discuss the causes of the problem so that you can understand the reasons why the lock icon may have appeared in ane or more of your games.

Come up on: why are y’all still standing there, motionless, in forepart of the screen? Are you lot going to play that title that you liked so much? I think yous are very excited. Come on then, simply follow the quick instructions below. I can simply wish you a good reading and good luck with everything!

  • How to remove the lock from PS4 games
  • In example of problems

Before going into the details of the procedure in
how to remove the lock from PS4 games
I think you will exist interested in knowing more almost the reason for this issue.

Well, to preclude misuse of games, Sony has introduced a organization of
verification of digital licenses
on the PlayStation 4. In a nutshell, it is verified that the player has actually purchased a championship installed on the console and the type of license they have is verified.

In fact, at that place are dissimilar types of licenses for digital titles: that
and that
temporary. The kickoff refers, for example, to games purchased in the PlayStation Storeas they have been purchased and remain the property of the histrion’s business relationship.
essentially forever
(Although over the years, after its removal from the shop, some digital titles could no longer be downloaded even for those who had the license: in this sense the history of the Kojima PT is well known).

On the other mitt, every bit regards the temporary license, it is linked, for example, to the demo versions of the titles, such every bit the
with PlayStation Plus, accessible only during the periods when your subscription is active.

In simple terms, Sony uses this method to
verify that y’all have actually paid
the game and y’all are not playing a title for which y’all practice not have a valid license. When the license is not detected in the thespian’due south account, the following will appear
Padlock icon
within the framework of the game in question.

When you lot attempt to beginning a title marked with a lock, the message appears on the screen:
Tin can’t first the application. The application can but exist started past a user with the respective license ”.. Usually this happens when you exercise the
Login with your business relationship on another PS4. For example, some people have a second PlayStation four and therefore may notice themselves in this situation.

Then there is another reason that could cause this, which is the
Share PS4 business relationship. Well, I remind y’all that this practice is
banned past Sony itself
equally for the people
outside your own domicile. For all the details on what is immune and what is not, I propose you lot take a expect at my tutorial on how to share games on ps4.

For the rest, unfortunately online there are also
portals that promise the auction of PS4 accounts
I invite you lot to
… they move away …
past the latter, since this practice is not allowed by the conditions of service and
could atomic number 82 to ban
of the profiles involved, also causing the
the inability to access games. In summary, do not exist fooled by those who talk to y’all almost sharing with people outside the firm and sell accounts.

In any example, the likely cause of the discomfort yous are experiencing is too a
problem with licenses
of the games «with padlock». In this tutorial, and so, I am going to explicate how to fix it.

How to remove the lock from PS4 games

Afterward explaining what are, in full general, the causes of the appearance of the “lock” in PS4 games, I would say that it is time to act and solve the problem.

In many cases, the appearance of the lock is due to a elementary unforeseen problem: perhaps information technology is a incorrect license check. Resetting them should, therefore, fix the situation.

reinstatement of licenses
does not result in loss of data or settings, so I suggest y’all endeavour it: to do and so, you just need to become to the
at the top of the PS4 main menu, press the icon
and access the
Account direction.

After that, all yous accept to do is press the
controller first on voice
Restore licenses
and and then
Restore. This will allow you to quickly check the licenses of the titles installed on your PlayStation iv.

It commonly takes a few seconds, and if the to a higher place check turns out to be wrong, the games involved volition be bachelor once more. And then press the
to ostend that the licenses take been restored.

To ensure that such a problem does not occur again in the future, I propose you
activate your PS4 as principal. From the menu
Account management
and then printing the option
Active as primary PS4
and select the
and then what
Yes. When in doubt, you can refer to the guide on how to put the main business relationship on PS4.

Perfect, now you can return to the console home screen by pressing the key
pad, and try to restart the game that was previously crashed. Don’t worry if you still run across the
Padlock icon
It may accept a while to disappear, but if you can starting time the title it means that you have ‘unlocked’ it.

Equally for the games “given away” with the
PlayStation Plus Subscription
in that case, the only thing you can exercise to access those titles again is
re-subscribe. You lot probably already know everything since you did it before, just if you need more information you tin can find it in my tutorial on how activate PlayStation Plus.

Finally, another problem could exist the presence of
multiple accounts
on your PS4. In this case, if you have bought a game with a contour and you want to access information technology with the chief i, the lock icon may appear. In full general, all y’all demand to do to solve the problem is
Enter get-go with the account that includes the game …,

launch the latter

and only and then will yous access the
main account
and start the championship. If you have any questions virtually this, you can consult my tutorial on how to change user on PS4.

In instance of problems

Sorry? The solutions mentioned higher up have not yet solved the problem … Unfortunately, there are a myriad of variables at play and therefore more issues tin arise. In this instance, it is best to contact Sony directly through the official PlayStation support page.

Hither you lot can write, in the
search bar…the terms…
“Padlock games”
and take a await at what the PlayStation maker himself suggested. In instance the answers provided by the portal don’t help you solve the problem either, y’all might want to think about taking a look at the
Y’all need to contact us
at the bottom of the folio, and select one of the
available (for example, the electronic mail).

Past doing and so, you lot can speak directly to the
The Sony experts
about the drawbacks he encountered. They are definitely the best people to analyze your situation.

In example you need more guidance, I suggest y’all take a look at my guide on how to contact the PlayStation, in which I have explained a little everything there is to know about this possibility.