How To Unpair A Firestick Remote

Final Updated on June 21, 2022

Have you lost your Fire Stick remote and bought a few backups, only to afterward rediscover your sometime remote behind the sofa cushions? Now y’all find yourself in a situation where you accept too many remotes paired to your Fire Stick. Or possibly you want to requite one of your paired remotes to a friend that needs it.

The bottom line is you need to unpair your remote, and you lot don’t know how to do so.
The Fire Stick remote can exist unpaired from settings, using the mobile app, or by factory reset.

Hither are the easiest ways to unpair your Burn down Stick remote.


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    Methods to unpair your Fire Stick remote

      1. The settings menu method
    • 1.2
      ii. The mobile app method

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        Installing the mobile app
    • ane.3
      three. The mill reset method

      • 1.3.i
        Manufactory reset using the settings
      • 1.iii.two
        Factory reset using the remote
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    Last Thoughts

Methods to unpair your Fire Stick remote

To unpair the Fire Stick remote using the settings menu, you must have at least 2 remotes already continued to the Burn Stick. This will non work if the remote you want to unpair is the simply remote that is connected to the device.

A few methods work to unpair the only remote, and that is the manufactory reset method and the mobile app method that will exist mentioned later in this article. Experience gratuitous to skip alee to those methods if they are the right options for you. If you lot wish to reset FireStick without remote yous can read mobile app method besides.

  1. From the domicile screen, navigate to the setting menu.
  2. Once in the settings bill of fare, select the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” choice.
  3. When the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” card is open up, click the option that says, “Amazon Burn down TV Remotes.” This will exist the beginning option listed under the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” tab.
  4. The list of remotes continued to the Fire Stick will appear. Using the remote you want to unpair, hover over the name of the remote you want to unpair and push the card push on the remote.
  5. On the tv screen, a bulletin will appear request for you to confirm y’all want to unpair the remote.
  6. Using the aforementioned remote, push the select push button on the remote to confirm you would like to unpair it from the device.
  7. Repeat this process with every remote yous wish to unpair if y’all are unpairing multiple remotes.
  8. The names of the unpaired remotes will disappear once they are unpaired.
  9. Using the remote y’all volition non exist unpairing, become back to the home menu of the Fire Stick.
  10. From the home card, enter the settings menu.
  11. Select “My Burn TV.”
  12. In the “My Fire Boob tube” tab, select the “Restart” choice.
  13. Select “Restart” again when the message appears on the screen.

That is the settings carte method to unpairing the Fire Stick remote. Afterward the FireStick system has restarted, the changes will take result.

2. The mobile app method

This method requires the use of a mobile device and requires the installation of an app on the said mobile device. If a mobile device is unavailable, this pick is not right for you. This method can be used to unpair multiple remotes or tin be used to unpair the only remote that is connected to the Burn Stick. This is a versatile method.

Installing the mobile app

  • Open up either the Google Play Store or the App Store on your mobile device, depending on the type of mobile device you are using.
  • Search for “Amazon Fire TV” in the App Store or Amazon FireTV app on Google Play Store.
  • The app volition accept an orange icon adjacent to the proper noun. Select “Install” or “Get.”
  • Wait for the app to install. Depending on your internet speed, this may take a few minutes.
  • One time installation is consummate, open the app.
  • A screen asking if you would similar to enable app notifications will announced. Notifications are not required for this process, so it is completely up to your discretion if you would like to allow the app to ship your telephone notifications.
  • After selecting either “Sure!” or “No, cheers,” connect your mobile device to the same Cyberspace network that the Fire Stick is connected to.
  • Select the name of the Idiot box on the remote.
  • A code volition appear on the Telly screen.
  • Type the code on the TV screen into the mobile device when asked.

This will pair your mobile device to the Fire Idiot box. At present you lot tin utilise the mobile device as a remote and brainstorm the process of unpairing the remote you wish to unpair. In one case the mobile app tin can be used as a remote, follow these instructions to unpair any remotes y’all desire.

  1. The mobile app should appear to look similar a remote now. In the upper left-mitt corner of the app, you will see what appears to be a pocket-size gear.
  2. Click the gear button, this will open up the settings carte.
  3. Using the right arrow in your mobile app, navigate over to the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” choice that appears on the Telly.
  4. Select the selection “Amazon Burn Television set Remotes” at the top of the list in the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” tab.
  5. The devices paired to the Burn Stick will appear. Hover over the remote you lot wish to disconnect from the list. This list may also testify the paired headphone speakers on FireStick that you may wish to skip.
  6. While hovering over the remote you lot wish to unpair, press the menu button on the app to unpair the remote. The menu button will look like iii horizontal parallel lines. This button will be in the bottom right corner of the app.
  7. A message will announced asking you lot to confirm that you wish to unpair the remote.
  8. To ostend you wish to unpair the remote, push button the select button on the mobile app.
  9. The name of the remote will disappear from the screen once it is no longer paired with the device.
  10. From the home card of the Fire Stick, enter the settings menu.
  11. Select “My Burn down Telly.”
  12. Once you are in the “My Fire TV” tab, select the option “Restart.”
  13. When prompted, select “Restart” again.
  14. Afterward the Fire Stick restarts, the changes volition exist finalized.

This is a fantastic method for people who wish to unpair their remote from their Fire Stick but practise not have another i handy. If you lot do take an extra remote already paired to the device, the first method will exist a much simpler selection. Nevertheless, this method tin can nonetheless exist used with multiple remotes if you prefer the mobile app.

3. The factory reset method

This method should non be used as a first resort unless yous intend to sell or give away the Burn down Stick. This method is only recommended if the other ii methods practise not work out for whatever reason. This method will completely reset your Burn Stick to the settings information technology came with.

This method will unpair all your devices from the Fire Stick, and it will uninstall and applications you lot have installed on the Fire Stick. This method will too remove your account. If you choose this method, you volition be starting over from scratch entirely.

Perfect if the intent is to sell or give away the device, but extremely inconvenient if y’all plan to go along using information technology yourself. If this is an acceptable method for you, or you are out of options, go along to the post-obit steps.

Manufactory reset using the settings

  1. From the habitation screen, hover over the “settings” tab and select “My Burn TV.”
  2. In one case in the “My Fire TV” tab, you will need to roll downwards to the “Reset to Mill Defaults” option and select it.
  3. When prompted, click on “Reset” to confirm your decision. This will first FireStick reset process and start the further process.
  4. The device will be reset to the way information technology was when it was initially purchased.
  5. This process will accept a few minutes to reset fully.
  6. In one case the device is fully reset, the remotes will no longer be paired. You lot will have to go through and set everything up all over again if y’all plan to keep the device. If you are giving this device to someone else, it is ready for them to go through the setup process.

Just in case yous are non able to manufacturing plant reset your device using the Telly settings method, there is an culling way to mill reset your Burn Stick, and then you can unpair all the connected devices.

Manufactory reset using the remote

This method is great if your system is frozen and you need to factory reset the device. Before trying this method, if the Burn Stick is frozen, effort unplugging the device and plugging it back in. This could avoid the demand for a factory reset altogether if you do not want to get through and reset everything.

Call up, factory reset is not ideal if y’all plan to keep your device. Whatsoever of the other options would be much quicker and easier.

  1. On your Fire Stick, locate the button yous would typically use to scroll to the right.
  2. Now locate the back button. This push button will look like a curved arrow pointing to the left.
  3. Hold both the correct button and the dorsum button together at the aforementioned time for a minimum of ten seconds.
  4. A screen will popular up informing you that a factory reset has been initiated. This is your last take chances to back out of this selection.
  5. To continue with the reset, either press “Ok” or expect fourteen seconds for the reset to automatically occur.
  6. If you do non wish to continue with the reset, click cancel before the 14 seconds are up.
  7. Information technology volition accept a few minutes for the reset to complete. One time the reset is complete, all the devices that were paired will no longer be paired.

Now that the factory reset is complete, feel free to set up the device as y’all adopt. It will be just like when the device was outset purchased.

Final Thoughts

The method you cull will greatly depend on the reason you wish to unpair the remotes, and the circumstances you are under when y’all go to unpair the remote. The showtime method listed is the quickest and easiest method if yous have two or more than remotes already connected to the Fire Stick, the second method is ideal if y’all only have one remote that is continued to the device, and the tertiary method is ideal equally either a final resort or in the instance of giving away or reselling the Fire Stick.

These are the only methods currently bachelor for unpairing remotes, and so be certain to choose the one that is best for your situation.