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How To Unpause Apple Watch Update

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The majority of iOS updates include exciting new features that heighten the iPhone user experience. That’s why getting stuck in the middle of a download while trying to update your device can be extremely frustrating.

If your iOS or iPadOS software update download gets stuck halfway through, here are a few things you can exercise to become information technology moving over again on an iPhone or iPad.

Keep in mind that information technology’s normal if your iPhone pauses on an update for five minutes or so. Please wait at least xxx minutes before you starting time troubleshooting.

1. Reset Your Network Settings

I of the most common reasons for an interrupted iOS update is an unstable network. If you lot lose your internet connection while an update is downloading, your iPhone will automatically pause the update. The aforementioned thing will happen if your connexion is weak or fluctuating.

Typically, your iPhone volition resume the update when your internet connection improves, but that is not always the case.

A sure indicator that your internet is the culprit for your interrupted update is a grayed out Resume Download choice on the update screen.

At that place are a number of fixes you can try to brand your network conditions better:

  • Try to reset your Wi-Fi connectedness by turning your iPhone’south Wi-Fi off and then back on.
  • Practice a soft reset by restarting your iPhone.
  • Turn Airplane mode on and off to restore your connections. You can access Airplane mode from your iPhone’s Control Middle.
  • Reset all network settings on your iPhone to get rid of whatever underlying connectivity issues.
  • Restart or reset your router.

2. Clear More Storage Space

If you’re running low on iPhone storage, your update may end before it downloads completely. Before starting an update download, your iPhone should permit you know how large the file is. Typically, iOS updates are between 1.5GB and 2GB. But you’ll oftentimes need twice the storage space to download and install the update.

Screenshot of an iPhone software update page showing update details including file size

To exist sure that y’all accept plenty storage for an update, go to
Settings > General > iPhone Storage. If you don’t have enough space on your device, try deleting some media or offloading unused apps to free upward storage space on your iPhone.

If y’all end up with insufficient space to download the update, try updating your iPhone with a Mac. This way yous don’t need quite as much complimentary space on your iOS device. Just follow these steps:

  1. Connect the your iPhone and Mac via USB.
  2. Open Finder to locate your iPhone. You may need to trust your device to continue.
  3. Select your iPhone from the sidebar, then click
    Check for Update.

Mac Finder showing a connected iPhone with 'Check for Update' magnified

If y’all take a Windows PC, follow these steps using iTunes instead of Finder.

If you find that you do have enough storage space for the update, that means storage is not the problem. Allow’s expect at more fixes for your interrupted iOS update.

three. Remove Beta Software or Incomplete Updates

If you’ve previously downloaded an iOS beta or an incomplete update, it’ll about certainly crusade your update to fail this time.

The mode forward is to uninstall the beta or remove the former update’s installation package. To practice the latter, open your iPhone’s Settings, go to
Full general > iPhone Storage
and scroll down the list of apps till yous observe
Software Update. Tap it, then select

One time you’ve deleted the update file, you can head to
General > Software Update
to restart the update.

4. Plough Off Content and Privacy Restrictions

Most people turn on Content and Privacy restrictions in club to block themselves or someone else from installing and deleting apps. It’south also a neat characteristic for parents trying to restrict their kid from accessing certain content.

If y’all previously turned on content restriction for iTunes and App Store purchases, your iOS update volition not succeed.

To elevator the restrictions, get to
Settings > Screen Fourth dimension > Content and Privacy Restrictions. Y’all can turn off all restrictions past toggling off the switch at the top of the page or permit admission for specific categories. For instance, tap
iTunes & App Shop Purchases
to create customized access rules for installing or deleting apps.

5. Check Apple’s System Condition Page

When Apple releases a new iOS update, iPhone users all over the world rush to download it. This tin can crusade Apple tree’s servers to go overburdened, resulting in downtimes that tiresome down your updates.

Screenshot of Apple's System Status website

It’southward rarely the example, only we can’t dominion out the possibility that Apple tree’s update servers have failed. To exist sure, visit the Apple System Status folio and bank check for a light-green circle for update-related services such as the App Shop, iCloud Account, and so on. If in that location isn’t a green circle, that ways there’s a system trouble, and you’ll have to wait until Apple tree fixes it.

Finish Your Update

One of these fixes should help yous resume your iOS update download and installation. If none of these tips work, y’all may take to endeavor a DFU restore to completely erase and reinstall all the software and firmware on your iPhone. This step will also erase all your data, though, so brand sure y’all accept a backup get-go.