How To Unsend A Snap Video

Snapchat’s popularity stems from the platform’s dedication to user privacy. Videos and images uploaded to the platform typically disappear within 24 hours. While the messaging feature has made the app more user-friendly, the inability to unsend pictures and videos is a huge drawback. The good news is there’due south a way to stop other types of content from reaching other Snapchat users.

Go on reading to learn whether it’s possible to unsend a snap and how to delete snaps you’d rather keep to yourself.

Can You Unsend a Snap?

Snapchat offers its users no style of unsending video and picture snaps. Even so, the platform does allow users to retract other kinds of content. While there’south no “unsend” feature, you take the selection of deleting letters. Unsending them is more convenient, especially if you’ve sent something to the wrong person by mistake.

While deleting the snap volition remove it, each member of the chat volition be notified that a sent file has been removed. They won’t know the contents of the bulletin, but they’ll still be notified something was wiped from the chat.

You lot can remove the post-obit files from your Snapchat conversations:

  • Text Letters
  • Stickers
  • Audio Files
  • Image and Video Files Sent Through the Memory Tab

When yous forward pictures and videos to your Snapchat contacts, it’southward incommunicable to opposite the activeness. Snapchat lets users delete images and videos they’ve posted every bit Snapchat Stories. If you’re using the Memory tab to send pictures and videos to friends, you lot take the choice of deleting them. This is considering these files have been stored or uploaded from your mobile device.

People who still utilise older versions of the Snapchat app have shared their experiences attempting to unsend images and videos. If you nonetheless oasis’t switched to a newer version of Snapchat, these tips might help you delete paradigm and video snaps after you’ve sent them:

  • Make sure your device is operating in airplane fashion.
  • Remove the recipient from your Snapchat friend list.
  • Log out of your account.
  • Cake the snap recipient.
  • Delete the app from your device.
  • Conciliate your Snapchat business relationship or delete it.

These suggestions will simply be helpful if yous’re using an older Snapchat version. Testing them on newer versions won’t exist effective because sent snaps are transferred to the cloud rapidly. This means that any try to remove the snap will be ineffective. It will disappear only when the recipient opens it, and Snapchat clears it from its servers.

While you tin can’t retract images and videos, yous can still delete messages. This characteristic is especially handy when you want to correct a typo or modify the bulletin’south contents. Additionally, information technology allows you to block the content from reaching the wrong person as sending mistakes oftentimes happen on social media apps.

Deleting a snap before it’south been read by the recipient is a relatively straightforward process. It can exist done in group conversations and chats with one other person. You lot can practise so by using both Android and iOS devices.

How to Unsend a Snap on an iPhone

If you’re snapping on your iPhone, y’all tin retract your snap and ensure it doesn’t attain the incorrect people. Whether you’re chatting with one person or a group of several people, you can delete the snap using your iPhone.

To delete a snap sent to a single recipient:

  1. Enter your Snapchat messaging section and navigate to the chat where you sent the message.
  2. Tap the conversation where you sent the message and curl until you’ve located it.
  3. Tap and hold the message with your finger.
  4. Select the “Delete” option.
  5. The app volition prompt you to confirm your decision. Click “Delete” again to consummate the action.

Before performing this activity, await at the bottom of the snap to check whether the other person has opened it. When the other person has seen it, deleting it won’t make much sense.

To delete a snap from a group conversation:

  1. Get to your Snapchat conversations and select the conversation where you sent the snap.
  2. Tap the conversation to expand information technology and ringlet through the conversation until you find the message yous desire to delete.
  3. Press and hold the snap using your finger.
  4. Choose the “Delete” option.
  5. Tap the purple-colored “Delete” pop-up box when prompted to confirm this activity.

Before deleting the snap, cheque whether Snapchat has marked information technology as open. If the other chat members have already viewed it, they’ll know what you lot’ve removed from the conversation. Unless you’ve been quick and deleted the snap before they managed to open it, be ready to answer some questions. Each member of the chat will see a snap was wiped and will probably want to know what it was.

How to Unsend a Snap on an Android

Snapchat’s Android app lets users remove snaps from group chats and conversations with ane other user.

Here’s how to delete a snap from a chat with i other user:

  1. Visit your Snapchat messaging section and select the conversation where the snap was sent.
  2. Search through the messages until yous spot the snap y’all want to delete.
  3. Hold downwards the bulletin with your finger.
  4. Press the “Delete” button.
  5. Tap “Delete” once more when the platform prompts you to confirm the activeness.

If the conversation says that the recipient has seen the bulletin, deleting information technology might cause some confusion. Before following these steps, e’er check the condition of the snap.

To remove a snap from a group conversation:

  1. Become into your Snapchat conversations and find the thread where you sent the snap.
  2. Click on the chat and search for the snap you wish to delete.
  3. Place your finger over the bulletin and hold for a few seconds until you lot see a list of options.
  4. Select “Delete” from the pop-up listing.
  5. Press “Delete” once again to ensure the snap volition be removed from the chat.

If the group hasn’t seen the message before y’all remove it, they won’t find out its contents. However, they might ask you lot near it, then you should be prepared to respond a few questions about what you deleted.

How to Unsend a Snap on an iPad

Snapchat wasn’t originally designed for iPads, only users have bypassed this problem by modifying their Apple App Shop filters and installing the iPhone version. If you’re likewise using Snapchat on an iPad, yous take the choice of deleting snaps from your chats. You can exercise and then in conversations with one other person or group conversations.

To delete a snap you lot sent to some other user:

  1. Open up the Snapchat messaging department and become to the conversation where you sent the snap.
  2. Tap the chat and ringlet through it until you get to the snap you desire to remove.
  3. Printing downwardly on the snap with your finger and hold for several seconds.
  4. When y’all meet a popular-upwardly list, select the “Delete” choice.
  5. Another purple “Delete” push button will appear. Tap it to confirm the activity and finish the process.

Make sure the user hasn’t opened the snap before yous attempt to retract it.

To delete a snap sent to a group chat:

  1. Navigate to your Snapchat messages and find the conversation where you sent the snap.
  2. Choose the chat and go through information technology until you see the snap you want to unsend.
  3. Press and agree the snap with your finger until y’all encounter the options carte.
  4. When the popular-upward menu shows up,  tap the “Delete” pick.
  5. Press the purple “Delete” push button to complete the procedure and remove the snap from the chat.

Deleting a snap will hide its contents, but other chat members volition see you removed something from the chat. They might be curious and enquire you about it, so it might be good to come up with a plausible answer before removing the snap.

Delete Your Snaps Before They’re Opened

Snapchat is a game-changer in the social media world, equally the snaps disappear quickly, increasing privacy protection. But many users are unhappy that the app however hasn’t adult a characteristic that would allow them to unsend content. Until the platform rolls out a solution, you tin utilise the methods we outlined in this guide to delete snaps from your Snapchat conversations.

Have you ever deleted a snap from a conversation? On which device did you practice it? Let us know in the annotate department below.