How To Unsend Location On Imessage

There is cipher to be embarrassed almost upon sending the wrong message to the wrong contacts. But information technology is equally desired in such a situation to have a feature to unsend that message. And Apple has finally understood the pain of so many iMessage users who were going through this. Keeping that in listen, the company has finally added a characteristic to unsend iMessage in the iOS xvi update.

The iPhone and iPad users using the iMessage will now be able to delete the sent message on iMessage. Since this is a new feature, yous must be interested in trying it. If so, here is a consummate step-past-step tutorial and additional things to know most the new Undo Send characteristic in iMessage.

Important things to know near the Undo Send

Before nosotros head over to the how-to of the Undo Transport feature in iMessage there are some of import things yous must know well-nigh this feature.

  1. The Undo Send feature will exist there up until 15 min and after that, the sent message volition get permanent. That means afterwards sending an accidental message you will have 15 min to unsend it.
  2. The Undo Ship feature will work merely on those devices that are running on the latest iOS 16 or iPadOS xvi. Yeah, both the sender’s and receiver’due south devices are needed to be on the new iOS/iPadOS version.

How to unsend iMessage using Undo Send

With that said, hither are the steps you lot’ll have to follow in order to unsend the sent iMessage.

Footstep ane:
Open the
app on your iPad or iPhone.

Pace two:
Navigate to the iMessage chat whose bulletin y’all want to unsend.

Step 3:
Now, long press on the bulletin that yous are willing to unsend. Upon long-pressing the message, there should be an Undo Ship option in the popup overflow carte du jour if the 15-minute countdown is not over.

Pace iv:
Finally tap on the
Undo Send

Once you lot tap on the Undo Send option, y’all are all done from your side. At that place might still be a chance that the message is not unsent if the receiver’s device not running on the iOS sixteen. In that example, the message volition just get disappeared from your iMessage conversation and not from theirs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens afterward unsending an iMessage?

After using the Undo Send option, the message volition immediately get disappeared from the conversation. Still, if the receiver’s phone is on an older version of iOS, say iOS xv, the message will not disappear from their chat.

Tin can yous “Disengage Send” an iMessage after xv minutes?

No, there is no fashion to unsend an iMessage from the chat after the 15 minutes time interval has passed.

Can you unsend an iMessage?

Yeah, the newly launched iOS 16 allows the iMessage users to use the Undo Send feature to unsend messages within fifteen minutes of sending them in the chat.

Bottom Line

So that was it for this guide on how you can unsend iMessage on an iPhone running the new iOS xvi. Apple has finally made it and the Undo Ship option is now a reality for the iMessage users. However, the feature is gonna be a fully functional i upwards until all the iMessage users don’t shift to the latest iOS 16/iPadOS 16.

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