How to Use AnyTrans to Save iPhone Messages to the Computer

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Even though virtually have moved to instant messaging (IM) apps for communication, the US and a few regions still rely on iMessage and carrier messages to stay in bear on with loved ones. Long conversations and hundreds of photos may lead to storage vows on your iPhone. It’s better to save them securely on a computer. Here’due south how you can relieve iPhone messages to a estimator.

The most obvious and straightforward way to back up those precious memories is past using iTunes. The program is available on the Microsoft Store, and it won’t take much fourth dimension to install it on a figurer.

Save iPhone Messages to the Computer Using iTunes

You tin always use iCloud to perform a complete backup. However, you will be paying for one of the iCloud paid plans for a successful backup. That leaves u.s. with iTunes software to perform a complete fill-in. Follow the steps below to salve iPhone messages to the computer using iTunes:

Step 1:
Download the iTunes app from the Microsoft Store on the computer.

Stride ii:
Connect your iPhone to the PC using a data cable and open up the iTunes app.

Pace 3:
If asked for your device passcode or Trust This Estimator, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step four:
Click on the telephone icon at the height, and you lot volition run into all the phone data in iTunes.

device information

Footstep v: From the Backups menu, select
This Reckoner
and click on the
Support Now
push button. Once the process ends, you volition notice the date and time of the current backup on the calculator.

backup iPhone to computer with iTunes

iTunes Has Some Limitations

While iTunes works fine to save iPhone letters to a figurer, it does come with a couple of limitations. For ane, you don’t have an option to selectively backup iPhone letters only. You volition have to perform the total backup, which may accept a long time depending on the data stored on your iPhone.

Another issue is with the data restore process. You have no option to view the backed-up messages on the computer. You can simply view messages on some other iPhone or iPad. Even when restoring the backup, you lot must restore the entire fill-in file, and you can’t selectively choose to restore just the messages.

We have another solution to save iPhone messages to the computer to overcome these glaring limitations. Meet AnyTrans — a tertiary-party software to salve, view, and impress iPhone messages on a estimator.

What is AnyTrans, and Why Do You Need to Download It?

AnyTrans is the complete iPhone director tool for your PC or Mac. It can selectively backup iPhone photos, videos, messages, audio recordings, and more. You tin as well transfer backups and restore WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android or vice versa.

The software supports locally stored music and video files too. All the action happens with i click – no need to go through dozens of steps to complete the transfer process.

Every bit for messages backup, you have an choice to export messages in various files formats such equally TXT, PDF, or HTML. Yous no longer need to apply some other device to view backed-upwardly messages. Since these messages are stored in familiar file formats, you tin quickly view them on your PC.

What’s more? At that place is an selection to print out messages as well. At present that you know how incredibly useful AnyTrans tin exist for your backups let’due south see how easy it is to utilise this software to save iPhone messages to the computer.

Save iPhone Letters to the Reckoner Using AnyTrans

Every bit y’all can see from the explanation in a higher place, there are more than than enough reasons to utilize AnyTrans on a PC or Mac. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to backup iPhone messages to the computer with AnyTrans.

Step one: Download AnyTrans software using the link below.


Step 2:
After successful installation, open up the app and connect your iPhone to the computer using a data cablevision.

Step 3: Yous will meet your device information correct abroad. Select
Device Manager
from the left sidebar.

Step 4: Click on

anytrans messages

Step 5: Check the preview and select messages you lot desire to transfer.

Step vi: Select the
to PC
button at the upper right corner.

export messages

Footstep seven:
Click on the blazon of consign file. Yous can select TXT, PDF, or HTML format.

From the same carte du jour, you lot have an option to print out iPhone messages too. AnyTrans is perfectly compatible with most iPhone models running iOS 14 or college.

AnyTrans in Action

AnyTrans Pricing and Availability

The software is bachelor on Windows and Mac. Pricing starts at $39.99 per year, but y’all can opt for the lifetime program at $59.99. Are you planning to utilise AnyTrans on more than than one PC or Mac? The family plan might be the perfect pick for you lot at $79.99.

If you lot are unsatisfied with the software experience, the visitor promises a 60-days money-back guarantee. What’s not to like here?

We aren’t surprised to already see that AnyTrans has more than than ten one thousand thousand users. What are you waiting for? Follow the steps above and relieve iPhone messages to your computer with a single click.


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