How To Use Computer Without Monitor

Have you ever wondered what would happen if yous would disconnect your PC from your monitor? Well, your monitor will simply go bare because y’all took abroad its but source of input. Your monitor volition lose the signals that it was being sent by your computer to display its content.

A Pc Monitor – Captured by Tech4Gamers from our Viewsonic XG2703 Review.

You may also ponder on whether you lot can utilise a monitor without a PC or not? You lot should know that your monitor is simply a display device that is used to showcase any data that is shared with it by the input device you connect with information technology. This as well proves how your monitor can come in handy whenever you’re in search of a displaying device.

To answer your question, Aye,
you tin can utilise your monitor without a PC. All you have to practise is observe the right input devices. You accept multiple options that can work as input devices for your monitor. These input devices may vary from gaming consoles, and laptops to even your TV!

You must class a connection betwixt your input device and your monitor. The most convenient option for you is an HDMI cable or a VGA cable (A VGA cable is by and large needed if your device is a fleck old).

A VGA cable

Almost of the input devices and monitors accept ports of HDMI cable/VGA cablevision in them. All you have to do is plug either of these cables into their corresponding ports. They volition aid in creating a connection between your devices easily.

An HDMI cable
An HDMI cable. Prototype source:

How To Use Your Monitor Without PC?

You lot are now fully aware of the purpose of a monitor. Nosotros have provided you with some ways y’all tin can utilize your monitor as a displaying device for more than just your PC. Moving on, there are several other devices that you can connect your monitor to. Therefore, all you accept to practice is follow the steps that are given below.

Connect Your Monitor To Your Laptop

monitor connected to laptop
Connecting a monitor to a laptop.

Although the laptop itself is considered a pc and this might again raise the question regarding the usage of a monitor without a PC. But, anyone who does information technology might accept a completely different motive behind this.

Whoever wishes to connect their monitor to their laptop might just do information technology to expand the size of their display screen. They might merely do it to get a better view of whatever that is they wish to see. Well, expert for them because this task is quite piece of cake to perform.

Written beneath are a few steps that will help you lot connect your monitor easily to your laptop.

  1.  Determine the type of cable ports that are present in your monitor and laptop. You’ll near probable find HDMI ports or VGA ports as mentioned to a higher place.
  2. Connect your HDMI cable/VGA cable to the ports of your monitor and laptop. (Keep in mind that both sides of the cables are of the same faces so, yous don’t demand to worry about finding the correct side)
  3. The screen should at present beginning mirroring by default

If the screen doesn’t mirror past default you can follow a few more steps below

  1.  Click on the
    windows button that is situated right at the bottom of your screen
  2. Open the command panel window
  3.  Click on ‘Adjust screen resolution’ that you lot’ll find under the heading of ‘Appearance and personalization
  4. Click on the dropdown box that y’all’ll find beside the ‘Multiple displays’ settings.
  5.  Now you can choose from the display options mentioned in the listing and click on ‘Ok’. Your laptop will be titled ‘Monitor ane’ whereas your monitor screen will be titled ‘Monitor 2

Connect Your Monitor To Your Gaming Console

monitor connected to gaming console
Using a monitor without a PC past connecting it to a gaming console.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a gaming PC. Furthermore, information technology requires a ton of research to find the right components and figure out its cost. But, y’all tin can find an like shooting fish in a barrel way through this problem if you have a gaming panel at habitation.

A variety of gaming consoles such every bit PS3, PS4, PS5, XBOX 360, XBOX One, and even Wii U accept HDMI ports. These can hands be connected to your monitor with an HDMI cable. A lot of people might prefer connecting their gaming consoles to their monitors rather than their TV.

This is because some monitors tin can provide a better screen resolution and picture quality than TVs. Besides, TVs with good screen resolution tend to be manner more expensive than monitors. To easily connect your gaming panel with your monitor all yous have to exercise is

  • Find the HDMI port in both of the devices i.due east. your monitor and gaming console
  • Plug the HDMI cable into the ports you found.

The gaming panel content should first appearing on your monitor brandish by default and so you’re good to go!

Connect Your Monitor To Your TV

monitor connected to Android box
Using a monitor without a PC as a Smart Tv.

Many people might wish to utilize their monitors as TVs. Again, this might be due to several reasons, one of them again being the willingness to save their expenses on an extra displaying device.

Even so, turning your monitor into a Television might require a Television receiver tuner box. It will be a bonus if y’all already use one only if not, you lot might have to spend from about $30 to $200. Which once more might prove to be a bit costly to some.

If y’all wish to connect your monitor to a unproblematic cablevision Idiot box, then you’ll need a tuner box, one with preferably an HDMI port then that you lot tin can easily connect information technology with your monitor.

If yous wish to utilize your monitor as a smart TV, y’all can utilise devices such equally an android box, chrome bandage, firestick, and IPTV boxes. These are all HDMI friendly and tin can be easily connected to your monitor.


Yous have probably understood the primary purpose of a monitor. Now you are enlightened that it can be used by multiple input devices to display the data they share with information technology. Past reading this article you are also probably assured by now, that your monitor tin can be used without a PC.

You tin utilise it as a screen that displays content much bigger than a laptop. It can be used as a gaming console or equally a TV. Information technology tin can exist used as whatever you wish as long as the input device supports information technology and vice versa.

Your monitor can save yous a lot of expenses. These expenses may include building a full-fledged gaming PC or even buying a TV that comes along with specifications like expert resolution and smart options.


Will my monitor turn on if I use it without a PC?

Aye, as long equally the monitor is plugged into an electric socket and is connected to an input device, it will turn on.

Is it possible for just the monitor to work every bit a PC?

If your monitor has an all-in-ane built PC system then yes, it tin can exist used every bit a PC. But if not, You will accept to connect information technology to a CPU to work as a proper PC.

What if 1 of the two devices has a VGA port and the other has an HDMI port?

Zilch to worry near! All you have to do is buy a VGA Adapter. It will aid you plug in your VGA and convert it into an HDMI cablevision. At present you lot can put in the device that has an HDMI port.

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