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How To Create A Personal Garry’s Mod Server

This is a guide on how to create an easy personal Garry’s Mod server for you and your friends using a free program called Hamachi.


Hamachi is a professionally-developed, professionally-used networking software. It is non a virus and has cypher adventure of harming you unless you permit a random dude from the internet into your network. If you say it’s a virus, you obviously have nix networking or security experience. It will, in reality, continue yous nigh 3-4 times safer than if y’all port-forwards and run a plain server.

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Hullo, my proper noun is NooYah and I am hither to guide you on how to create a quick and easy server for you and your friends to play Garry’s Mod on. The methods used in this guide exercise not crave any technical knowledge and are 100% gratis. Read on, and I hope this helps y’all.

Section 1: Hamachi

The first step is for y’all and all your friends you want on the server to download a simple, free program called “LogMeIn Hamachi”, or usually shortened to Hamachi. This plan basically creates a secure network that you lot and your friends volition bring together. This is also the program that will allow y’all to connect to each other without worrying about strangers popping onto your server unannounced. We all know nobody likes a guy coming onto your server and going nuts with the Remover tool.

Step 1: Download LogMeIn Hamachi

The first step in this guide is to download Hamachi. The program can be constitute at the developer’s website[]. After you download, simply follow the installation instructions.
(Note: The programmer’s website is very confusing to navigate. You lot can download Hamachi from Softonic and achieve the same results, because information technology’s the verbal same Hamachi and will receive all normal updates.)

Step 2: Create your Network

The next step is to create the network in which you and your friends volition exist joining. Now, if you accept the free version of Hamachi (which I reccomend) then your networks can just take a maximum of 5 members,
you. But don’t worry, you tin can only create equally many networks as yous need. Once you take Hamachi open, there should exist a menu along the acme titled “Network”. Click that and hit “Create a New Network”. You volition then requite your network a proper name and password. Be sure to call back the password, because your friend(s) will need it in club to connect. Once you create the network, merely requite your friend(southward) the name and countersign to the network, and look for them to bring together. For them to bring together, they volition go to the “Network” menu forth the height and they will striking “Join an Existing Network”.

Nosotros are now 90% done with Hamachi, congratulations!

Author’s Note: Hamachi is a very great tool to use for those who are interested in networking and stuff similar that. It’southward equally great for beginners and avant-garde users alike. I personally recommend it for those learning networking or wanting more noesis on networks in general.

Section two: Starting the Server

Now it’s time to learn how the host will start up the server. The host will need to exist in-game for this.

Footstep ane: Getting the world and gamemode ready

The showtime pace is to get the world you want to play on, and the gamemode. Take the host start a new single histrion game. Have him set the player count to however many players y’all want to join the server. Practice NOT, I echo, Do Non select the box for a LAN game. If yous do, this won’t work. Also have the host select the gamemode you lot desire to employ. Then just have him launch the singleplayer world and go everything loaded.

Stride 2: Now In-Game

Now that your host is in-game, there is one matter he needs to do to allow players to connect. (Yous tin go without this, but I have found that doing this reduces lag significantly.) Take the host open up the Developer’s Panel. If you do not have it enabled, hit ESC>Options>Keyboard so on the bottom, click Advanced, and check “Enable Developer’southward Console”. Once he has that, take him open up it. Default key to open information technology is the ` central, which is the key directly next to the i primal on the number row. One time that is open, take him type “sv_lan 0” (without the quotes) into the console, and striking Enter. Now, your host is done for now.

At present nosotros volition move on to getting your friends into the game with you.

Section 3: Getting everybody online with y’all

Now, yous have your Hamachi ready upward, and the host has started the server! Congratulations! Now it’s time to learn how you’ll be getting everybody online.

Step ane: Developer’s Console.

Very easy step, all you have to practise is get all of your friends to enable the Developer’s Console too. They NEED this to connect. If you don’t want to look upward for it again, it’s ESC>Options>Keyboard then on the bottom, click Avant-garde, and check “Enable Developer’southward Panel”.

Step 2: What each user must practise.

This is how each friend will connect. Accept each friend start a singleplayer world, the settings they put don’t matter. One time they’re in-game, have them open the Developer’s Panel. Now, they volition type, again without the quotes, “Connect *HostIPaddressHere*” Here is how you observe the host’southward IP address. Open up your Hamachi, and detect the name of the host on the list of computers connected to the network. (eg. mine is NooYah) there will also be an IP address adjacent to their proper name, always starting with 25. (eg. This is what yous’ll put onto the Developer’s Panel after you type Connect. So basically, y’all type (without quotes) “Connect” (or whatever your host’southward IP is.) Once your friends blazon that, the host will see “Player *name* has joined the game.” And so, you’ll run across your friend in a couple seconds or a couple minutes, depending on how much he has to download.

Congratulations! You now have your ain private server for which you and your friends play your Garry’s Modern on! Accept fun!!! 😀

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Section four: Common bug and mutual solutions

Hither are some mutual problems people have, and some easy solutions to those problems.

“Connectedness Failed After four Retries”: To ready this, yous tin utilise two methds:
A) Reset your net modem if possible,
B) Have everybody trying to join plus the host restart their machine.

Whenever I’ve had that issue, doing the above two steps always fixed it for me.
C) Third method: “Open up your Command Panel,(~) and type “sv_lan 0” and then “changelevel_[Map you are currently using]”. Information technology volition reload the game, and then blazon “sv_lan 0″ a 2d fourth dimension. So effort having friends join it, ect. Information technology should work.”

“*so-and-so* has been kicked because of too many LUA Errors”: In the console, before


joins, blazon (without quotes)
“sv_kickerrornum 0”. This will end th server from kick players when they recieve a lot of LUA errors. Be warned, this may cause some instability for the player recieving the errors.

I set a limit for certain entities/props, but when I joined, the limit was different!
sbox_max[props, entities, NPCs…] #
in the console to modify the limits.
(Credit to Erzangel for finding this solution)

[J.E.U.] BlitzKrieg institute a solution to permanently fix a few issues. Here is what he says:

“in garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg can be edited with notepad (or notepad ++) to add together sv_lan 0, sv_kickerrornum 0 and many more (likewise as mp_falldamage 1 which makes realistic fall damage, instead of losing 10 hp for whatsoever tiptop you lot fall from). This will save you from inbound those commands everytime you connect. sbox_max ~ tin too be entered here, equally well equally other console commands.”

If you think you found a viable solution to any errors experienced, please put the information in the comments! If it’s relevant, I’ll stick it into this section.