How to Use Offline Siri in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad 

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Did y’all ever trigger Siri on your iPhone and got disappointed later being told that you must connect to the Internet to perform certain tasks? Bother not, you are not alone to have felt dejected for being unable to employ Siri offline on your iPhone to perform common and repetitive tasks. No longer! Finally, it’s possible to use offline Siri in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad. Hither’s how.

Thank you to the on-device processing engineering, several Siri requests can be seamlessly handled offline. Perfect for the times where yous have been forced to utilise your device without an internet connection.

So, what’s the catch? As I said, Siri can perform only certain tasks, specifically those that are bones and practise non crave an Internet connectedness. So long as you lot keep this limitation in mind, you volition have a pretty good time while using the virtual assistant. Else, the personal assistant will go on reminding you to be online.

iPhones and iPads Which Back up Offline Siri in iOS 15

Keep in listen that not all iOS 15/iPadOS 15 compatible devices support Siri without the Cyberspace. So, make sure your iPhone or iPad model is compatible with using Siri offline. Here is the list of supported devices:

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone eleven Pro
  • iPhone xi Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPad Pro 2022 and later
  • iPhone Air iii and 4
  • iPad eight
  • iPad mini 5

Needless to say, the upcoming iPhone 13 Series with iOS 15-out-of-the-box will also become this handy characteristic.

Currently, Offline Siri supports only United States English. So, make sure y’all have selected the right language for the virtual assistant to work offline.

Footstep 1:
Head over to the


app on iPhone or iPad and choose

Siri & Search


Step 2: Now, tap the


 option and so cull the

English United States


Make Sure United States English

Customize Siri Responses to Ever Evidence Siri Captions and Spoken language

Also, be sure to customize Siri responses to always show Siri captions and spoken language. While the requirement of these features seems unnecessary, the virtual assistant doesn’t work without them.

Throughout the testing, I needed to keep both the Siri captions and spoken language toggles enabled. And so, make certain to keep them turned on for the smooth functioning of the virtual assistant.

Step one:
Navigate to the
Settings app
on your device >
Siri & Search
Siri Responses.

Step 2:
At present, make certain the toggles for
Ever Evidence Siri Captions
Always Show Speech
are turned on.

Customize Siri Responses to Always Show Siri Captions and Speech 

Before using Siri without net on your iPhone, it would exist worth finding out what does and doesn’t work with offline Siri. Otherwise, you might be left wondering whether or not the feature works in iOS xv. Well, I say it because I also felt a chip confused while trying out this feature during the initial phase of the beta testing.

Here are some tasks that y’all can perform using Siri without an Net connection:

  • Decision-making system settings such as enabling dark/lite manner, low power mode, Airplane mode, activate Accessibility features, etc.
enable dark/light mode
  • Playing the next or previous song in the Apple Music app.
  • Opening apps.
  • Setting and changing timers
  • Setting and irresolute alarms.

Long story short, Offline Siri is designed to handle but those requests that do non require your iOS device to be connected to the Cyberspace.

When your iPhone is not connected to the Internet and you ask a request Siri tin’t help with, you should come across a bulletin at the bottom reading, “I tin assist with that when yous’re connected to the Net.”
To be more precise, whatever requests that require continually updated info won’t piece of work offline. Information technology’s as straightforward as it sounds.

Offline Siri

Here are some tasks that won’t work using Siri when yous are offline:

  • Checking weather data
  • Controlling HomeKit devices
  • Tracking agenda events
  • Setting reminders
  • Sending messages
  • FaceTime calling
  • Podcasts listening
  • Downloading apps

There you become! Now that you know how the offline Siri works in iOS 15, get the most out of this handy characteristic to deport out a wide range of tasks without relying on the Internet connection. It’due south worth pointing out that the process of invoking the personal assistant in the offline mode remains the same. That means you can trigger the banana using the “Hey Siri” control and pressing the side button.

Faced with the cutting-pharynx competition from Google Assistant, Siri has got its task cut out. So, it’south skillful to see Apple putting the needed effort to make its virtual assistant smarter and more than efficient. There are plenty of other new features in iOS 15, then make sure to read about them all.

What’s your have on the Offline Siri and the improvements it has fabricated in iOS 15? Transport your feedback across.


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