How to watch Die Hard at home this Christmas

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Yippee Ki Yay! Whether yous think it’s a Christmas movie or non (fifty-fifty though it definitely is), Dice Hard is a great film to scout at any time of twelvemonth, so here’due south all yous need to know to relish the archetype activeness motion-picture show at abode.

Let’southward face information technology, most of the films that tend to be watched over the Christmas menstruum are aimed at a younger audience, and after back to back screenings of The Muppets Christmas Carol and Home Alone, in that location’southward a chance that you lot might be after something a little more than grown up. Enter Die Hard.

As far as Christmas movies become, it’s definitely unconventional, but the key elements are there: a man travels beyond the state to come across his family for the holidays, except a few baddies who don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas intend to disrupt his family reunion. Information technology’due south graphic, information technology’southward suspenseful and at times even heartwarming just above all, it’south Die Hard.

Where tin can I stream Die Hard?

You lot may accept guessed the answer to this question already given that Disney now owns 20th
Century Fox and all of its properties (including the Die Hard franchise), but this ways that Die Hard is simply available to stream via Disney Plus.

The good news is that information technology’s bachelor to stream right now, all you need is an active Disney Plus membership to become in on the fun.

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What is Dice Hard about?

Hardened New York cop John McClane travels to Los Angeles on Christmas eve with the intent of reconciling with his estranged wife Holly, and seeing his kids in fourth dimension for Christmas. Planning to pick Holly upward from her role Christmas party first, John travels to Nakatomi Plaza, which is also the destination of Hans Gruber, a ruthless terrorist who seeks to crusade accented commotion for the folks at Nakatomi.

What ensues is an uphill boxing of epic proportions, as John is forced to take downwardly Gruber and his band of followers without whatever redundancy or knowledge of the edifice’south layout. It’ll take you on the edge of your seat merely you won’t desire to wait abroad.

Is Dice Hard a Christmas movie?

A question passed down through the ages (or several Facebook timelines at least), the argue has continued to rage on over Die Hard’s validity as a Christmas moving picture. If the moving picture only took place at Christmas without any reference to the holiday so far every bit the story goes, and then I’d exist inclined to agree with the naysayers out there.

Withal, given that John McClane’south heroic efforts are centred around the idea of reuniting with his family and seeking to rebuild what was lost – a classic Christmas movie trope – the film is more justified in its status as a genuine Christmas moving-picture show.


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