How to watch Liverpool vs Leeds: Is the game live on TV in the UK?

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How to lookout man Liverpool vs Leeds in the Premier League: Is Liverpool vs Leeds live on TV or online in the United kingdom?

Another Covid-catch upwards game, this boxing of old top flight foes was scheduled to take identify on Boxing Solar day. A free midweek for both clubs allows it to be squeezed in a couple of months afterward, and suddenly it’s a critical game in the title race.

Liverpool’s win confronting Norwich followed past Tottenham’due south stupor win at Man Urban center cut the gap at the top of the Premier League to 6 points. This is Liverpool’south game in mitt. So, a win trims the difference to three points with a mouthwatering City vs Liverpool game at the Etihad next month.

Leeds are playing their second game against a traditional rival in a matter of days. They lost 4-2 at domicile to Man United on Sunday, with the Yorkshire side’s defensive frailties emerging once over again for all to come across.

An enthralling disharmonism awaits at Anfield, but will anyone outside the stadium be able to watch it?

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Liverpool vs Leeds kick-off time

Liverpool vs Leeds kicks off at 7:45pm on Wednesday February 23. The game is existence played at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool and is ane of three Premier League games taking identify this night. The others are Burnley vs Spurs and Watford vs Crystal Palace.

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How to watch Liverpool vs Leeds

Unfortunately, this game volition non be televised live in the United Kingdom. Initially, it was supposed to air on BT Sport, only the postponement for Covid-xix but the mockers on that. Every bit BT Sport has the Champions League this week, Britain viewers are without a place to watch.

If y’all insist on watching live, there will be various live streams available from coverage in other nations. However, this is dodgy basis legally and something we wouldn’t advise. If you insist, protect yourself with a VPN.

If you’re staying legit, the best you tin do is a re-run of the game on Sky Sports at x:15pm on Sky Sports Premier League. If you avoid the score, y’all’ll have an unspoiled feel.

Yous’ll need a Sky Sports subscription of sorts to watch. If you don’t take a standard sub’ through the satellite dish or cablevision platform, you can spotter online via the Now streaming platform.

You can buy 24-hour interval, week or month-long passes at Now Telly, with mobile passes too available.

Sentinel safely with a VPN

When you’re watching content online, information technology’s a good idea to boost your privacy by using a VPN to mask your IP address from would-be wrongdoers. If you’re seeking a safe and secure VPN, we’d recommend Kaspersky VPN Secure Connexion for streaming top sport. Also, here’s our guide to watching the Premier League in 4K HDR this season.


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