The best part near Procreate is how easy it is to use. Unlike other apps like Photoshop, Procreate was developed specifically for the iPad.

This means like shooting fish in a barrel-to-utilize controls, fast operation, and many gestures you can use and personalize to create the best workspace while yous let your creativity run wild. If you want to master Procreate, hither are some essential gestures you need to upward your game.

1. Zoom In or Out in a Compression

Just like you would on whatsoever pic in the Photos app, you too can pinch to zoom in or out in Procreate. This is a peachy tip for artists who work on drawings that take a lot of details.

If you want to zoom out, just
pinch your fingers autonomously
on your sheet.

To zoom in, all yous need to do is
pinch your fingers
on the screen.

2. Exercise a Quick Pinch to Fit Your Art in the Screen

Pinching tin can also help you make your art fit perfectly on your screen, no matter what size your device is. Simply you lot’ll have to do it faster.

To fit your sail on your screen, you demand tocompression your fingers quickly together
on your screen.

Fit canvas to screen on Procreate for iPad

If you decide you lot want to go dorsum to where your canvas was, simplyapace pinch your fingers apart
to return to the original position.

three. Rotate Your Canvas

When cartoon something, sometimes information technology’southward better to run across it at different angles to get in easier to create other parts of your drawing. And this couldn’t be easier with Procreate.

To rotate your canvas,put two fingers on your screen
twist your fingers

in a circular motion.

How to rotate a canvas on Procreate for iPad

iv. Yous Can Utilise Two Fingers to Undo…

Instead of pressing the
Undo button, you tin can quickly disengage whatever mistake y’all fabricated with merely two fingers. Justtap with two fingers
on your screen to undo your most recent stroke.

How to undo in Procreate for iPad

You can alsoprinting and concur with two fingers
to continuously undo the strokes you’ve made.

5. Or Utilize Three Fingers to Redo

Just like undoing, if y’all want to redo a office of your drawing you but undid, you can practice it byborer your screen with three fingers.

How to redo in Procreate for iPad

Likewise, yous canpress and concur with three fingers
to continuously redo what you’ve undone.

6. Wipe Your Layers Clean

Using the eraser tool to make clean your canvas can be tedious. Fortunately, Procreate makes it super like shooting fish in a barrel to clean layers with just i gesture.

Merely put
three fingers

on your screen and move your fingers side to side as if you lot werescrubbing. Practice information technology until you lot’ve erased all the selected layers.

How to wipe or erase a layer in Procreate for iPad

vii. Quickly Access the Cut, Re-create, And Paste Bill of fare

We’ve mentioned this play tricks in our previous guide on how to master Procreate, simply information technology’s so cool that information technology’southward worth telling you nearly information technology again. You tin rapidly copy and paste items with the help of the cut, copy and paste menu that automatically appears on your screen.

On your canvas,swipe downwardly
withiii fingers
on any part of your screen. A small carte with the options to
Copy All, and
Cut, and
will pop up on top of your canvas.

Open copy and paste menu in Procreate for iPad

viii. Tap With Four Fingers to Go Total Screen

Like to fitting your drawing on the screen with a quick pinch, you tin besides make your canvass go full screen, which is perfect if yous want to focus only on your canvas.

To go total screen on Procreate,tap with four fingers
on your screen. This volition make the bill of fare disappear. You should likewise see a full screen icon on the top right.

How to go full screen in Procreate for iPad

If you desire to go back, all you have to practise is
tap again with four fingers

nine. Use Your Brush as an Eraser

Sometimes, you might want to use the aforementioned settings you have on your castor to erase your drawing details. This can add a cool effect or shading, depending on what your settings are.

To use the aforementioned brush settings for your eraser, all you take to do ispress and hold
your eraser until you lot meet a bulletin that says
Erase with Current Castor.

Erase with current brush in Procreate for iPad

10. Aggrandize the Color Circle

The color circumvolve (or colour bike) is big plenty to take hold of the color you lot need, simply you might need a clearer view of the color y’all’re choosing.

Tap on the
color circle
at the top right corner. Place two fingers in the color circle andpinch them apart. This will make the color circle bigger.

How to expand the color circle in Procreate for iPad

To bring information technology dorsum to its original size,pinch two fingers together.

11. Quick View Your Canvass

If you but want to view your art without risking the chance of making an accidental stroke, y’all can apace view it from the Library. When yous’re in your Library,compression 2 fingers apart
on whatever canvas to expand and preview it.

Quick view your canvas in Procreate for iPad

You can
tap on your screen’due south left or correct side
to switch between other canvases in your Library. To go dorsum to the Library, justpinch two fingers together
on your screen.

12. Customize Your Own Gestures

The best office nigh Procreate is that yous can customize some gestures to your liking. Y’all can brand it then a specific gesture does what you need. This way, it doesn’t perform the deportment that Procreate sets by default. Here’due south how:

  1. On your Canvass, tap on theS
    ettings icon, which is the little wrench on the top right side of the screen.
  2. Tap onPrefs
    >Gesture Controls.

    Gesture controls in Procreate for iPad

  3. Choose how you want to customize your gestures and what you want them to practice.

At that place are a lot of options available, and Procreate leaves a bunch of them toggled off for simplicity’s sake. You can try and exam all these options to find the best one for y’all.

Now Information technology’s Your Turn

These gestures will brand your life easier and boost your productivity on Procreate. Remember, yous can always customize these gestures so they fit your needs. Now it’due south your turn—get out there and become the next digital Picasso!