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The Huawei MateBook 16 is a solid laptop with a great 16-inch screen that’due south ideal for working and watching video content. Add to this an first-class battery life and a quick eight-core processor, and at that place’due south no doubt this is one of the all-time 16-inch laptops bachelor for productivity. That said, the webcam’due south odd location may be a deal-breaker for those who frequent video conferences.


  • Speedy functioning
  • Large screen for work and play
  • Reliable battery life
  • Loftier-quality keyboard


  • Sometimes goes to sleep when the charger is removed
  • Not great for portability
  • Unflattering webcam


  • Great britain
  • USA
  • Europe
    RRP: €1199
  • Canada
  • Commonwealth of australia

Key Features

  • Can upgrade to Windows 11
    You can upgrade the Huawei MateBook 16 to Windows eleven for free, although this review is based on the Windows 10 version

  • Large brandish
    The generously sized 16-inch display is peachy for productivity and for watching media

  • Nosecam is pretty bad-mannered
    The webcam is nestled in the keyboard, which results in an unflattering view of your face up on those daily Zoom calls


Big laptops are back in vogue, every bit we’ve recently seen the return of 16-inch portable PCs that have designed for coincidental employ rather than gaming. The Huawei MateBook xvi is a shining example of this, fifty-fifty though it’s only currently available in select markets.

This model comes packing an AMD Ryzen vii 5000-serial processor, which makes it super-fast and a great option for those needing a new piece of work laptop.

Unfortunately, the Huawei MateBook 16 isn’t like shooting fish in a barrel to choice up if you’re in the UK or USA; the Huawei website but offers this laptop to those in Germany or China. It’s expected to appear on these shores at some point, although when isn’t yet clear.

It is possible to buy this laptop from third-party retailers in the UK, but ensure you’re ownership from a reputable seller and keep in mind that extras such as warranties and chargers may not be included.

But is this laptop worth all of that hassle? With that in mind, here’s how I got on with the Huawei MateBook 16.


  • Feels sturdy
  • Fairly lightweight because the 16-inch display
  • Nosecam is baroque

The Huawei MateBook sixteen sports a like design to the rest of the MateBook series – which is a skillful matter. The slim chassis and build quality, with similar aesthetics to the MacBook Pro, make this one of the best-looking laptops on the market place right at present.

In the same vein as the Huawei MateBook X Pro, this particular variation is neither foldable nor a hybrid model, with the swivel folding back to just 130 degrees.

The metal design and 1.9kg weight make this laptop feel remarkably sturdy, while withal offering a degree of portability. I’ve been using this laptop both at the office and at home, and haven’t constitute it likewise annoying or too heavy to conduct. As long as your bag is large enough, you shouldn’t have whatever issues using the MateBook 16 equally your chief work laptop.

Huawei Matebook 16

Of course, if portability is important to you, so there are plenty of lighter xiii-inch and 14-inch laptop alternatives out there, so you lot’re going to need to make use of that huge screen in order to get your money’s worth hither.

The aluminium chassis helps to keep the laptop looking make clean and smudge-proof, and while the exclusive Space Grey colour isn’t the almost eye-catching compared to the other laptops lining up the shelves of Currys, the MateBook sixteen remains a sleek-looking machine.

The keyboard is more shallow than some folk may like, but delivers good feedback and is impressively quiet. Personally, I found the depth and response of the keyboard almost perfect, allowing me to type comfortably and quickly with few issues.

huawei matebook 16

The trackpad feels roomy and responsive, and the laptop itself comes with a good pick of ports, including two USB-C, two USB-A, an HDMI and sound jack. My simply gripe hither is that since the laptop uses USB-C charging, I would have welcomed a USB-C port on either side of the laptop, rather than their current placement that’s directly next to each other.

However, the principal downside of the MateBook sixteen’s design is the oddly placed webcam. The camera sits in the keyboard and pops upwards on the printing of a button. For privacy, then, it’s ideal; but in use it means that your zoom calls will be spent with others looking up your nose. And considering video calls have now go more than mutual place, this isn’t the best for setting a professional tone.

And touching on the sound and microphone qualities, the speakers here are consistent and loud, with an impressive level of bass for a laptop. They make music and Tv sound balanced, making the laptop usable without the need for headphones or a separate speaker. The microphone is decent, too: I didn’t receive whatsoever complaints over Zoom that my voice sounded distorted.

Laptop's pop-up webcam


  • Vibrant and detailed brandish with 2520 10 1680 resolution
  • 3:ii aspect ratio makes working with multiple tabs a breeze
  • Massive 16-inch display

The best function of the Huawei MateBook sixteen is the brandish. The xvi-inch 3:2 aspect ratio ways that y’all tin easily work with multiple tabs open at once, furthering the case for this beingness a fantastic work device.

A super-thin bezel results in a screen-to-body ratio of xc%. This gives information technology a stylish modern await, peculiarly when compared to the Surface Laptop 4, which looks outdated due to its chunky rim.

The laptop features a 2520 ten 1680 resolution, which means it will look sharper with supported content compared to screens that are limited to Full Hard disk (1920 x 1080). In that location’s no 4K or OLED pick here, but that’southward incredibly rare to find at this price point.

huawei matebook 16

In order to test out the Huawei MateBook 16’due south screen quality I used a colorimeter to collect scores, while also my ain judgement to see whether it held up to those scores in real-world utilize.

In terms of brightness, the laptop scored 349.99 nits in our tests, which is well over the average 300-nit score you typically observe with laptops.

Dissimilarity was measured at 1734:1 besides, resulting in a vibrant screen quality that’south platonic for watching the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus. Colours appear natural too, with no noticeable red or blue hues distorting the pure on-screen whites.

Huawei Matebook 16

But is this laptop’s screen skilful enough for content cosmos? No quite. The 88% coverage of the sRGB colour gamut narrowly misses out on our 90% target, which means digital artwork will wait a tad more accurate on other screens.

The MateBook sixteen posted even worse scores for Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 (61% and 63% respectively), which means this laptop actually isn’t ideal for colour-sensitive work with photos and videos. You lot’re meliorate off with the likes of the MacBook Pro if that’s important to y’all.

But while it may not pass the grade for professional content cosmos, the MateBook 16’south screen remains a fantastic choice for role workers and Netflix addicts who but desire extra screen space.


  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800H is pretty fast
  • Loads upwards extremely quickly
  • Integrated AMD Radoen graphics card

The Huawei MateBook 16 fared very well in terms of performance, with the eight-core Ryzen processor keeping everything running smoothly. The motorcar proved remarkably tranquility, and I wasn’t concerned well-nigh anything abruptly shutting down or stalling, fifty-fifty with multiple Chrome tabs, Spotify and Zoom open at once.

Looking at the benchmarks, the MateBook 16 performed well, beating the 11th Gen U-serial chips in both the Huawei MateBook 10 Pro and LG Gram 17 (2021). It wasn’t quite able to outrun the MacBook Air, although that’southward understandable given the jaw-dropping power of the M1 chipset.

Huawei MateBook 16 Huawei MateBook X Pro LG Gram 17 (2021) MacBook Air M1
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Intel i7-1165G7 Intel Cadre i7-1165G7 Apple M1
Geekbench 5 single-core 1447 1518 1564 1731
Geekbench five multi-core 7151 5048 5435 7308
PCMark 10 6118 4816 4510 N/A
3DMark Time Spy 1351 1469 1335 N/A

Only while the Matebook xvi is a standout performer for productivity tasks, yous may want to look elsewhere if yous’re looking to use the MateBook sixteen for heavier tasks such as video editing. This can also be attributed to the lack of a discrete GPU.

The integrated AMD Radeon graphics card here will be fine with a spot of causal photoshopping or gaming – but information technology will struggle with rendering 3D animations or playing AAA titles.

Close-up of the laptop's keyboard

The MateBook sixteen comes with 512GB of storage, which is plentiful enough for piece of work or education purposes. Still, because that allocation is the just option, information technology’s a shame that y’all can’t boost it 1TB.

The SSD is offers fast speeds too, with benchmark results showing that information technology boasts 3569.9MB/s read and 2989.67MB/s write scores. This means you lot should observe a speedy functioning when running or installing software to the physical drive

Plus, if y’all do manage to become your hands on a MateBook 16, yous tin upgrade to Windows 11 for free – although I’ve been exclusively operating on the default Windows 10 during my testing.

Battery life

  • Reached 13 hours in our testing
  • Can easily last one working 24-hour interval

For a work laptop, the Huawei MateBook 16 volition happily see you through a day – which was good news on those few occasions that I had left my charger at habitation. In the PCMark 10 Office battery benchmark, the laptop lasted exactly 13 hours earlier shutting downwardly.

This is three hours longer than the Huawei MateBook Ten Pro 2022, putting information technology towards the higher cease of the calibration when it comes to longevity.

Huawei Matebook 16

The one upshot I experienced concerning the bombardment is that on occasion, the laptop would go to sleep if I removed the charger while it was on. Logging back in would bring me correct back to where I had left off, but it was pretty disconcerting the first few times it happened.

It isn’t a bargain-breaker – it happened simply a scattering of times – merely I endeavor not to mess with the charger while I’m working.

Should you buy it?

If you lot desire a big-screen productivity laptop

For those looking for a neat work laptop, the large screen, impressive battery life and fast processor make the MateBook 16 worth the toll.

If you want to exercise more graphically intensive tasks
There are as fast, and faster, laptops that can handle video/photograph editing more capably than the MateBook 16.

Terminal Thoughts

The Huawei MateBook 16 offers astonishing build quality and a superb screen that makes every task easier. Running about silent, the battery will happily run across you through a work day without any issues. That big screen is too useful for having multiple browsers open at once, or but making Netflix shows more dramatic.

Still, you lot may accept trouble getting your easily on the MateBook sixteen depending on where you live, and we tin can confidently say that the oddly placed webcam isn’t doing anyone any favours.

How we examination

Every laptop we review goes through a serial of uniform checks designed to gauge key things including build quality, performance, screen quality and bombardment life.

These include formal constructed benchmarks and scripted tests, plus a series of existent-world checks, such as how well it runs the most oftentimes used apps.

We also make sure to employ every laptop nosotros review as our master device for at least a week to ensure our review is equally accurate equally possible.

Used as our main laptop for the review period

Tested for at least a week

Used consistent benchmarks for off-white comparisons with other laptops

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Does the Huawei MateBook 16 have a touchscreen?

No, this is not a touchscreen laptop.

Tin can the Huawei MateBook 16 utilise Microsoft Office?

Yes, you tin run Microsoft Function and its applications on this laptop.

What port does the Huawei MateBook 16 utilise for charging?

It uses a USB-C port charger.

Trusted Reviews test data

Geekbench 5 multi core

Geekbench 5 single core

3DMark Time Spy

Battery Life

PCMark Battery (role)


Adobe RGB


White Visual Colour Temperature


Blackness level


CrystalMarkDisk Write Speed

CrystalDiskMark Read speed

PCMark 10

Huawei MateBook 16




13 hrs

xiii hrs

62.9 %

61.i %

88 %

6774 M


0.2018 nits

349.99 nits

2989.67 MB/s

3569.ix MB/s


Full specs








Screen Size

Storage Capacity

Forepart Camera


Battery Hours


Operating System

Release Appointment

First Reviewed Date


Refresh Rate






Brandish Engineering

Screen Technology

Touch Screen


Huawei MateBook 16






AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon graphics


16 inches


720P Hd recessed photographic camera

84 Whr


one.99 KG

Windows 10



2520 x 1680

lx Hz

2 x USB-C, 2 x USB 3.two Gen 1, HDMI, iii.5mm port

AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics



Space Grey






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