Huawei P50 Pocket Hands-On: Galaxy Z Flip 3 Competitor In The Flesh

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The Huawei P50 Pocket is the very first clamshell foldable smartphone from the company. That device arrived to the office quite recently, and after playing with it for a short time, I’ve decided to share my initial impressions. Then, in this article, nosotros’ll cover my showtime impressions of the Huawei P50 Pocket, while you’ll also exist able to see some easily-on images with the device. Those images are placed throughout the article, and in the gallery at the bottom.

Nosotros’ve actually talked nearly the Huawei P50 Pro recently, and I expected this to feel similar to that, but with the foldable cistron. Well, I was kind of wrong. The Huawei P50 Pocket feels entirely different in the mitt, and it’s larger than the P50 Pro. Do note that we’ve received the specced-out ‘Premium Edition’ of the device for review, though, so information technology has that special design on that back as well, which makes it even more dissimilar. It’due south a comfy device to hold, and it sure does have a hit design.

Unique, middle-catching design

The Huawei P50 Pocket is fabricated out of metal and glass. It has quite a few lines on its back, which you can actually feel, equally they protrude a bit. Information technology’s a nice feeling in the hand, though, and it does await unique. The phone is slippery, though, every bit this is glass subsequently all, then go along that in mind. It is large when unfolded, but that’s the whole point. When yous fold it, information technology’s really tiny, and and so is its secondary display. Nosotros’ll talk about that in a bit. The phone is actually sparse when unfolded, as information technology measures but vii.2mm. Fifty-fifty when folded it doesn’t experience too thick due to the curves Huawei implemented, and the fact information technology’s so pocket-size in that form.

The company did a great job with this hinge

Huawei did a actually good job with the hinge here. It does want to be folded or unfolded more it wants to exist somewhere in between, though y’all can unfold it to a certain caste. It is a different feeling in comparing to the Galaxy Z Flip three, though. Huawei also did a bang-up task with the hinge. You can feel information technology when you cross your finger over it, but but barely. Yous won’t exactly see information technology in your daily usage of this phone, at least I didn’t notice information technology much during my initial use. The hinge is besides completely hidden when the telephone is unfolded, and even when it’s folded it looks really squeamish. On the back, you’ll notice 2 circular cutouts, one for the cameras, and the other for the secondary display. The telephone weighs 190 grams, which is not besides bad, actually, information technology doesn’t feel all that heavy. I did use rather heavy phones before it, though, and so… this feels light to me.

The main display is gorgeous, high-refresh charge per unit, and very responsive

The master display is a vi.nine-inch 2790 x 1188 OLED panel. That is a 120Hz display that can show 1 billion colors, and it’s actually really good. It gets more than brilliant outdoors, and it’s really silky smooth. The colors pop, and the blacks are deep, every bit you’d expect. I’ll accept more to say in the total review, of course, but the display feels dandy at the moment, and information technology’due south also quite responsive. This is the display y’all will utilize the vast majority of the fourth dimension, due to the small nature of the secondary panel.

AH Huawei P50 Pocket image 12

That second display measures only 1.04 inches, and it’s really limited in terms of what you can practise with it. You can put widgets on information technology, to get some employ of it. It tin can be a useful viewfinder for the camera, or a music control brandish, for example. It is nice that Huawei included information technology, though it won’t be as useful as the secondary display on the Galaxy Z Flip iii, for example, equally that one is considerably larger in comparing. This is also an OLED panel, and it offers a resolution of 340 10 340.

It has an interesting camera setup, and supports 40W charging

Truth exist said, I’ve been using this device for a really short period of time. I really don’t have anything to say nearly the cameras, yet. They do look promising on paper, but we’ll meet what we’ll get. The cameras on the Huawei P50 Pro are excellent, though, then I have high hopes for this device as well. It has three cameras on the dorsum, and one on the chief display. You can use its main cameras every bit selfie cameras as well, though, of form, when the telephone is folded. The camera hardware is different here, in comparison to the Huawei P50 Pro, then it volition exist interesting to run across how it performs.

The battery performance is likewise something I cannot comment on nonetheless, merely the phone does include a iv,000mAh unit. It supports 40W wired charging, and 5W reverse charging. There is no wireless charging here, which some of you lot will probably observe disappointing, but in that location you have it. Truth exist said, that is not a huge bombardment, especially considering the size of this brandish. Huawei is counting on your using the secondary display as well, though, so… we’ll see what it equals to in the full review.


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