Huawei Watch GT Runner Hands-On: Fitness-Oriented Watch With Gorgeous Display

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The Huawei Sentry GT Runner came in for a review, and I’one thousand here to share my initial impressions of the spotter in this easily-on article. I didn’t spend much time with the watch at this point, simply over a day. That’s plenty to share my very first impressions on the affair, as the review process began.

The Huawei Sentry GT Runner is another fitness-oriented scout from the company. This watch is more than focused on runners than any of the company’s previous offerings. It still has all the features that brand the Huawei Picket GT 3 cracking, though.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is large, bold, and sleek-looking

The kickoff thing you’ll notice when y’all pull this watch out of the box is how large it is. It is definitely not for people who have tiny wrists, and having its size in mind, it caters more to men than women. If that’southward not a trouble for you, and you lot like large watches, this one looks bang-up, and feels really premium.

Despite the fact it’s a fitness-oriented watch, Huawei did an splendid job with the design, and it really feels like a premium production. That’s not surprising at all, as the Huawei Watch 3, and Watch GT 3 also offered that premium feel. I’ve been using a lot of wearables in the concluding yr or two, and Huawei usually stands out from the crowd, especially in the design department.

Information technology is metallic-clad, and information technology comes with a comfortable silicone band

The chassis of this wearable is made out of metal, while the picket comes with a silicone ring. That band has plenty of holes on information technology, and yous can set it just right on your wrist. There is also a locking machinery for the strap holder, which is quite handy, and I’k surprised not more fettle smartwatches apply something like this.

At that place are 2 buttons on the right side of the sentinel, and the top i doubles as a rotating crown. Information technology offers plenty of haptic feedback, and it’s a joy to employ. The lower button is customizable, and it’s focused on fitness, out of the box. You can change that, of course, and utilise it for weather, media controls, or something else that is on offer in the menus.

The display definitely stands out

Some other thing that really impressed me with this scout, straight away, is its display. The Huawei Lookout GT Runner features a one.43-inch AMOLED display with 466 ten 466 resolution. It’due south plenty abrupt, plenty bright, and touch sensitivity here is splendid, to say the least. I literally don’t have a single complaint well-nigh this display. The viewing angles are also not bad, and then are the colors, the display is really vivid.

The watch is also not too heavy, even though it has some heft to it, and that’due south a sweet spot for me personally. It’southward very comfy to article of clothing, and information technology looks quite sleek. Despite the fact this is a fitness-oriented lookout, information technology looks very sleek, and you tin can hands use information technology for whatever you want. If you slap on a different ring, maybe a leather i, or 1 made out of metallic, it can hands be a watch to wear to business meetings, and then along.

The battery life seems extremely promising

AH Huawei Watch GT Runner image 65

In 24 hours, the battery life on the picket dropped by only five%, which indicates this watch offers great battery life, merely like its siblings. Huawei’s smartwatches take been great in that regard, the vast majority of them, and that is one of the master advantages of the competition. If you’re not a heavy user, you can use about of the company’s modern watches for effectually 2 weeks earlier you’ll need to put them on a charger. Compared to 1-ii days of use yous can get out of most Vesture OS watches, and Apple Watches, that’s amazing battery life. And yes, this thing does support wireless charging, and comes with a charging cradle.

Harmony Bone has been further improved

I’ve also noticed that Harmony OS has been further improved since my last interaction with the Huawei Picket GT iii. To be more specific, Huawei farther improved the notification aspect of its Os. The messages are now grouped together, and you can easily expand them, while you lot can now also respond to them via predefined responses or emojis. That aspect works great, it seems, and information technology’s nice to see progress in that regard.

At that place’s much more to talk most when it comes to this watch, but we’ll leave that for the last review, as I need to spend more than time with the product, of class. We’ll see how it handles the fettle aspect, and much more. Until and so, some images are included beneath, in case you’d like to take a closer look at the watch.


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