Hypixel How To Get Mystery Dust

Hypixel Credits
were a currency of the Hypixel Server, which you lot could employ in the Vanity Store. You could buy pets, gadgets and more than with your Hypixel Credits!

You tin can no longer buy Hypixel Credits in the Hypixel store. Hypixel Credits are replaced by Mystery dust. The only use of Hypixel Credits nowadays is to convert them to into mystery boxes and/or mystery dust.[one]

Hypixel Credits and coins are carve up currencies, and then you can’t convert Credits into coins!

The 50,000 Hypixel Credits package icon

Packages (Outdated)

Hypixel Credits are

NO LONGER Bachelor

for buy. These are the prices when it was for sale.

There are currently
dissimilar packages you can purchase when it comes to Hypixel Credits. Usually, in that location’s a auction, and so you get them for a reduced toll.

5600 (600 Extra)
— $20 USD

  • Fund your account with
    Hypixel Credits to your account, along with
    600 extra!
    Making a total of
    Hypixel Credits.

11400 (1400 Actress)
— $40 USD

  • Fund your account with
    Hypixel Credits to your business relationship, along with
    1400 extra!
    Making a total of
    Hypixel Credits.

23000 (3000 Actress)
— $80 USD

  • Fund your account with
    Hypixel Credits to your account, along with
    3000 extra!
    Making a total of
    Hypixel Credits.

50000 (12500 Actress)
— $150 USD

  • Fund your account with
    Hypixel Credits to your account, forth with
    12500 extra!
    Making a total of
    Hypixel Credits.

2000 — $one-45

  • Purchasing a server at
    using the code “hypixel” hither


The Hypixel Credits are meant to be used in the Vanity Shop. The items purchased at that place are only for lobbies, so they will Non unlock y’all kits or in-game benefits. Hypixel Credits can be used to receive new Kart skins in the game Turbo Kart Racers. Donators get up to 4100 Hypixel Credits each month. Items which can be purchased with this currency can only be used in lobbies, not in games. Credits can likewise exist used to buy the #REKT sign in Mega Walls, along with Dreadlord and Shaman morphs. Another use is in Housing, where you can expand plot borders, buy music, and modify theme and biome.

Earning Credits without buying them

When you buy MVP+, yous become an instant credit of 10000 Hypixel Credits.

Hypixel Credits tin


equally a monthly advantage. It has been replaced by gratuitous monthly Mystery Boxes. These were the rewards available before the change.

Yous usually get 100 Hypixel Credits per month equally a Default, simply the higher your Rank is, the more than Credits you get. You get 2500 Credits per Rank (+ the 100 as a Default), so you go 2600 as a VIP, 5100 every bit a VIP+, etc.


Notation: The amount of Hypixel Credits you go from quests is affected by your Money Mastery, and so with a Coin Mastery of 4x, you would be able to get 1148 Hypixel Credits with quests weekly.

Gamemode Type Credits amount Total


Daily 2 each four 56
Weekly l 1 50


Daily ii each 4 56
Weekly 25 1 25


Weekly 100 1 100
Total possible (base) Credits by quests weekly: 287

This is the base amount of Hypixel Credits (1x Coin Mastery)

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