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In the digital age, the thirst for followers (and elusive likes) is very real. Outside of our social circles, notwithstanding, it tin be difficult to gain followers to promote our make or simply stroke our egos. Nonetheless, at that place are plenty of ways to gain more Instagram followers if you’re looking to widen your online reach. You may not garner as many likes every bit Beyonce or Justin Bieber anytime soon, but these helpful tips and tricks should aid bring your page to a broader audience with fairly minimal attempt.

Recollect to hashtag

One of the easiest ways to increase your follower count is simply by using hashtags, which are words or phrases that follow a pound sign (or hash) and are used to denote specific types of posts on social media.

Using pop or trending hashtags can brand your photos more than accessible to those who apply Instagram’due south search function. Only what hashtags should y’all add to your posts? Lucky for yous, we’ve created a list of some of the most popular hashtags, which should brand daily hashtag incorporation even easier. If none of these strike your fancy, feel free to come up up with your own. Go along them brusk and sweet, though, to increase your chances of people engaging with them.


Engagement is crucial when it comes to increasing your follower base. While liking images is an easy mode to engage users, commenting on photos and responding to others on Instagram adds a bit of personality to your profile. Try to be genuine in your interactions — you’d exist surprised how easily people can catch on when y’all’re farming for likes — and simply annotate on photos you truly similar. You can start by looking up photos with hashtags you’re already using, which will allow y’all to interact with users of like interests and styles.

You can likewise discover accounts to comment on through the Explore tab (which is tailored to your interests). Y’all may exist able to aggregate a few more followers by searching for Instagrammers using #followforfollow, #followme, and #likeforlike, but don’t be surprised if they unfollow you a few days later — it’s simply part of the game. You’re better off trying to strike up authentic communication to beefiness up your follower count.

Timing is key

Although Instagram no longer displays posts in chronological order, knowing when to post to Instagram even so matters. Endeavour and postal service to Instagram when yous know your followers are most likely to be online, to ensure that your photos don’t get buried by the countless other accounts they’re no doubt post-obit. Lunchtime and early evenings, every bit well as in the morn before work, are some of the best times to mail to social media, and will drive up the appointment of your posts almost immediately.

Only knowing where your audience lies (or where y’all’d like to see it abound) may take you lot posting to accommodate other time zones also the one you lot’re in. Yous can use the Afterward app to program and schedule posts for these peak times. Using Insights, an Instagram feature unique to business accounts, can too assist you determine the all-time time to post your pics.

Add a bio

Filling out the bio on your account is another easy style to boost engagement and convince people to start following you lot. For entrepreneurs and artists, this allows yous to more hands express your concise brand message and link to your other professional pages. It also provides you with the opportunity to let people know a little more about you, who yous are, and the types of things that can expect you to post.

Yous only have 150 characters to tell your life’southward story, though, that should be more than than enough. Don’t bombard people with unnecessary information or tags in your bio. Telling people what you do or what y’all like volition allow you to rack up followers with similar interests in no time, and for just a bit of upfront effort.

Network finer

It’southward important to employ your full social network to increase your Instagram following. Yous can connect your Instagram account to your contact list and/or Facebook, which will allow y’all to quickly add friends, family unit members, or all those acquaintances you marginally care near.

Similarly, to maximize your existing network, it can be helpful to link your Instagram folio via other social networks. It’s likely that people who follow you on Facebook or Twitter have Instagram accounts, and knowing where they can notice you could lead them to follow you on multiple sites. Also, if your Instagram page is pertinent to your professional life, it tin can be helpful to list the account on both your business carte and website.


With an app based on the visual appeal of images like Instagram, anything that gives your photos a little extra popular can increase your odds of engagement. Across Instagram’s built-in filters and editing controls, there are several other apps to help make your posts stand out. Instagram’s own Layout app — which is currently available for iOS and Android — allows you to create custom collages, helping your photos to stand up out in the oversupply. VSCO offers a professional set of classic moving picture styles that you can apply to your photos as well, and Adobe Spark Mail lets you create collages and add animations, with preset templates for various mail sizes, including Stories.

Tell a story with your post

Pictures may be Instagram’s bread and butter, but if you lot want to amass followers, you lot’ll want people to feel a deeper appointment with your posts. You can do this by calculation a thorough description, quote, or story to your posts, which volition add context to your business relationship and build a narrative other users tin can follow.

You may still not exist able to add together links directly to Instagram descriptions, but a lot tin exist said in ii,200 characters. You can likewise tag fellow Instagrammers who may be in your photos or tag creators whose piece of work may take inspired your own. You can even add together up to thirty hashtags to your posts, letting y’all make them a bit more interesting.

Be unique

It sounds obvious, merely people on social media have a tendency to follow the leader — hence the spread of memes and repetitive jokes. If you want to become an Instagram celebrity, yet, imitating the style and content of others will merely help you so much. Develop a distinct mode with your photos, and a distinct vocalisation with your comments, so that when people meet your posts, they will instantly recognize them every bit yours.

Y’all don’t have to get super specific necessarily, but drawing your focus in a bit, rather than just posting anything that catches your eye, will help bring in the followers. Give information technology a bit of fourth dimension and be accurate, and you’ll soon be pond in a bounding main of new Instagram followers.

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