Icloud And Imessage Accounts Are Different

iMessage and iCloud accounts don’t friction match

I conspicuously signed into my iCloud account and I turned iMessage on and off using my phone to log back in and it notwithstanding gives me the mistake message, saying “iCloud and iMessage accounts do not friction match”. Does anyone know how to fix/navigate through this? Thanks in advance!

– Question from Apple Community

Are you getting the error popup, maxim “iCloud and iMessage accounts do not match”? Such error message will announced when you lot are using different Apple IDs on your iPhone, which prevents you from utilizing the iMessages function.

Accept it easy. Yous don’t need to worry about the outcome. This guide is going to tell you the crusade to the issue likewise every bit how to prepare iCloud and iMessage accounts are unlike.

Why iCloud and iMessage accounts practice not match?

As mentioned in the very starting time, the most basic requirement to sync iMessage to iCloud using the aforementioned Apple ID. In other words, if yous are using ii different accounts on your iPhone – ane for iCloud and one for iMessages, your messages will not sync beyond all your devices.

Therefore, the merely solution is to apply the same account for both iCloud and iMessage. You tin become detailed steps in the next function.

If you’d like to transfer letters from one Apple ID to another, a transfer tool mentioned in the tertiary function can give you a hand.

How to fix iCloud and iMessage accounts are unlike

As the fault bulletin shows to you, if iCloud and iMessage accounts are different, yous cannot access iMessage. Fixing this difference should solve the upshot. Here’s how to practice information technology.

Step ane. Verify the Apple ID by opening the
on your iPhone > Tap
[your name]
> The Apple ID is shown beneath your name.

verify Apple ID

Step 2. Back to the main menu of the iPhone
> Ringlet down and click
> Tap
Ship & Receive
to view the business relationship.

message send receive

Step 3. From hither, you tin see the Apple ID at the bottom of this page. If it is different from the one you verified in Step 1, you demand to sign out from the current Apple ID and sign in with the same one appropriately.

send receive messages account

Step 4. To change your Apple ID, tap your Apple ID > From the popup bill of fare, tap on
Sign Out

Step 5. Tap
Use your Apple tree ID for iMessage
to sign in with the same Apple ID that is existence used in your primary iCloud account.

Waif for a while to let information technology end. Then, you can go and no longer get the error bulletin “iCloud and iMessage accounts do not lucifer” while using iMessage.

How to sync iMessage to iCloud

After using the Apple ID for iMessage and iCloud, information technology’s time to sync letters to iCloud. Here’s how you tin can practise information technology.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network > Go to
[your proper name]
> Scroll downward to locate and switch on

messages sync

An easy manner to transfer letters across different Apple IDs

Desire to use a new Apple ID and sync messages to the new Apple ID? Y’all tin can rely on FoneTool, an easy-to-use iOS data backup & transfer tool, which allows you to fill-in & transfer messages, contacts, photos, etc. amongst iOS devices and Windows PC.


Preview and select messages. Unlike iCloud sync, yous are allowed to select messages/conversations to transfer.

Simple transfer & backup task.
Inside a few clicks, you tin can transfer letters and proceed letters condom.

Wide compatibility.
FoneTool supports not just iPhone like iPhone xiv/13/12/eleven, but also iPad and iPod.

For better illustration, allow’s accept transferring messages from iPhone A with Apple tree ID A to iPhone B signed with Apple ID B as an example.

Step 1. Plug in iPhone A > Launch FoneTool and click
Phone Backup
> Mouse over to
Selective Backup
and click
Go Started.

selective backup






> Select the letters y’all want to transfer and click


to ostend.

select messages

Footstep three. Cull a place to save your messages > Click

Start Fill-in


backup messages

Step 4. Unplug iPhone


and connect iPhone


to computer > Go to the

Backup History

 screen > Locate and choose the backup files > Click the


icon to confirm the messages that will be transferred to iPhone > Finally click

Get-go Restore


restore to device


iCloud and iMessage accounts practice not match because you’re using different Apple IDs for iCloud and iMessages. You can simply follow instructions in this guide to get out of the outcome. If this guide helps yous, please share it with others.

Source: https://www.ubackup.com/phone-backup/icloud-and-imessage-accounts-do-not-match.html