Icloud And Imessages Accounts Are Different

iCloud and iMessage accounts do non match


can appear on your device if you apply multiple Apple IDs on information technology.

Besides, the Apple programmer forum has multiple users saying they got an iMessage account outcome when using beta versions of iOS or iPadOS.

Network and WiFi issues can too cause iCloud and iMessage issues so it is worth checking your device is connecting to the cyberspace properly.

It is always sensible to restart your device and check you lot have the latest stable version of iOS or iPadOS installed on your device also.

Finally, Reddit users mention that Apple can have temporary glitches in the iMessage infrastructure that can cause temporary outages for some users. Waiting a few hours and trying once again oft sees the problem solved.

If iCloud and iMessage accounts are dissimilar, merely you want them to use the aforementioned iCloud account this guide volition aid you troubleshoot your problem and ready it quickly and hands.

Fix iMessage and iCloud account not matching consequence

Method 1: Sign out, then back into iMessage on your device

This method restarts iMessage and normally resolves almost issues, for most users.

To set iMessage and your iCloud account:

  1. On your Apple tree device, tap
    tap settings

  2. So, tap
    [your proper name]
    at the top
    Apple ID settings screen
  3. On the side by side screen, you lot will see your
    verified email address
    under your proper name. Yous will need this afterward.
    iCloud and iMessage accounts do not match fix step 1
  4. To render to the settings screen, tap
  5. Curlicue down and tap
    to open the iMessage settings screen.
    iCloud and iMessage accounts do not match fix step 1
  6. Tap
    Send & Receive.
    iCloud and iMessage accounts do not match fix step 1

  7. Under
    you can receive iMessages to and reply from, Check the verified email address from footstep 3 is listed. If it is not listed, y’all have found the cause of the error.
  8. At the lesser of the screen, tap your Apple ID verified
    electronic mail address.
    iCloud and iMessage accounts do not match fix step 1
  9. Tap
    Sign Out
    iMessage sign out

  10. Tap
    Utilize your Apple ID for iMessage
    use Apple ID for iMessage

  11. Tap
    Sign In
    to use the same Apple tree ID. Well-nigh users will employ the same Apple ID or
    Apply Other Apple tree ID
    to use a different one.
    confirm Apple ID for iMessage
  12. On the
    Send & Receive
    screen, your Apple tree ID will appear.
  13. Close the
  14. Your iMessage issue should at present be resolved.

This technique besides allows you to alter the Apple ID used for iMessage on your device.

This means yous can use a different Apple ID or email accost for sending and receiving messages over iMessage than the iCloud account you use on your device.

To notice out well-nigh iCloud access, see How to sign in to iCloud.

Video instructions to set up the issue

Method 2: Check your Apple ID is signed on properly

The iMessage app synchronizes all letters based on your Apple ID. So if your Apple ID and iCloud business relationship are not synchronizing properly then your messages may not announced.

Double-check the correct Apple account ID is signed in to your device:

  1. Tap
  2. Next, tap
    [your name]
  3. Under your name, you will run across your
    verified email address. Write it down every bit y’all will need it afterwards.
  4. Now, tap
  5. Tap
  6. Then, tap Due southend & Recieve.
  7. Check the
    electronic mail address
    you noted in step 3 is listed. If it isn’t, follow steps 9-14 in
    method 1
    to add it properly.

If you still don’t encounter your messages then the issue lies elsewhere. Read on for the adjacent troubleshooting tip.

If you lot don’t know or tin can’t retrieve your Apple ID, run into How to unlock an Apple account.

Method 3: Check the iMessage infrastructure is working

Occasionally, in that location is a problem with iMessage or iCloud which prevents you from sending or receiving messages.

You can look at the status of the Apple infrastructure and check that iMessage and iCloud are listed equally available. Any issues are mentioned side by side to each service and then you tin can see if there are any issues.

To get further details:

  1. On the condition folio, tap the bluish text which says
    Resolved result
    Ongoing issue.
    Apple system status
  2. A pop-up window shows details of the outage like this:

iMessage – Resolved Issue

Today, 12:30 AM – 2:36 AM

Some users were afflicted

Users may have experienced delays with incoming messages.

If an issue occurred while you were having issues and then this is the likely crusade. Wait until the problem is resolved by Apple tree and effort again.

If at that place are no issues at Apple tree you need to keep troubleshooting.

Method 4: Verify your device is connected to the internet

Your iMessage messages tin just exist delivered if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Impact is continued to the internet. Without a stiff, stable connection at that place is no style to transmit the messages to your device.

Apple has a helpful commodity if you lot desire to detect out more about why y’all can’t send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The connexion from your iOS or iPadOS device must exist via cellular, or WiFi. If the connection is cleaved, or unstable iCloud can’t synchronize your data. And so you demand to check your connectedness on your device.

Check your WiFi connection equally follows:

  1. On your device, tap
  2. Tap
  3. Toggle WiFi
    off, then
  4. Next, bank check you are continued to a working WiFi network. If possible connect to an alternative network.
  5. If you are satisfied WiFi looks OK, and then open
  6. Go to https://world wide web.icloud.com/ and ensure the page loads properly. It should ask you lot to sign in to iCloud.

If your WiFi works, then the result lies elsewhere.

If yous are within cellular range and have a cellular-capable device then attempt turning off WiFi to run into if this resolves the outcome.

If not, check your cellular connectedness as follows:

  1. On your device, tap
  2. Tap
  3. Toggle WiFi
  4. At the tiptop right of your screen, y’all will see the cellular force indicator. The more than confined the stronger your conection. Check it is stable and shows 3G, 4G, or 5G being agile. For more information on how these symbols look, run across Apple device status bar icons.
  5. If you are satisfied cellular looks OK, and then open
  6. Go to https://www.icloud.com/ and ensure the page loads properly. Information technology should ask yous to sign in to iCloud.

If the folio loads properly your cellular connection is OK and you need to proceed troubleshooting.

Method five: Force restart your device

Your problem may be due to a firmware crash or a corrupt iMessage app. You may exist able to fix the iMessage accounts by strength restarting your device.

A forced restart causes your device to shut down and perform some error checking on the software installed on your device. If you have a software glitch this can clear it. Once cleared, iCloud and iMessage accounts may work again.

To strength restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Affect use the following instructions.

On a device without a home button:

  1. Printing the
    Volume Up, then
  2. Press the
    Volume Down,
  3. Printing and concord the
  4. Slide to power off iPhone,
  5. Go along to
    printing and agree the Power
    push button until the Apple logo appears. It tin take upwardly to 30 seconds for the Apple logo to appear subsequently you perform the reboot.
  6. Power
    on iPhone

On an iPhone seven or 7 Plus:

  1. Press and agree the
    Slumber Button
    and the
    Volume Downward
     push together.
  2. iPhone will reboot.
  3. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

On an iPhone 6 or older, or iPad:

  1. Press and hold theSlumber Button and theHabitation push for around 10-15 seconds.
  2. iPhone will plow off and on again.

Method 6: Ask Apple tree for Back up

Apple offers support using telephone, chat, email, and more than via their support portal. Or you can visit an Apple tree Store in person.

To log an online issue:

  1. Cull the product you are using, such as iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click
  3. Scroll down, and so pick
  4. Click
  5. On the side by side folio, a set of
    volition appear.
  6. Further down the page, you can
    Contact Apple tree
    using a variety of methods.
  7. If you prefer, you lot tin can sign in with your Apple ID to save fourth dimension and get personalized solutions for your products.


What is the difference between your Apple ID and iCloud ID?

Your Apple tree ID allows access to your Apple business relationship, where only Apple users can log in. When you log into the iCloud account, the e-mail accost and password are your Apple ID.

Wrap up

Some people have more one Apple ID. This can lead to some weird issues, such equally the problem covered in this guide.

If at all possible, it is best to accept only one Apple ID for all your Apple tree devices. It makes life easier and ways that yous are highly unlikely to come across this result.

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