Idea International Roaming Pack For Thailand

Reliance Jio vs Bharti Airtel vs Vodafone Idea: International roaming packs.

Travelling abroad comes with its fair share of troubles starting with long flights and coming downwards to tariff charges on the foreign soil. While you cannot do anything about the former, there are solutions to make the latter hassle-free with the aid of international roaming (IR) packs offered by telecom operators. We are listing down the best IR prepaid packs from Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone-Thought so that you can select the best plan for yourself.

Reliance Jio IR packs

Reliance Jio has three IR prepaid packs that come with “worry-free unlimited voice and data packs”. These packs are applicable in 22 countries including places similar the United states, Uk, and more. It is recommended that you lot starting time check the listing of countries on Jio’s website before availing of the listed prepaid IR packs.

Reliance Jio’s Rs 575 IR pack comes with 1-day validity. Information technology includes free incoming calling, 250MB of data, and 100 minutes of outgoing calling to Republic of india and local. The pack as well includes 100 SMS. The Rs 2,875 IR pack from Jio comes with 7 days validity and offers free incoming calling, 250MB data per 24-hour interval, and 100 minutes of outgoing calling per twenty-four hours. The pack also includes 100 SMS per day.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone-Idea: Prepaid plans under Rs 150 with unlimited calls, data

Reliance Jio too has an IR pack that costs Rs v,751 and comes with 30 days of validity catamenia. The plan includes free unlimited calling, 5GB of data, and 1500 minutes of outgoing calling to India and local. The pack also includes a total 1500 SMS for the validity period.

Vodafone-Thought IR packs

Vodafone also has three IR packs, which may or may not be available for your destination. And then bank check on Vodafone website before recharging. Vodafone’s Rs 295 IR pack offers 28 days validity and comes with 40 minutes of incoming and outgoing local and outgoing calls to India. The outgoing SMS are charged at Rs 15 per SMS, mobile data is charged at Rs 10 per MB, and the pack is applicable for 42 countries.

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We are listing down the IR packs from Vodafone, Airtel, and Jio.

The Rs 1495 IR pack from Vodafone comes with 14 days validity and offers 300 minutes of incoming and approachable calls (local and India). The pack also includes 1GB of data usage and the SMS is charged at Rs 15 per SMS. This pack is also applicable to 42 countries.

The nigh costly IR pack from Vodafone is priced at Rs 6995. It comes with 28 days of validity and offers unlimited incoming calls, 120 minutes per twenty-four hour period for outgoing calls to India and local. The outgoing SMS are free with the pack and also include 15GB of data usage. This pack is applicative to 69 countries.

Bharti Airtel International Roaming packs

Airtel has the longest catalogue of IR packs and that’s because it has different pricing for different countries. The packs starting time at Rs 496 and get equally high as Rs six,999. For countries similar USA, United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, Canada, French republic, and Germany, Airtel has an IR pack priced at Rs 3997 that offers unlimited incoming, 5GB information, 500 minutes of local/Bharat calling, and 100 SMS for a validity of 30 days. For countries similar Oman, Nigeria, and South Africa, there is a Rs 3995 IR pack that offers 250 minutes of incoming, 250 minutes local/India outgoing calls, 3GB data, and 100 SMS for a validity of 10 days.

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The cheapest programme of Rs 496 offers unlimited incoming, 500MB information, 100 minutes of local/Bharat approachable calls, and 100 SMS for 1 day. The program is available for Australia, Bangladesh, Kingdom of bhutan, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

The costliest IR plan of Rs vi,999 value offers 500 minutes of incoming, 5GB data, 500 minutes of local/India outgoing calls, and 100 SMS for a validity of 30 days. The plan covers Oman, Nigeria, South Africa, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Uganda, Republic of zambia and others. Notably, these programme benefits are the aforementioned equally the Rs 3998 IR pack, which covers Saudi arabia, UAE, Brazil, Islamic republic of iran, Iraq, Japan, Hashemite kingdom of jordan, Nepal, Palestine, Qatar, Russian federation, and Armenia. Then, the plan benefits wary a lot based on the country you are travelling to, then cull your plan accordingly from Airtel’south website.