If You Delete Snapchat What Happens

Every mobile application builds upward app cache every bit yous employ it over time. Clearing this cache data, interestingly, comes with its benefits. In this postal service, we comprehend everything you need to know about immigration cache on Snapchat and how to go virtually the process on your Android and iOS device.

Depending on your device, Snapchat lets you clear the entire app enshroud or individually by app feature. We shall demystify some queries and questions y’all might accept about clearing the Snapchat cache in the sections beneath.

Snapchat’southward Cache Explained

Just like every other mobile or PC application, Snapchat saves a collection of files on your device to help it run faster whenever y’all use information technology. These files are known as Cache and for Snapchat, the app stores cache for almost every function/feature of the app you use the most.

For context, Snapchat stores cache for each of the post-obit app features: Memories, Stories, Stickers, Lens, etc. When y’all utilize these features, Snapchat builds upwardly a cache that makes the app run faster. For instance, you saved a snap to your Memories, Snapchat creates a enshroud of that snap and saves it (read: the cache) on your device. This whole caching process takes identify so that whenever y’all want to view that snap on your device, it loads up super fast without any delay.

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The same applies to Lenses. When yous apply or download a new Lens to your Snapchat, a enshroud of the Lens is saved on your device. So when next you launch the Snapchat app, the Lens loads upwards virtually immediately.

As y’all employ more and more features on Snapchat, the more cache file the app builds upwardly on your device. While this comes with its benefits, Snapchat’south cache can be quite a storage hog. For context, Snapchat is i of the apps that use the about storage space on my telephone. And I barely utilize the app.

Clear cache snapchat

If you are short on storage on your smartphone, clearing Snapchat’s Enshroud is 1 of the all-time ways to free upwardly some space — which is why many people practice it anyway. Merely what happens when you clear cache on Snapchat? We provide answers to some questions you might accept in the section below. Earlier and then, check out how to clear Snapchat’s cache on Android and iOS devices.

How to Clear Snapchat Cache

For Android

Step ane:
Tap the profile picture icon at the top-left corner of the app.

Clear cache snapchat 01

Pace two:
Tap the gear icon to launch the Snapchat settings menu.

Clear cache snapchat 02

Step 3:
Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page, and under the Account Actions department, tap Articulate Cache.

Clear cache snapchat 03

Stride 4:
Select Keep to ostend the activity and proceed.

Clear cache snapchat 04

For iPhone

Step 1:
Tap the profile picture icon at the top-left corner of the app.

Clear cache snapchat 05

Stride 2:
Tap the gear icon to launch the Snapchat settings menu.

Clear cache snapchat 06

Footstep 3:
Scroll to the lesser of the Settings page, and under the Account Actions section, tap Clear Cache.

Clear cache snapchat 07

When it comes to deleting cache, the Snapchat iOS app is way improve than the Android version. That is considering Snapchat for iOS gives you the option of choosing individual caches to delete. And so, unlike Android, where you can but delete the whole app’s cache, you can choose to delete cache for individual app features like Memories, Lens, Stories, etc.

Footstep 4:
Now, select which of the app feature cache you want to delete.

Clear cache snapchat 08

Alternatively, tap the Clear All button to clear the entire app enshroud.

Stride 6:
Whichever cache you chose to clear, tap Clear to confirm the activity.

Clear cache snapchat 09

Does Clearing Cache Delete Your Snapchat Files

When you clear your Snapchat cache, what you lot’re simply telling Snapchat to practise is to delete information/files that were automatically saved to your device. Be it files from your Stories, Memories, or Lenses, and they will all exist deleted — as long equally Snapchat saved them to your device in the background, without your knowledge.

Clearing your Snapchat enshroud volition not delete your Snapchat account information. To add, photos/videos you saved to your device’s gallery or camera scroll will not exist deleted.

What Happens to Chats & Saved Letters

Your conversations (chats and saved letters) are also safe and cannot be deleted if you clear cache on Snapchat.

Are Lenses and Filters Deleted

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When you lot add or employ filters and lenses on Snapchat, the app saves them on your device. That is why yous tin can use these filters when you launch the app, fifty-fifty without an internet connectedness. Snapchat automatically downloads the lenses you apply to your telephone then them you lot tin use them easily someday y’all demand to.

When (or if) you articulate lens cache on Snapchat, however, these saved filter volition be deleted. But there’south no demand to worry, though. When you launch the app and employ your favorite filters again, they will be re-downloaded to your device. The simply downside to clearing lens cache on Snapchat is that yous might feel a delay when trying to utilize filters again.

On the upside, clearing Lens Cache on Snapchat frees up a ton of storage space on your device, consequently allowing your device to run faster.

When Should Y’all Clear Snapchat Cache

Clear cache snapchat image 02

If your device is running out of storage space or if Snapchat displays a ‘disk is total’ prompt whenever you try to utilize the app, you should clear its cache. Clearing Snapchat’s enshroud can as well help boost the app’south overall performance.

Clear Things Up

Clearing Snapchat’due south cache frequently helps to make your phone run smoothly, or at least the app. If y’all are particular above saving storage infinite, then you lot might desire to clear merely the app’s Lens cache because (of all Snapchat caches) it occupies the most infinite. That is possible for iOS users only as the Snapchat Android client doesn’t support the individual immigration of app enshroud by feature.

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